The People Of Palestine Chose For This To Happen

Hi everybody, Alex Roberts here. I hope that all of my readers out there are having a good start to their Thursday afternoon. A lot has happend this week. One of the biggest things that has taken place is the opening of a new U.S. embassy. Like many others across the world I have been watching the situation in Israel ever since the U.S. embassy was moved to Jerusalem and opened its doors Monday morning local time. It was a move that many Christians like myself as well as many Jews celebrated. It is about time that Gods country gets the attention and recognition that it deserves in the modern world. While it will more than likely only ever be a dream I would love the chance to walk the same ground that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ once walked. Unfortunately like everything else in life, as happy as this move has made myself and millions of others there are also those who it did not please. Monday quickly became the bloodiest day between the people of Israel and Palestine as 60 deaths in one day broke a record previously held by the Gaza war in the summer of 2014.

A large number of Palestinians nearing the number 40,000 participated in the protest that occurred Monday. This is a far greater number than what there has normally been in other more recent protests. Over 10,000 of these protestors had already amassed in a large group before the U.S. embassy even opened its doors officially for the first time. I don’t want to sound completely callous and insensitive but 60 people out of 40,000. That is actually a pretty low ratio. It’s not even close to being one percent. Out of those 60 who were killed eight of them allegedly were children under the age of 16.

There are bleeding hearts across the world who feel that the protests were not handled properly by the Israeli soldiers. They feel that the situation should have been handled as a civilian protest. In a civilian protests soldiers are allowed to open fire when the threat to life is imminent. Anyone with a background in military studies would know this. This label would allow the world to place the blame for those who were killed Monday at the feet of Israel. At the risk of offending a large number of people I would rather be honest and lose readers than be one of those journalist who sells himself out like a prostitute and tells people what they want to hear for the sake of a larger number of readers.

It is my personal belief that while the deaths that happend Monday could have been prevented it isn’t Israel who deserves to be blamed for what happend. The Palestinians did it to themselves. The Palestinians have chosen to be victims. For over half a century now they have chosen to be victims. There was a nabka, a catastrophe, but it has come and gone. Yes, the Arabs of Palestine had a hard time in their history. So what. So has everyone else in the world. But out of every culture and country in the world who has had a hard time it is the people of Palestine who have chosen to build a culture of self hatred, victimization, suffering, and death. This group of people have never looked forward to the future for their own good. Instead they have kept themselves chained to the nabka. Something that by the way in my opinion is their own personal creation.

It completely fascinates me that they dedicated Mondays protest to Jerusalem. Going all the way back to 638 Jerusalem has been under Muslim rule for majority of that time. They never built a capital there. They never settled a city there. They did nothing with that land. The State of Palestine wasn’t established, so that means they didn’t establish a capital either. Jerusalem just sat there marginalized, ignored, and forsaken. Without trying to down play the value of Jerusalem, the city was a lot like a child’s toy that never gets played with and only collects dust. Then when another child wants to play with their toy all of a sudden that toy that never got played with becomes their absolute favorite toy in the whole world that they can not do without. Only when the State of Israel was established did the Arabs all of a sudden care so much about the city of Jerusalem.

The problems between Israel and Palestine didn’t start three days ago. They have been there a lot longer then that. Back in the 1950s under British authority a man named Musa Alami was one of the most important leaders of the Arabs in that region. He did his university studies in the UK and was a senior commander in the British mandate. While he would have discussions with a man named David Ben Gurion he was also in close proximity with the Nazis. It was no secret that he was against the establishment of the state of Israel. He invited the Jordanian army to try to stop the Jews from having their land. When that didn’t work he called upon the rest of the Arab countries surrounding Israel to declare war on the Jewish nation.

Alami was a man who was very well off. He came from an aristocratic family blood line. With a portion of his accumulated family wealth he built a farm near Jericho that gave help to refugees. King Abdullah gave Alami 5,000 acres of land for the purpose of building this farm. When Alami started the digging on the new farm he was joined by several others. Together they found wells. Through the initiative and raising funds of Alami refugees were able to find work and a way to provide for their families. They built a school and accommodations for orphans as well as a pool and a clinic. In accordance with the U.N. it was meant to be a model for rehabilitation.

The success of the farm infuriated the leaders of the surrounding Arab countries. Despite his radical views they targeted Alami personally as they labelled him a traitor who cooperated with Zionist while they ran a campaign destroying his name. In the end back in 1955, rioters left Alami’s farm completely in ruins after invading the lands that it sat upon. The only thing that protected his family from murder and rape was the arrival of Jordanian police officers.

For one to understand why descendants of the Palestinian refugees have never improved their state of existence and why the Arab countries have never bothered to rehabilitate for the last 70 years they only have to look back at what happend to Alami’s farm. The Nabka isn’t just a memory for them. It has become their identity as a nation. It is their claim to fame. They chose to remain victims.

The story that I just told you can be found in Adi Schwartz and Einat Will’s new book ” The Right of Return War.” It doesn’t just sit in judgment of the international community and Arab countries. It sits in judgment of Israel as well. They feel that all of them made it possible for the refugee problem to reach the levels that it has.

It should be noted that when the refugee issues first started and money had been allotted to them to fix the problem they weren’t interested in rehabilitation. Only a little over three percent of the money that had been given to them for the purpose of rehabilitation and refugee programs actually reached what it was intended for. The 60 people who lost their lives Monday morning were the results of money not so well spent that had been given to them by Iran. The blood shed, the wars, the suffering, it can all come to an end. Just as soon as the Palestinians stop feeling sorry for themselves.

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