My Opinion on Anti-White Virtue Signaling

Trained in science, I’d like to say that my writing is mostly fleshed out with a shit-ton of resources and sheeeit and all kingly. In all honestly, though, I’m just a shirtlord who spams his opinion. That aside, I did get into Mensa in the seventh grade and fancy myself at least mid-tier intelligence with a bit of fuel in the brain tank. So when it comes to people who virtue signal about hating white people, I think I know why they do it.

Or at least I have my suspicions.

First, what is virtue signaling?

Well, while it may be the most overused term in the past four years, to virtue signal is to explicitly express your moral values, which align with your particular social group, in a very conspicuous way.

The reason the term is so overused is because virtue signaling is so insanely popular. And nobody does it as often as the left!

To virtue signal, for the left, is to prove virtue where their ideology necessarily is bereft all virtue. That’s literally the only way they can prove that they’re good people, by virtue signaling. Think about it. You won’t catch them out there feeding the poor, just protesting that they want four-times the average salary for a fifth of the work. And they’re not going down to help victims of hurricanes and floods. They instead complain about (a) a lack of government assistance if it hits minorities, or (b) virtue signal that they want white Trump supporters to die. They’re not doing much to help the environment. Their addiction to Starbucks and iOS devices and name-brand clothing, the hipster trifecta, supports companies that are massively heavy polluters.

Yes, it’s odd – the side that’s supposedly more tolerant, more moral and looks down on everyone to the right of Jane Fonda, honestly believes that wishing injury and death upon their political opponents is the number-one criterion of a “good” person. I’m not making this shit up. Just look at them! Look at how they act.

They’ll preach love, peace, tolerance and special treatment for a transgendered individual who wants to use the bathroom opposite their biological sex, but wish death upon the person who disagrees with that.

Literally. They wish death, extinction, hanging, etc, all because a person has different politics.

My favorite, however, is the anti-white virtue signaling.

The reason that the anti-white virtue signaling stands as the most ridiculous to me is that, exactly 100% of the time, no exceptions, the signalers are progressive adults, mainly white people or white appearing, who choose not only to live in white-majority nations, but also choose to live in upscale neighborhoods that are over 95% white. Just look at Tim Wise for the best example of this. He’s a guy who preaches every single day about how much he hates white people, but he refuses to move away from them. He refuses to move to a nonwhite country. He’s happy, successful and comfortable living around all white people, in a white-majority nation, and taking advantage of the economic system white people built. Though when it comes time to earn some street cred on social media, he spends his days bad-mouthing whites.

This guy’s entire profile is a giant virtue signal. He claims to have fought the alt-right nearly 30 years before the alt-right even existed. He’s on some f*cking H.G. Wells-level virtue signaling!

Some virtue signaling gets a bit more in depth and creative. For instance, instead of just spamming a stupid tweet about how much you hate white people, some put more time and effort into it. Like Mona Chalabi from The Guardian in the UK, who out of some desperate need to be the best virtue signaler at her publication, literally shat on the entire history and culture of white people by reducing it to a f*cking carrot. No. I’m not making it up; I’m not exaggerating. According to this virtue-signaling piece of shit, the entirety of white culture can be summed up as a vegetable trend. That’s how she, obviously nowhere near white, defines “whiteness.”

A big part of the idea behind anti-white virtue signaling is to demean and belittle white people. They want to dehumanize all whites so that whites are easier to push aside. While I’m not aboard the white genocide train in believing that people are actively trying to exterminate whites, it is objective reality that we have a heavy strain of people in the west who are anti-white and hate white people.

But why? Why do they virtue signal so often about hating white people?

In my opinion, having cataloged and studied these virtue signals for a few years now, it boils down to being defiant in the face of a failed ideology.

These people hear that whites created the west and that the west is the best civilization in this planet’s history. They disagree viscerally as a knee-jerk reaction, because they’re the morons who believe that Africa, Haiti, India, etc, could be first-world, prosperous kingdoms if only white people didn’t exploit them. At least that’s what they want you to believe they believe. The truth is that they really do know the truth. They live in the world and see it.

They look at every African nation being a shithole. They see Indians literally shitting in the streets without proper sanitation. They see that Haitians, who live in a tropical paradise, have stripped and polluted their own land to the point it’s almost uninhabitable. They know that Central and South Americans flee north to the USA because their nations are horrible. They know #SaveTheChildren was phony bullshit and that 90% of Middle Eastern migrants fled to the west for freebies like housing, food and clothing – and soft-target white women.

They live in the world. They know these things are factual. But the left has gone so far toward a class—and caste—system, so far toward Marxism, that admitting these things are true make them the same right-wing evil Hitler Nazis against whom they’ve LARPed for years. So they’re stuck.

And if we know one thing about the left, above all others, if something doesn’t work, you never change but rather double-down on what hasn’t worked. This has been the left’s political strategy since the majority were blue-dog Democrats prior to Bill Clinton. Oh, the first ten thousand illegal immigrants didn’t help anyone and only put us further in debt and upped the crime rate? Hey, let’s get ten thousand more in here by next year!

This is how they operate, even more so now that the moderate left is considered far-right, and to be a leftist today you have to stand on Karl Marx’s left shoulder and piss in a unisex training potty.

Yes, anti-white virtue signaling is basically just Shakespeare with the sissies doth protest too much!

While I am certain that a progressive Marxist’s IQ is at least a standard deviation below average intelligence, I’m also certain that they are not that stupid to where they cannot judge the world. They can, and they do. They judge the world as white nations being vastly superior, and they hate that with a f*cking burning passion of a million supernovas.

They have been taught—well, indoctrinated—that nonwhites are superior people on the planet. Nicer, kinder, gentler, more virtuous, and would be more prosperous if not for white people exploiting them. So by the time they’re intellectually capable of viewing the evidence independently and rationally, they already view whites as colonizing, murdering, genocidal oppressors and subsequently view nonwhites as people of superior moral virtue and more capable of creating comfortable, profitable societies.

Then they get out of school. Or they dig into this themselves. Then they see the incredible rates at which nonwhites commit crime vs. whites. Then they see a map of Africa and realize even the nations that were never colonized are still shitholes. They see how every single person who flees a bad situation inevitably comes to the west, to white-majority nations, and never to a nonwhite nation.

They can see this. For f*ck’s sake, you can’t not see it!

This subsequently wrecks their entire ideology; it contradicts in its entirety the religion of Marxism with which they were indoctrinated. But they still have to be good people, better people than everyone else; they have to fix this problem themselves. They have to bend and twist like a Romanian contortionist in order to make reality match their fiction.

Then they become hyper-vigilant in pointing out anything negative done by whites so that they can convince themselves their indoctrination is correct, not their lived experience. They’re struggling from a massive internal conflict, the progressive left. They have to maintain the illusion they were taught amidst an entire world of evidence to the contrary.

It’s not easy being a useful idiot on the left. You have to spend your days LARPing as someone who literally views facts as hate. You develop a self-defeating ideology, driven entirely by cognitive dissonance, and you end up ignoring every fact that works against you and confirming your biases through the hyper-focused strategy of virtue signaling about how horrible white people are every time a white person does something bad.

To close, this is why I’m not worried enough to adopt an alt-right position on these morons. You see, I don’t view them as dangerous. I don’t view them as anyone who would ever hold the gun to themselves eliminate white people. I view them as low-IQ, hurt, confused, mentally-stunted adult-babies whose heads are constantly churning and panicking at the fact the real world doesn’t match their indoctrination. So as a soothing balm for this perpetual butthurt, they entrench themselves deeper into their bubbles, thus begins the incessant spate of anti-white virtue signaling.

It’s annoying. It’s objectively hateful. It’s all lies and propaganda.

It’s also relatively harmless.

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