Shattering Canada: Trudeau Continues The Post-nation Project

Trudeau Post-National Project Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is continuing to advance his project to recreate Canada. On the heels of his 2015 election victory Trudeau told New York Times writer Guy Lawson that Canada is “the first postnational state.”

Trudeau then doubled down, declaring, ‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’’ Even the Times writer considered this to be a radical statement.

‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada’’

A serious sign of the troubles to come is the gender-balanced cabinet; fifty-fifty, men to women. Right from the start competency was discounted as the smart way to advance Canadian interests, manage world-trade, and do geo-politics. A frighteningly shallow move a trustworthy person would avoid.

Do not doubt that Canada’s foes and allies promptly made note of Trudeau’s immediate (and smug) negligence of what is the first role of a national government leader: Look after your damn country!

Now, better than two years into this government’s term Canadians see disturbing ideological themes continue to be spun into actual policy: carbon-taxes; speech-codes; open-borders; huge budget deficits.

Each is bad for liberty, enacted together they bode ill for our future; the economic, social, and democratic damage is deep. This is precisely the intent of such policies.

Instead of engaging the very best that Canada can offer; natural resources, innovative technologies, and a highly-skilled labour force the government instead elects to hold our economy back. There must be a reason, albeit a pretty bad reason, this government would work against the betterment of its citizens.

At the very same time, Trudeau is exporting billions of dollars to almost every despotic hellhole nation on the planet, doing so under the rubric of foreign-aid.

“Canada’s federal-provincial debt now totals $1.4 trillion. Based on the latest budget plans of the federal and provincial governments, debt is set to soar even higher in the future.” Fraser Institute, 2017

In Trudeau’s world he must be the center of attention. In January of 2017, Justin couldn’t resist a chance to virtue signal to his fans around the world.

When President Trump issued an executive order to restrict entry of migrants from countries with extreme Islamist regimes, Justin posted the infamous welcome-mat tweet: “To those fleeing persecution, terror &war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”

That single tweet resulted in some 50,000 illegals crossing the border without penalty. To the contrary, anonymous scofflaws are greeted by RCMP and shuttled to the place welfare money is handed out.

The thing about such hollow moral virtue? It doesn’t cost Trudeau a penny while Canadian workers, taxpayers are on the hook for an extra $350M

Authorities report that already in 2018, January, February, and March estimated another 7000 so-called irregular crossings have occurred. As the summer approaches unprecedented numbers are going to follow suit. Make no mistake; the Trudeau government permits obvious violations of the Canada–United States Safe Third Country Agreement.

Near Vancouver, the RCMP greet people with handcuffs arresting activists blocking access around the Trans Mountain pipeline worksite on Burnaby mountain, including MP Elizabeth May, leader of the federal Green Party.

These pipeline arrests are kabuki: the PMO is desperate to maintain a narrative which says Trudeau wants this pipeline built.

On top of the previously cancelled pipeline projects, Kinder-Morgan has effectively cancelled the Trans Mountain project. This is the outcome desired by Ottawa and the socialist NDP governments of both Alberta and British Columbia.

Canadian ethical-oil remains land-locked. Trudeau is totally okay accepting some 86,000 barrels per day of Saudi sharia-oil to east coast ports which are suspiciously free of anti-oil campaigns.

Keep in mind these Liberal elites are proponents of the Paris Accord. They, like their buddies of the IPCC and Carbon barons such as Al Gore salivate imagining the trillions of dollars flowing to them by taxing CO2. Taxing carbon is how the UN will limit your ability to drive when you wish. Making fuel so costly you will stay close to home (unless you’re, say, an elite politician) is government ordered energy-poverty.

“Our capitalist model has given us tremendous things, but the time has come for us to look at it critically…” Justin Trudeau (Edmonton Journal, May 17, 2007)

We know that Trudeau and his band of destroyers, without regard to Canada’s balance sheet continue to inflict an anti-capitalist, anti-liberty, and indeed an anti-western ideology upon all sectors of society. Each success emboldens them; policy directives turn more radical at each opportunity.

The objective of such authoritarians is to divide society: To set infinite numbers of identity-groups against each other. At the same time, immigration is increased, borders are weakened, and lawlessness becomes widespread. While they enslave you with taxation, in the ensuing civil strife they will steal more of your freedoms.

The probability of serious life and death problems in big cities is increasing. Look at any major European city. Canada’s economy is weak, export trade is weak, and job growth is mostly due to government hiring.

Of course, more resource firms are pulling billions of investment dollars out of Canada. A jump in interest rates, spiking inflation, more private sector unemployment; any one event could set the dominoes in motion, one feeds off the other.

Add in a major terrorist attack in a major European city or a wider conflict in Syria and you see how things getting seriously complicated.

What does any of this have to with Trudeau’s 2015 declaration that Canada is “the first postnational state?

Turns out that a sovereign nation—a clearly defined geographic region with cooperative, productive, and most importantly free and independent citizens—is pretty damn important. When rule of law ends, peace breaks down fast, countries fall to chaos quickly, and people die, an awful lot of people die horribly.

Reasonable people didn’t expect their Prime Minister to tell the world, ‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada’’. And excusing such talk as the ill-thought brain-droppings of a dull former drama teacher is a huge mistake.

Certainly, fewer Canadians would cast a vote for such a politician. There are plenty of adjectives to describe such people, their motives. A word that comes to mind now is dangerous.

That’s probably why Trudeau didn’t mention this whole post nation thing during his campaign.

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