A Recent Find Allows Us A Historical Look At The War Between Christians and Muslims

It would come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the history of Islam to learn that those who follow this radical religion have been trying to erase Christianity. That is why Raymond Ibrahim recently wrote an article called “Islam’s Erasure of Christianity.” Not too long ago there was an eighth century Koran that was found. It has come to be believed that this Koran was written over the Bible itself. Behind the aged Arabic script there were Coptic letters discovered. It is believed that the Coptic text found came from the Old Testament book of the Bible, Deuteronomy.

What Muslims would have us believe was cultural interactions between two communities of different religions that occurred in the first century of Islam is misleading. They were not as peaceful as they might have us believe. When one looks deeper into it they would find that these cultural interactions was actually the attempt of first century Muslims to wipe Christians out in horrible acts of genocide on their own homeland.

We can get an accurate depiction of what really went down during these cultural interactions if we look back to the words from John of Nikiu. He was a bishop and an eye witness to the events that took place during the seventh century. Within his words one would find statement after statement detailing the many atrocities that were inflicted upon followers of Christ at the hands of the Muslims. These atrocities were done for no other reason than because of our religious differences since followers of Christ are recognized by the Muslims as enemies of Allah. There was so much blood shed that he could not completely with one hundred percent accuracy describe the horrors that these savages had committed against Christians. The Bishop understood that what they had done went well beyond his ability to describe it.

When the Muslims had succeeded in their conquest they did not feel that they had done enough damage. Instead they squeezed the Christians dry of their wealth and resources. The horrors that these savages committed are spread throughout account after account detailing how the Christians were extorted before the Muslims forced them into starvation. They showed absolutely no respect for our dead as they cast them out onto the street like animals. Some of the Christians were forced to turn to cannibalism and eat of the dead as a means to battle against the starvation that was inflicted upon them by their conquerors.

The conquering and financial raping of Egypt was always a part of the Muslims war on Egypt’s Christian history. They had already succeeded in completely killing off Christianity in other lands such as North Africa and they came close to doing it in Egypt as well. In the eleventh century the Muslims desecrated and completely destroyed no less than 30,000 churches. Among the 30,000 churches that the Muslims had completely destroyed was that of the Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Those who first conquered the Christians of Egypt found themselves conquered by Saladin. Under Saladin’s word mud was smeared across the crosses of Egypt’s churches and the crosses were broken. After Saladin came three hundred years of the Mamluks. Under the Mamluks Coptic became an outlawed language. The penalty for speaking it was having ones tongue cut out of their mouth.

These are the truths about the interactions between two groups of people from different religious backgrounds that the Muslims do not wish for us to know about today. The replacing of a Bible with the Koran only serves as a reminder of what these people once tried to do and what they are capable of trying to do again. The more ground that Muslims gained in Egypt, the more that Christianity fell into being forgotten. The Muslims even went so far as to deface the currency so that the crosses found upon the coin no longer resembled crosses. They have never stopped trying to erase Christianity from the world.

What makes this eighth century Koran that was found so valuable is the fact that it is the only known example in the world today where an Arabic text can be found on top of a non Arabic text. That it happens to be passages from the Old Testament of the Bible makes it an even more valuable find. Such books are extremely rare in todays world, but it is the Christian text underneath that makes it a one of a kind. This is evidence of their belief that the sacred books of Christians must be burned unless the pages could be erased so that they might make some money selling the blank books.

The Muslims can try to hide their history from us and lie to us about what really happend, but sooner or later all truth will be revealed and the world will know these people for who they truly are instead of who they would have us believe they are.

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