Did Love Leave A Trail Of Dead Bodies And Broken Hearts in Santa Fe?

Love. Butterflies in the stomach. Sweaty palms. Weak in the knees. No matter what kind of a day you have been having that special someone can make your day better just by being in the same room as you. Their smile. Their hand touching yours. The sound of their voice saying as little as hello to you. These things always have a way of making things better for you when you are in love. Love can affect each of us in different ways. For some people it can make them dumber. It makes it hard to focus on what we’re doing, because our cognitive thoughts are on the object of our affection. Love can make us high. Science has shown that when we fall in love the same part of our brain that is connected to cocaine addiction is triggered. It gives us that sense of euphoria.

When we think of love all we think of is the positive. There is also a negative side. What if the object of our affection does not feel the same way that we do? There are few things in the world that sting us as much as unrequited love or someone spurring our advances. It has been said that love makes us do crazy things. For some people it makes them do crazier things than others. If the stories coming out of Sante Fe are true then the students who survived Fridays nightmare would be able to tell us how true this statement about love really is. 

A story out of Sante Fe that seems to be floating around in the news is that 16 year old Shana Fisher  rejected the advances of 17 year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis for four months before the events of Friday took place. After four months of being on the receiving end of an unrequited love or at least an attraction Fisher finally had enough of Pagourtzis making unwanted sexual advances and embarrassed him in front of their class. This story was first told to the Los Angeles time by Shana Fisher’s mother, Sadie Rodriguez.

A week later after suffering from the humiliation of being embarrassed in front of his classmates Pagourtzis returned to school and killed ten people. The first person he shot at was Shana Fisher. The girl who did not feel the same feelings for him in return that he felt for her no matter how hard he tried to gain her affection. If this guy had just been able to take no for an answer and move on with his life then Friday may have been just another school day for the students in Santa Fe.

If the mothers story turns out to be true then this would be the second school shooting that was motivated by the rejection of the shooters romantic attention. Back in March a 17 year old high school student in Maryland fatally shot his ex girlfriend shortly after their relationship had come to an end.

While love can be a logical motivation for such an evil act, this is not the only rumor that has been going around. Various classmates of Pagourtzis had claimed that he had been bullied at school, even by a football coach. So far the Sante Fe Independent School District have been quick to answer these rumors with statements claiming that such rumors are false. Yesterday on Facebook they posted a statement that reads, “administration looked into these claims and confirmed that these reports are untrue.”

Somewhere in the middle of all of these rumors and stories a young man named Dimitrios Pagourtzis sits in a cell. Probably even the same cell that he has been in since he was arrested Friday for this nightmare that a high school in Santa Fe had to endure. Although he was arrested Friday after the brutal murders of ten people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time it does not seem as though he or the police are offering any clues in regards to what may have been his true motive at this point in time.

The horrible events that occurred Friday are just one more log added to the fire of national debate that has swept through the nation over second amendment rights and gun control. Since that tragedy down in Parkland, Florida the NRA and Gun Owners of America have found themselves fired upon from every which direction by activists. NRA President Oliver North feel that students should not be afraid to attend class, but he does not feel that the answer to keeping our students safer is placing limitations upon the second amendment.

It is President Oliver North’s contention that our students can be safe without placing limitations on the second amendment. More metal detectors and accepting the NRA’s offer to give free security assessments might be a step in the right direction for schools to take if they are serious about keeping our children safe. While it may be the right decision to take this step I would not actually expect them to do so since it would not promote the agenda that the Democrats and social justice warriors are currently spoon feeding America.

Maybe if the Democrats and social justice warriors could learn to be a little less stubborn and prideful in their insistence that America gives up their right to the second amendment and finds a little more love for their own children the answer to keeping our students safe can be found some where in the middle.

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