Knowledge Is Power And It Gets Abused II

Written by: Alex Roberts
Writer for Halsey News and The Contumacious Alex Roberts blog.

It has been three weeks since I wrote an article called “Knowledge Is Power And It Gets Abused” for Halsey News. the time that I wrote that article it was just an opinion piece. It did not take long for the media to prove the truth of my words. For those of you who have not read that article since it first came out and those who haven’t read it at all I will do a quick review. Knowledge is power. This is probably one of the most misleading phrases I have ever heard. As hard as it will be for American’s to remember what it was like I heard this phrase during a time when greatness was still something that was celebrated in America and not watered down. Participation trophies and awards were not something that everybody received. You didn’t get told that you were the last winner. If you lost, if you failed, you were told that you were failing and you were expected to work harder or ask a teacher for help. Lets face it. The kids of my generation could kick the ass of any kid from todays generation without even trying to. Modern society has weakened todays minds and self esteem so much that it’s pathetic. Knowledge is power. I was a freshman in high school when I first heard my ROTC instructor say this. It implied that if we worked hard and got good grades then we could have a better chance to get into college and get a better paying job later on in life. Of course, when you are a kid or a teenager you are not expected to have a real understanding of the way the world works. Instead there is a certain innocence and simplicity.

When you were working your way through school you were not really taught that there may be darker undertone to the things that your teachers tell you. Sometimes your teachers themselves may not have even realized the darker undertone was there or if they did they chose not to tell you about the darker side to their words. Our unworldliness and gullibility allowed for this back in our time much the same way it allows children to be indoctrinated today both in high school and then college. What we heard and what we were really told when we heard that knowledge is power are two completely different things. Knowledge is power. It is indeed. A very great power to in fact. A power to behold. He who controls the knowledge controls the knowledge of the people. When you can control the knowledge of the people then you control their thoughts and emotions. With control of their thoughts and emotions comes control over the fate of a country. The fact that there are those who have the ability to control what we learn or don’t learn allows them to try to treat all of us like pawns on the chessboard of life. There are not enough of us who have the mental strength or the initiative to be more than a pawn.

In this world where knowledge is power the left are winning the battle, because they have control over the media. Recent events have proven this to be true. If I were to ask you about Parkland, Florida you could probably at the very least tell me that a school shooting occurred there without even having to google it. If I were to say the name Nikolas Cruz then there is probably a good chance that you could tell me he was the one who shot and killed people in Parkland, Florida. I could say the phrase national walk out and you may be able to come back and tell me that was the protest that students across America held protesting against current gun laws. David Hogg? Okay so that one is an insult to everyone’s intelligence because anyone who has been watching the news and has twitter knows who David Hogg is. Why is it that most of you would be able to tell me these things? It’s simple really. Ever since the events that occurred on February 14, 2018 there has not been a day that has gone by that main stream media has not reported some story or another concerning protests against gun rights or David Hogg in some way or another. Now let me try another set of questions for you. What event occurred just two days ago on April 11, 2018? I hear crickets chirping. What if I were to ask you who is Brandon Gillespie? Perhaps the cat has your tongue or you’ve just forgotten how to speak? Or maybe the truth is you honestly don’t know. But why don’t you know?


The answer to the last couple questions above are these. On April 11, 2018 across the United States there were student protests against abortion. One article I found that did cover this event was in a regional paper called The Sacramento Bee. An article written by Diana Lambert titled “Rocklin High pro-life walkout tests school bias” can be found there. It was a short but fair written piece in my personal opinion. Rocklin High School administrators were put to the test this past Tuesday when high school junior Brandon Gillespie organized a walk out to protest against abortion. Approximately 40 students left their classes at 10:00 a.m. and went to the quad where they were confronted by 10 students holding Pro choice signs. District officials would not allow the media near the students during this protest. Some speeches were given, but after roughly 17 minutes all of the students returned to their classes. While the students were protesting inside the quad outside the school there was a slightly louder protest going on as 30 adult demonstrators in favor of pro life carried signs and chanting slogans. Some were drawn by reports from their smaller local media while others were parents showing support for their student inside the quad. Students of 350 schools across the nation answered Gillespie’s challenge on the Students for life website when he called for others to join the protest as well.

Who inspired Brandon Gillespie to exercise his American rights and lead this demonstration? None other than his very own history teacher, Julianne Benzel. Julianne Benzel is a name that had roughly one day of recognition across national news sources after she was suspended with pay around the time of the national walk out that occurred on March 14, 2018. Her crime that earned her this suspension was the fact that she questioned whether or not students thought that her school had a double standard when it came to students rights to protest. More specifically she asked her students if they thought that students who were protesting something other than gun control would be given the same treatment that students who were participating in the national walk out were receiving. The walk outs across the nation on March 14 were promoted as a mass protest against the NRA and a demand for stricter gun control laws after the horrific incident that occurred in Parkland, Florida. It did not take a complaint filed by most of her students that lead to her suspension. Only the complaint of two students and their parents. She discussed the national walk out with her 120 students back in March because she encourages her students to be free thinkers and make informed decisions for themselves.

While the school would try to claim that protestors in both demonstrations were treated the same since the students who protested in the anti abortion protest were not punished just as those who participated in the national walk out were not punished. That is however where the fair treatment between the two protests started and ended. The school had provided the participants of the national walk out with a shelter tent to protect them from the weather and they were given a public address system. The school administration had also informed its teachers that students who participated in the national walk out were not to be punished. These same measures were not taken this time in regards to students who demonstrated against abortion. Benzel personally views the schools treatment of this protest as a matter of them not being fair and impartial to the two different protests as their treatment showed a lack of fair play among the students. Her student Brandon Gillespie seems to agree with this view as he also feels that the treatment difference between the two protest is politically driven since California is a more liberal state leading schools to be more bias

In an article titled “Hundreds of Students Participate in National Pro-Life Walk Out to Protest Abortion” written by Lauretta Brown, Brandon Gillespie was quoted as saying, “They are not giving me any accommodation at all, except for the district policy of not punishing students for protesting. That is not the accommodation that I asked for; I asked for the same accommodation as the anti-gun protest, that teachers would be flexible their lesson planning, and also for the availability of equipment that the anti-gun protestors were allowed to use. I really was not surprised when they told me that they were not going to give me the accommodations and that they were not going to sanction this walkout as they did the previous one,” he added. “It just confirms for me that there is a political double standard, at least in my school district, but I’m still going to be out there.”

In the same article as the above quote Alexandra Snyder, the executive director for Life Legal Defense Foundation was quoted as saying, “Rocklin High School’s decision to treat the Pro-life Walkout differently than the way the school treated the gun walkout violates the First Amendment and the Equal Protection rights of every student participating in the Pro-life walkout.” More of this article can be found on .

The district itself defends its difference in treatment claiming that the national walk out was neutral and a remembrance as well as a way to allow its students to show unity in a national conversation that centered around school safety.

Even the media treated this protest differently than they did the one that took place during the national walk out and the one that took place two weeks later. On March 14, 2018 major news outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC reported on the walk out for at least ten minutes in each of their nightly news programs. They did not say one word about the pro life walk out the day that it happend on any of their news programs. We really shouldn’t be surprised by the media bias when it comes to things that do not fit in with the agenda being pushed upon us by the left. Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America told Washington Times in their article titled “Media black out pro life after pushing anti gun protests: study” that she was not surprised. In their article she said,”It’s unfortunate that the media did not attempt to fairly portray the #ProLifeWalkout, given the fact that this generation is directly targeted by Planned Parenthood and their abortion industry allies for our business. No one is surprised that media bias is so obvious when it comes to abortion. People who are passionate about the life issue, about mothers and their preborn infants, know that the media doesn’t like to cover this human rights atrocity.”

This was not the first time this year that Kristan Hawkins has called out the media for their blatant bias instead of being neutral and professional. Just earlier this year on January 24, 2018 she posted an article for the Washington Examiner titled ” Here’s why the media ignore the March for Life, but fawn over the Women’s March.” For those who are unfamiliar with the March for Life it should be no surprise to know that over its life time of 45 years the march has received almost no attention from main stream media. It is the largest annual human rights protest in America as it succeeds at attracting over a hundred thousand participants each year. Young americans mostly under the age of twenty five dominate this protest each year. Rain, snow, or sun, no matter what the weather may be the March for Life and several state and local churches hold their marches and each year the media completely blacks them out. If main stream media journalists were fair and impartial they would have to acknowledge that the March for Life is a very newsworthy topic that deserves to be covered. While they give the March for Life no light at all and wish it would just go away, the main stream media does cast more than enough light on a demonstration that has only been around for two years. The Womens March. This year alone the Women’s March received more than twenty five minutes of news coverage time while the March for Life was only given four minutes. This is a clear example of the treatment that ABC, NBC, and CBS gives to the two different events.




The reason why the main stream media does this is a very simple one. I have stated the reasoning more than once, several times in fact both in conversation and in previous articles that I have written. The left are trying to forcefully spoon feed an agenda down the throats of America and main stream media is helping them. The main stream media has never approved of the fact that America chose President Trump over Hillary Clinton and they have never once tried to be professional and unbiased ever since he stepped into office. Instead they have been very blatant with their bias view points and disdain for him as Commander in Chief. This makes the Women’s March their ally because it fits with the agenda that the left and the media are relentlessly promoting and pushing upon the rest of us. Thankfully the media intentionally trying to downplay the March for Life has not made it go away or made people think that they are alone and pro lifers don’t exist. In fact thanks to the large number of people who are against abortion the March for Life’s numbers increase each year. Pro life advocates travel from all over to attend these marches.

The main stream media would like for us to believe that the March for Life group is out dated, small, oppressive, and even supportive of misogynistic values and ideas. They know that to report the truth upon this group and show their passion for life they would only succeed in waking even more Americans. It is impossible for the media to put a negative spin on the March for Life even if they tried, because of how up beat, loving, and large they are. Since they could never succeed at making this group look hateful and anti American values in any way they succeed at limiting the exposure of the general public to this group by not talking about them. The media’s treatment of this group is very much like an ostrich in the sand. If we don’t report it, if we don’t show it, if we do not acknowledge anything that this group does then they don’t exist.

I spoke of such things in the first “Knowledge is Power. And It Gets Abused” article. The media has been around forever and they know that with the right word here, the wrong word there, they can control the emotional responses and thoughts of greater America. This is why they are selective about what stories they report on and don’t report on. Too many American’s either don’t care that they are being controlled and manipulated like this, or they are really that naieve. This ability allows them to be King makers and to try to influence what we think and feel about those who they would want to lead us. In the last election their efforts at doing this failed and ever since Donald Trump’s election it is as though they have given up on trying to hide what it is that they have been doing to America for decades now. They do not only do these things in terms of the protests. The main stream media does it in all that they touch as long as it promotes their agenda.




While ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN chose to ignore the fact that David Hogg lied on the air there was at least one honest journalist and news source who did not. His name is Justin Caruso and while I do not know if he still is a writer for them at the time of that he wrote his article he was a writer for the Daily Caller. His article was titled, “Brian Stelter Admits He Let David Hogg Lie On Air Without Correcting Him.” Almost three weeks ago the CNN host acknowledged that he allowed David Hogg to be less than completely honest on his show. He was a guest on HLN’s show “S.E. Cupp Unfiltered” when he said,”When I was interviewing David Hogg only ten days after the massacre, there were a few times I wanted to jump in and say let’s correct that fact.”

Cupp was quick to call him on this admission and asked him if he did call David Hogg out on his lies. The CNN host was quick to defend what occurred on his show and white wash it when he said that he did correct David Hogg once but not the other times because there has to be a balance of how many times are you going to interrupt a guest. He then defended David Hogg’s being less than an honest by trying to stir up an emotional response and cause American’s to sympathize with the liar when he said that we needed to understand where the students are coming from on the gun control issues. The only time he corrected David Hogg was when David Hogg said that Dana Loesch was the NRA’s CEO. Throughout the rest of the show his time on the show he kept insisting how important it was for us to be able to identify with where these kids are coming from.

In a complete hit piece written by Mark Osborne for ABC attacks were aimed toward a woman who dared to speak against David Hogg. He wrote an article titled ” Laura Ingraham returns following boycott, says liberals ‘cutting off free speech'”. Laura Ingraham had returned to her show the night before this article was posted on During the week that she had been gone from her show a large number of her sponsors had broken off their connections with her show by pulling their commercials out of the time block that her show was presented in. The reason for doing so is because main stream media has managed to convince a large number of Americans that her remarks about David Hogg were controversial. Instead of standing down and allowing the main stream media to vilify her Laura Ingraham has taken the fight right back to them. She focused on the first amendment, more specifically free speech, on her very first show back. She came out swinging hard at the left when she exposed that they have a history of silencing those who dare to have thoughts and opinions different from their own, aka anyone who is not a liberal.

She took a week off for easter to spend time with her children. Mario Osborne and ABC would like for us to believe that her taking the time off had something to do with the fact that she had lost more than a dozen of her sponsors after criticizing Parkland, Florida shooting survivor David Hogg. Calling David Hogg a Parkland, Florida shooting survivor is highly misleading and another attempt at main stream media and the left to pull on our heart stings when the truth is David Hogg was not even there when the shooting occurred. If David Hogg is a survivor when he wasn’t even there then that would make this writer a 9/11 survivor even though I was in another state at the time all of the planes crashed. The only difference between David Hogg and myself is that he lived close enough to ride his bicycle and take a camera so that he could record video of the real survivors that were there that day. In regards to Laura Ingraham, the time that she took off was already scheduled.

David Hogg and the left are upset that Laura Ingraham posted a message on twitter on March 17 that he had been rejected by multiple colleges. Shortly after she made her tweet David Hogg and the left began to urge their followers to encourage her sponsors to pull their advertisements from her show. Even though she did not say anything that was untrue Laura Ingraham tried to be the bigger person and apologize “in the spirit of holy week”. David Hogg on the other hand was not as big a person as she was and would not accept her apology. Instead of mentioning David Hogg personally on the show that she did Monday night she has placed the whole left on alert. Starting last Monday Laura Ingraham will be doing a recurring feature on her show where she will be casting a light upon those who are enemies of the first amendment while uplifting those who are brave enough to try to make a difference. She truly believes that without free speech and a free conscience then America isn’t free and she’s right.

Laura Ingraham let it be known that she is the victim of a boycott. These boycotts are the left and David Hogg’s version of the bdsm ball gag. They want to handcuff us to a bed with our arms and legs chained to different corners of the bed metaphorically speaking so that they can have their way with us and condition our minds to think what they want us to think. If people say something that they don’t like or want others to know they want to punish them. They want power over the knowledge that we disclose to others. Why is that? It’s simple. Knowledge is power. And it’s power that they are abusing. To Laura Ingraham’s credit she is not going down as easily as others before her have. She has a fighting chance, because of how well known she is. Every day those on the left would like to tell us what we can and can not say. What we can and can not think. To go along with an example that Laura Ingraham used herself “if you are against affirmative action. You are a racist. And if you wear a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to a gun control rally and get beaten up, well, don’t expect a lot of sympathy from the attendees. And if you praise the military skill of Robert E. Lee, you are liable to be branded a defender of slavery in The New York Times.”

Another advantage that Laura Ingraham has that others who went down before her didn’t have is that she has some friends who are powerful enough to back her instead of just supporting her. While the left and David Hogg would love nothing more than to cripple Laura Ingraham’s career Fox news is fully backing her and refusing to get rid of her. The left and David Hogg have hit hard, because during the first three shows that she did there was only seven minutes of paid advertisement. That is nearly half of the paid advertisement time in her show two weeks ago at the end of March. Unlike companies like Red Lobster, Slim Fast, and Blue Apron not all of her sponsors have lost their balls and allowed the left and David Hogg to place them in a jar. There are still companies like MyPillow that are backing her. Fox news itself is standing against the main stream media and the leftist agenda that they and David Hogg are pushing. A statement from Fox network executive Jack Abernethy is proof of this when he said,” We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts.”

This is the war that happens when people abuse the power of knowledge. They try to make those who would lie to us more sympathetic while vilifying those who tell the truth. They try to bury those who do not act in a way or speak in a way that supports what they want for us to believe and think. Knowledge is power people and there is a war going on right now for your mind as well as my own whether we choose to believe it or not. If they take away our first amendment and we let them then the left and liars like David Hogg will have control of that knowledge. They are doing everything they can to silence America, to break America, to turn America into a land of sheep. For a lot of America they have already succeeded and it is too late. But it doesn’t have to be too late for you. It certainly isn’t too late for me.

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