Halsey: Another White Privilege Buffoon

Halsey is a moron. I mean that sincerely. And before I get fired from this site, let me clarify that I’m speaking about the singer Halsey, Ashley Frangipane, and not the owner of this site, Halsey English – though he does have his moments!

Halsey, in her infinite wisdom, decided that she’d appear as a potato-IQ jackass by sticking up for “POC” (the left’s way to call people “colored”) by complaining about hotel shampoo.

No. You’re not reading the “white privilege checklist” designed in the 1980s by Peggy McIntosh, a white woman. You’re reading tweets from a white woman – well, at least white enough that she’d likely be allowed to stay in Richard Spencer’s ethnostate. Her father is part black, so she claims, and this gave her a complexion fairer than Mariah Carey’s, with even finer strands of that dreaded white people hair.

But she can’t use white people shampoo, at least according to her Kanye-level tweet-storm!

She’s sick and tired of going to hotels only to find watered-down white people shampoo, with no thought of POC! Her words.

Shall we tell this little moron how she’s being moronic here? Oh, this oughta be fun!

First and foremost, she says “POC”, but what she really means is black people.

Who counts as today’s colored people? Everyone but white people! That’s right; according to the left, and their useful idiots like Halsey, POC encompasses blacks, Latinx (dafuq?), Native American, and Asian, if they’re being generous and the conversation doesn’t turn to Asians being smarter and more successful than whites. Yes, it’s some weird shit going on here with the white privilege conversation, but in a nutshell, the ever-changing rules of white privilege make it thus that white people are the only people who don’t have color – or a culture or a history or any saving grace to keep them—to keep us—from being shat upon from great heights by entitled rich brats like Halsey, but that’s another topic…

But here’s the rub: Every race of people have a finely textured, straight hair, except black people. So what she’s calling “white people” shampoo is the same typical chemical makeup used to create shampoo products that are used by Hispanic people, Native people, Asian people, and white people. We all have fine hair! Blacks are the only people who (supposedly) need different shampoo for their hair. So while she’s complaining about “POC,” all she’s really doing is proving that she’s yet another hack-in-a-box cookie-cutter pop star who’s racist against white people.

Only black people need their own special hair care products. When’s the last time you saw the Mexican or Chinese shampoo anywhere? It’s laughable how ass ignorant she is of this fact, and in my estimation this is proof that she’s drank the progressive Kool-Aid of us-against-them and believes that the world is defined into two groups: White people, and then every other POC – which, in her mind, makes it all black vs. white. This is something we see often, people who identify as black tipping their hand mightily and letting it be known that they think they’re the only people of “color” on the planet.

Sorry, Halsey. You might be a decent singer. I’ve never heard your music because I got enough garbage after grunge died in the ’90s. But you’re definitely another racist buffoon tipping her hand against white people in a so-called fight for “equality.”

Another way Halsey is a moron when preaching her white privilege bullshit, is by not realizing the general quality put into these products. These are novelty products, like those soaps shaped as sea shells that won’t get oil off of your skin – even f*cking white skin! They just look fun and smell decent, not clean well.

Just ask anyone’s who’s been in jail. You get the “state” products, which are horrible and will burn your eyes like pepper spray. But if you have money on your books, you can buy a better type of shampoo, like V05 or Suave or something, anything, better. The state products are shit. They’re made cheaply. And even though Halsey claims to have been to hotels with expensive toiletries, she’s obviously been to some shitty ones too insofar as she’s complaining about “watered down” shampoo. Yes, dumb-ass, that’s the f*cking point. It’s cheap!

The third way she’s acting like a moron here is by hammering the point home, time and again, that she just wants POC to be recognized, and even tweets that she believes black people are 50% of the customer base.

Should we try to teach her math at this point? For someone who dances around half nude (I’ve seen some pics), I think it’s too late for that.

Nevertheless, here’s some common sense for a shit-lib brainwashed by cultural Marxism’s identity politics. Look, THOT, black people comprise 13% of this nation, much less in the west in general, and seeing that they’re forever bitching and moaning about being poor and oppressed, I’d guess here that they comprise less than 5% of all hotel rentals throughout western nations. Way less, even! I’m wiling to be wrong about that, but I have a feeling that guesstimate is in the ballpark.

So, what you’re saying is that you want hotels to invest more time and money into putting black-specific products in their rooms for a people who comprise so little of their business?

Yes, this horseshit is very reminiscent of that old “white privilege” checklist going around decades ago. “If you can turn on your TV and see white people, you have white privilege,” and “If you can easily be around people of your own race, you have white privilege.”

Apparently, you have “white privilege” if you live in a majority white nation. Because it’s not good business sense to market to those most likely to buy from you; it’s actual racism! (She must be able to sing. Anyone this stupid couldn’t do anything else.)

I bet you if white people fussed about that in China, Japan, South Korea, etc, they’d be laughed out of the nation! Can you imagine the gall of some people to believe that they should be catered to as a majority in a country where they’re a minority?

I wonder if white farmers in South Africa are complaining about all the coco butter (the “black people” lotion) in the stores? F*cking moron…

Sorry, but it is going to be normal for the majority culture to not placate the minority culture. Why? Well, I’m sure Halsey has reasons like “racism” and “white privilege.” Though if you own a hotel, you’d probably use phrases like “financially unfeasible” and “bad investment.”

I haven’t stayed in a hotel since I visited Ocean City in the mid 2000s. I brought my own shampoo. And while my hair and I have broken up in my 30s, I’ll still bring my own stuff to wash my short ‘n curlies and my beard. Why would anyone want to use those little novelty bottles for anything but stealing and taking home to use in a mop bucket or as dog shampoo?

This lunatic race baiter likely has an entire makeup staff that brings along her shampoos and conditioners and cosmetics. She’s trying to delve into social commentary here for buzz, and she’s coming off like an idiot for her efforts.

What she calls “white people shampoo” is shampoo that every race comfortably uses, except black people. Every race has finer hair than the Negroid, and nobody knows this better than black women, who spend billions upon billions of dollars annually not educating their children or moving out of the ghetto but instead through purchasing hair to look more like “white people” – Negropeans.

And do you know whence comes the vast majority of this hair? Indian girls: POC!

These are POC with fine, straight, silky hair – Halsey is probably well acquainted with hair weave. She looks like she has a lace front surgically installed on her scalp. A girl’s gotta go from having short fine, straight hair to long fine, straight hair at a moment’s notice, you know!

Look at this “black” woman with her special hair!

So let’s run down the people who can’t use this “white people” shampoo. Let’s see, most black men have their heads shaved, so it doesn’t matter for them. All other POC have fine wypipo hair, so it doesn’t matter for them. Most black girls have weave, and they don’t even get those f*cking things wet, much less wash them.

So, honestly, out of everyone who rents hotel rooms, what percentage of them are black women with natural hair?

About 1%?

Seriously, Halsey, how many? It’s not 50%, that’s for damn sure.

How about the next time you travel in a nation whose majority is comprised of a different race, you bring your own f*cking shampoo with you, like every normal person does?

Is that too much to ask, or does Japan need to start creating more POC anime characters while we’re in the business of accommodating bullshit standards for no apparent reason?

Long story short, I much prefer Halsey English. He might still not grasp all of Kekistan yet and might wear sunglasses indoors like he’s Corey Hart from the 1980s, but at least he doesn’t go around saying stupid shit like the other Halsey.

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