Cultural Appropriation: Okay for POC, Not for Whitey

The thing I hate about people who cry cultural appropriation isn’t the actual baseless smear; rather, it’s that the people crying such are always, without fail, 100% of the time, blatant hypocrites who are just anti-white. So to Jeremy Lam: Yes, your culture is a prom dress!

Don’t like that? Well, too bad. Complain about it to your virtue-signaling leftist buddies if you must. But we both know the truth here: You’re going to continue to appropriate white western culture every day of your life.

Heinous criminal!

This started with some regular American kid, Jeremy Lam, bitching and moaning like an oppressed victim when a white girl decided that she would wear a prom dress, designed with traditional Chinese patterns. In a fit of rage, Lam tweeted out that his culture—more on that in a second—isn’t someone’s prom dress.

You can set a clock to it. American kid, no ties to his ancestral culture, lives an American life, up to his eyes in white people’s culture, suddenly more Chinese than Mao Zedong when it’s time to virtue signal about evil whitey’s cultural appropriation. Same old, tired song on repeat…

Tens of thousands of likes and nearly two thousand comments later, he seems to be sticking to his guns that white people shouldn’t be allowed to appropriate traditional Chinese cultural garb. Oh, but he’s wearing a baseball cap and dressed like a white American, you say? Doesn’t matter.

These people do whatever the f*ck they want by insisting that white people have no culture. They’re just anti-white.

How’s that hat fit? The baseball cap is specifically white American culture. Baseball itself came out of England in the 1800s, where it was adopted by Americans, changed, and thus the modern baseball cap was born. Why is our white culture part of your fashion accessory list? Why!?

We’re a culture, not a cap!

The only thing worse than a hypocrite is a piece-of-shit POC hypocrite who plays the f*cking oppressed minority card.

How’s that bandanna fit, buddy? Derived from a kerchief, a bandanna is part of French culture – white people’s culture. But your crying, I’m-Asian-and-special ass doesn’t have any issues using another culture how you see fit, does it?

This asshole is a poster-child for cultural appropriation, wearing white culture every day of his life. But it’s different for people who are anti-white – he’ll have some excuse like cultural significance, which he doesn’t give a f*ck about because he’s American, but has to LARP as an oppressed Chinaman to impress his mostly-white friend group of Communists.

This is the problem with the term cultural appropriation. It is specifically an anti-white term. Yes. It objectively is. Cultural appropriation is anti-white inasmuch as POC are the only ones who cry about it, and they do such by taking every single thing they steal from whites, claim that it’s nothing to do with whites and that whites don’t even have a culture, and then cry and moan for special victim points when someone wants to do something like wear a f*cking prom dress that they think looks cool.

Do you hear that, you cry-baby punks? They’re not doing it to make fun of your culture! If this girl wanted to make fun of your culture, she would have pulled the corners of her eyes back and started in on some “ching, chang, chong, dong” shit.  If she didn’t respect and appreciate the cultural item, she wouldn’t have bothered to wear it and would instead have poked fun at it. You know how those little white girls do on social media: “OMG! Have you seen this Chinese trash dress?!”

But, no, she respected the f*cking thing, and this asshole, whose entire photo roll looks like he was on a mission to specifically appropriate everything he could from white culture, suddenly wants to play a victim!

And let’s be honest: This kid is farther removed from Chinese culture than General Tso’s Chicken; he just wants victim cred.

Ironically, that’s another thing he’s stealing from white western culture. We’re literally the only culture on the planet that has provided people with such comfortable lives that they can whine about clothing items with full bellies and warm beds and in total safety. If Jeremy (a culturally appropriated name from a white western religion!) were actually in China, I have a feeling he wouldn’t be on Twitter in the first place. He’d be eating crickets, same as the sound arising from such imagined slights.

I’m getting sad as I’m writing this, to be perfectly honest. Do you know why white people aren’t shouting at him to stop dressing like a white person? It’s because we don’t whittle our entire culture down to a style of dress, something POC want to do frequently. They condense their entire cultures down to an item of clothing, a certain recipe, or a style of music, and then claim ownership over it just based on some genetic attachment generations removed, to which they only cling due to skin color.

Why? Because it’s an anti-white play. The best way to be anti-white is to live within and absorb white culture, everything it has to offer, while still holding yourself separate from it enough that you can claim victim cred when you feel like LARPing as oppressed.

He knows what he’s doing. This manufactured outrage made his entire decade. These progressive liberals are explicitly anti-white and mean what they say when they say we’re not allowed to use their culture, but they’re actually entitled to ours!

China has more culture than a lot of other Asian nations (as in Oriental Asian, not the UK Asian which includes Arabs and Persians and Indians). You can basically divide that Asia up into two main parts: Decent Asia and Trash Asia. Decent Asia is South Korea, Japan, a lot of China, Hong Kong. Trash Asia is Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Philippines, and most of the others.

China’s still a mixed bag, but they do have some cultural influence on the world. In America specifically, the bastardized “Chinese food” industry, which is not the least bit traditional yet pays respect to its roots, is a multi-billion-dollar industry and one of the most popular food genres on the planet. Americans practically universally embrace and pay homage to many Chinese martial arts, and stars who grace our screens in those sorts of action movies. Much of our culture appreciates traditional Chinese writing, music, literature, and symbolism from the nation’s many dynasties.

Jeremy not-sorry-for-having-a-white-name Lam has reduced China entirely to a specific style of dress.

How pitiful.

I wouldn’t say I’m angry about this shit, just fed up. I mean, really – these young neo-liberal Marxists honestly have zero self-awareness. While he’s using every aspect of white culture to dress and get around and entertain himself and to tweet, he decides that it’s okay for him, being an oppressed minority, but not okay for a white girl who liked a style of Chinese dress enough to wear to her prom to memorialize for her entire life.

Nice backpack. Can I have my culture back now?

Just think about how much the Jeremy Lams of the world would like it if white people followed them around every f*cking day, bitching about his baseball cap and t-shirt and athletic sneakers and iPhone.

He wouldn’t like it, would he? None of these whiny-ass POC would like it. They would claim racism, of course, though refusing to admit that their anti-white nonsense is itself racism.

So maybe before you go pulling this cultural appropriation card and acting anti-white, understand that these white people you find as evil thieves have never, ever done to you what you’re doing to them.

And the part that should strike all you whiny POC and hit home here: If they wanted to do it, they have you dead to f*cking rights. While this girl is deciding to show her appreciation to Chinese traditional dress one day in her life, you, Jeremy Lam, live every damn day of your life dressed up like a white high-school incel.

So while you anti-white morons pretend to be compassionate and all about equality as you wave your Communist flags, just cross your fingers and pray that people never do to you what you do to others, because they certainly could – and they’d have a hell of a lot more material to use.

You’re the people practicing cultural appropriation, and you practice it every waking moment of your lives. And if there’s any sort of cosmic justice, the people you shame with your anti-white ideology will turn around and give it to you tenfold.

That’s what I’d call racial justice.

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