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Hi everybody, I’m Alex Roberts. It’s 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning. I am sitting here with my first cup of coffee and I have an episode of House of Cards playing in the background since I can’t seem to go back to sleep. Unless you got stuck working third shift last night then I hope that many of my readers are having better luck sleeping than I am. My body for some reason feels that now is the time to wake up while my mind is wanting to go back to sleep. Yesterday, a friend of mine really made my day when she took a look at my first edition of “In The World Around Us” and told me that she was proud of it. It’s good when you have people who are proud of you, but it’s different when those people who are proud of you are the ones you look to as a peer and a role model in the professional sense. So to that friend I raise my cup of coffee in salute to you. You know who you are. I can only hope that my publishers enjoyed the first edition as much as she did. Let me pull up my browser here and we will see what is going on in the world around us. No matter where we are at any given moment of the day there is always something going on some place else.




Here is a story that occurred across the ocean over in Europe. A large group of people who were doing something that many take for granted yesterday afternoon suddenly found themselves in the middle of a nightmarish situation instead of an afternoon that had started out spending time with their family and friends. I found this headline on the Daily Mail’s website.

German police find AK47 at killer driver’s flat and discover his van was ‘BOOBY-TRAPPED with a pistol connected to a wire’ after 48-year-old ‘with far-right links’ murders two by mowing down diners before shooting himself dead. It says here that this story was done by Sarah White in Munster, Germany as well as Lara Keay, Stewart Patterson, Ron Ardehali, Danyal Hussein, and Diane Apen-Sadler.

They report that an AK-47 and the blank cartridge gun that the driver used to shoot himself with after committing this horrific incident were found in the minibus and the flat that he owned by German police. They also found some party fire crackers and an ornamental Kalishniko. I’m not really sure what a Kalishnikov is but we’ll continue with the article. The driver apparently drove his vehicle at high speed toward families that were outside a popular bar in the university city of Munster, Germany. The actions of this driver killed a 51 year old woman from Lueneburg county and a 65 year old man from Broken county. Along with the two people that he killed there were dozens who were injured, but it specifies that out of those dozens only six of them were critically injured. Further down in the article they state that the driver was identified as 48 year old Jens R. Local german media reported that he was believed to be a German national who had some mental issues. They claim that he had been in connection with far right groups but was not an extremist himself. His van was booby trapped. There was a pistol that was connected to a wire hidden underneath the carpet the carpet inside his vehicle. The police are also investigating the possibility that there were others with him when he did this as there are reports that two other people escaped the vehicle after he crashed into all of those patrons outside of the bar. They cordoned off the area while detectives investigated the possibility that there were two others in the van and tried to find them. This was reported roughly 17 hours ago.

There is more information given underneath the article in what looks like an update to the above information. It has some different numbers then what was shared above. That information states that it was 3:27 p.m. in their time zone when this man ran his van into a mixed crowd outside the local bar. That crowd was made up of patrons as well as members of the staff that worked there. Interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state Herbert Reul told the media there that twenty people were wounded, half of them were seriously wounded. The police claim that the man shot himself immediately after he crashed into the large group of people. They make sure to state that the man responsible for this was a German and not a refugee. Apparently he recently attempted suicide and has a criminal background that consists of drug dealing and petty crimes. It doesn’t state what they were, but what appears as updated information on this story says that he was having some problems at work. At the time that they shared this information there was no real clear motive that had been established. There was no evidence found that backed up eye witness stories of two men escaping the van after he crashed into the large group of people. Police are investigating it as a possible murder suicide. This attack happend on the anniversary of another horrible attack that took place in Stockholm. It also brought back memories of the attack that happend right before Christmas in Berlin.

I am not really sure what to say right now. I keep trying to put myself in those peoples place right now. I try to imagine what that would be like to be standing or sitting in front of a bar with some friends and family. We’re having some drinks, talking, relaxed just enjoying being in each others company at the end of a long work week. All of a sudden someone turns their vehicle right at you and instead of trying to slow down they head right for you at a high speed. I can’t begin to imagine how that would feel. All I can say is oh my god. The fear that those people must have felt is unimaginable. My prayers go out to these people for a fast track to recovery both physically and mentally since this kind of incident can really impact both the mind and the body. My condolences go out to those two families who lost loved ones because of what happend. They make sure to specify that this man is not a refugee but a German. I can not help thinking about all the times that a person connected to a situation has their race and citizenship status protected and hidden by the media. Do we really think that they would openly disclose that this man were a muslim or some other immigrant? Another reason for disclosure is the fact that they feel that this man had connections to those on the right. It makes the right look like a threat instead of the people who are standing against the agenda and trying to preserve western Europe for western Europeans. It is no secret that the governments and media over in western European countries can’t really be trusted right now to watch out for their own people, because they are busy pushing this immigration agenda. It is more than clear in countries like Germany and the UK what is happening.



Theresa May forced to U-turn on stop and search and extend powers amid wave of crime across UK


In another story that comes to us from across the ocean there was a headline on a UK news site that just went up two hours ago. The headline reads “CRIME CRACKDOWN Theresa May forced to U-turn on stop and search and extend powers amid wave of crime across UK” It was written by a Natasha Clark. Natasha Clark reports that Theresa May has been forced to do a U-turn on a previous stance that she took in regards to the way the UK police do stop and search due to a rise in crime activity. This is the same woman who blatantly disregarded evidence that showed it was in fact white men who were being signaled out due to stop and search laws instead of black men before she gave a speech against the procedure. Ministers in the UK are expected to meet and discuss whether are not they should extend stop and search authority to include people who are suspected of acid attacks or carrying what may be considered as extreme weapons. The article doesn’t really specify what would be considered as an extreme weapon. It does state that since the beginning of the year more than 50 people have been killed in the capitol. Just earlier last week there were six murders in a ninety minute time span alone. The Parliament is looking to pass a bill that will allow acid to be considered a serious weapon as well as make it illegal to be in possession of what is considered to be a “zombie killer”. I don’t even know what that is. There’s a description here I believe. A long serated blade. They feel that if these laws are passed it will be easier to protect people.

Further down in the article we learn that it was Theresa May who curbed stop and search powers back in 2010 after presenting an argument that it was unfair to minorities. She forced the police chiefs to open their records for public scrutiny back in 2014 and told them that they had to abide by a new code making it clear what it was that gave them suspicion of the person they stopped and searched. Just last year she proudly declared that the number of black people being stopped and searched had fallen by two thirds. On the other side of what she would call progress however, the decline in stop and search allowed more people to carry weapons out onto the streets. Toward the bottom of the article two fathers spoke out in favor of new stop and search laws.

I look at this and all I can say is wow. I can’t help feeling sorry for some people when I see the lack of intelligence that those who are supposed to represent their interests possess. It is sad when immigrants and minorities mean more to a country than their own people do, but the UK has shown that this is the case time and time again in recent history over the years. The first example that comes to my mind right away is Telford. People like Theresa May pass these laws that made it harder for the police to protect their people and now that there is a crime wave going they want to become stricter again in some areas of the law. What did they expect would happen? Crime will always thrive in places where the local police have less authority and power than a middle school hall monitor. I wonder how much blood people like Theresa May have on their hands, because the moment they started making it harder for the police to protect people they may as well have held that cup of acid or that knife in their own hand. Okay, moving on now lets see what else we can find that leaps out at us from the news.


TRUMP TOWER FIRE—-but-has-been-silent-about-the-man-who-died-in-it/ar-AAvD853?ocid=spartanntp


Here is one from our own side of the ocean. It seems that the left will never stop trying to make our commander in chief President Donald Trump look bad as there is an article about him in the left leaning newspaper The Washington Post. This one was written by Amy Wang. The headline reads ” Trump bragged that his tower withstood a fire – but has been silent about the man who died in it.” At first glance it seems like just another attempt by the left to run our Presidents name into the ground, but lets see what it has to say. Her story reports that there were two different stories regarding the events of the fire that occurred in an apartment on the 50th floor in Trump Tower. One story can be seen through the narrative and pictures proved by the brave men and women of the New York Fire Department who bravely fought the fire. It says here that the fire was challenging to contain and extinguish. Of course it was. It was on the 50th floor. That should go without saying.

It was around 6:00 p.m. est when the fire broke out. In a direct quote from New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro we are told that by the time fire fighters were able to get to the blaze the whole apartment was consumed by fire. Fire fighters pulled out one unconscious person who would later die at the hospital after being taken there in critical condition. He would later be identified as 67 year old Todd Brassner and his apartment was unit 50C. On top of the man who died due to complications brought on by the fire, the article also states that six fire fighters were injured.

Here is where The Washington Post writer completely tries to call into question the character of our President. Amy Wang wrote that President Trump tweeted in regards to the fire in a post that reads, ” Very confined (well built) building. Fire men (and women) did a great job. THANK YOU!” She goes on to claim that he also stated that the fire had been extinguished before it really had been. She continues by saying that even though President Trump had thanked the Fire men and women who responded to the fire that there was no mention of the six who were injured. He had already thanked them. By thanking them gave them recognition for their service. What more does this woman want him to do? I’m not trying to sound mean, but we have people in this country who risk their lives every day. Often times when America thanks them for their services they do not go through a long list thanking each one individually.

Further down in the article she would state that the one tweet that President Trump made Saturday was the only time that he has spoken about the fire. Earlier this morning he posted on a variety of topics ranging from the “rigged” investigation into Hillary Clinton to how he and the Chinese President would always be friend, but he has not posted again about the fire even after Todd Brassner was identified. She really makes him sound callous and insensitive when she states that while Trump can be notoriously unfiltered on Twitter he has built a track record of uneven responses to high profile tragedies. She feels that he has been quick to speak on incidents of violence even before all the facts are in, while his silence is questionable in regards to other issues.

In my personal opinion this article was nothing short of a biased one sided hit piece. Lets have a look at how at least one person on the left responded to this incident. Jeffrey Gutterman tweeted, ” I got excited when I heard there was a fire at Trump Tower while also hoping there were no injuries. So what. I am human. These #tRump supporters need to get a grip. I am less excited now, but still glad. Hoping there is major damage.” He sent this tweet at 6:43 p.m. It had 107 likes and 71 retweets. I imagine that number has gotten higher since then. This story and the writer behind it are just one more example of the hypocrisy that the people on the left wish to subject us to. I’m not going to get angry. I am going to take a deep breath and stay calm. With that in mind my prayers go out tot he six fire fighters who were injured as I wish them a speedy recover and give my heart felt thank you for all that they do in the line of duty. To the family of Todd Brassner I give my condolences on their loss and know that God will see them through this time.

That is just some of what is going on in the world around us today. As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section that you can find at the bottom or you can message me on twitter at . Until next time. Bye.


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