The Tortoise And The Scorpion: Americans And Illegal Immigrants

Written by: Alex Roberts

In various neighborhoods across America there are always various groups of people that you will find. You have the neighbor who isn’t as considerate of others as you would like for them to be. Maybe the job you have requires you to be up all night, because you work third shift and your neighbors life style allows them to be a day person. You may feel that your neighbors are not as considerate of you as you would like for them to be if their children are always being loud and keeping you awake. It isn’t their responsibility to be considerate of you but you would appreciate it if they were. On the other end of that spectrum there is the neighbor who is always willing to help everyone. I knew someone like this. Their neighborhood had fallen on some really hard times. A bad storm had come through that cut off his neighborhood from the outside world. Others in his area were not as prepared as he was for the storm. They did not have a back up generator for their power. They ran out of food. He was a generous person who opened his door to these people. He had enough food for four people. His wife, his two kids, and himself. When he allowed his neighbors to come in they were a family of four as well. Instead of the food that he had feeding four people now he was feeding eight people. It was a bit of a strain on the food, but they could make due. Everybody just ate a smaller meal ration. On top of more food being used, the generator was also being used more which means that the fuel supply to keep the generator running was being consumed quicker. Soon more of his neighbors were needing help, because of the situation that they were facing. Instead of four more people staying with him and his family he now had eight more people staying with him. That means that there were now twelve people trying to live off supply and space for four people. The meal rations were cut smaller and the fuel was getting used even more. The thing about food is that unless you have a way to replace the food that you consume sooner or later you are going to run out of food and that is exactly what happend to this man and his family. Now instead of just his neighbors not having the supplies that they needed his family didn’t have supplies as well because he stretched himself too thin and did not know when to say no. It didn’t take too long for the fuel that ran the generator to run out as well. With no food to eat, no oil for the generator this man had put his family in the same exact situation that his neighbors had been facing before they came to him for help. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to help people. For some people this desire to help people comes more naturally than it does for others. But people have to be smart about who they help and how much help they give. They can not give the shirt off their back to help their neighbor if it means hurting their family in the process.

I know someone from high school who became more than just my friend a long time ago. If you’re friends with someone for a year or two maybe even five. Okay you’re friends, but when you’re friends for seven, eight, or even twenty years plus. It’s time to be honest with yourselves. You’re no longer friends. You’re family. That’s not a friend, it isn’t even a best friend anymore. That is your brother. At that point you probably know everything about each other that there is to know. He and I aren’t any different. We’re not friends anymore. We’re brothers. I had fallen on some hard times and I asked if I could move to where he and his own family were. He had always given me an open door invite. A couple years before I fell on hard times he and his family tried to get my family and me to move to where they were living because there was better opportunities where they lived. When he first tried to get my family and me to move there we had taken some time to think about it and politely declined his offer. At the time that he made his offer he was actually in a position to help us and so he opened his doors to us. A couple years later when I was ready to accept his offer my brother was not in a position where he could help me by letting me live with him and his family. It was not that he didn’t want to help me. If he could have then there is no doubt in my mind that he would have. He was helping another person who needed his help at that point in time. There wouldn’t have been enough room for all of us to live there. He has a family of six. On top of his six the people he was helping at the time was a family of four which meant there were ten people living there at one time. I would have been number eleven. With ten people in his home it was a tight place. It would have been even harder with eleven of us, especially when I didnt a job and would have been one more mouth consuming their food for a period of time. Instead of taking me in my brother helped me financially a little bit and he gave me some advice. The difference between my brother and the man above is that one of them was smart enough not to sacrifice his own family in the name of helping another.

There are times in life why we find ourselves wondering about the actions of people who have done something bad, but we normally consider them to be a good person. It’s even harder when that person is ourselves. Thinking upon these actions whether they are our own actions or the actions of someone else we will never really be able to find the answer within. Instead it is the problem that lies inside each and everyone of us. When we give in to things such as temptation we really have no one else to blame but ourselves. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ taught us that from within the hearts of man is what defiles a man. A fable comes to mind. As we all know scorpions are not an animal that can swim. One day a scorpion found a rather naieve tortoise and asked if he could take him to the other side of the river. The tortoise was wise at first and told the scorpion that it would sting him while he swam and he would drown. The scorpion laughed at this and pointed out that there was no logic to this fear, because if he did sting the tortoise then he would go down with him and they would both drown. After thinking about it the tortoise felt that there was no reason to fear the scorpion and agreed to give the scorpion a ride to the other side. Half way across the river the scorpion aimed its powerful stinger and he did exactly what the tortoise was afraid he would do. As they both sank to the bottom inquired as to why the scorpion had done this horrible act and killed them both. The scorpion informed the tortoise that his actions had nothing to do with logic. It was just his nature.

As of eight days ago a large caravan of migrants started to make their way north to the United States.  The last count that I saw was some where near 1,350 people were doing this march. The trip started in a small city in the south of Mexico called Tapachula . Tapachula is located close to the Mexico Guatemala border. Their plan is to try and reach our borders to apply for asylum. I have no doubt that some of these people are good people that have fallen on hard times for various reasons that are not their fault. On top of wanting to actually be allowed in the United States as they apply for asylum these people feel that they have the right to make demands of the American people. Their demands include leaving our borders open, ending deportations that break up families, and the continuation of programs such as Temporary Protected Status. My question is who are these people or anyone for that matter who does not belong in the United States to make any demands upon the American people? Making a request is one thing, but these people are placing demands. Their very attempt at trying to place demands upon us in our own country shows a desire to conquer or at the very least take some of the control that Americans have over their own country away from us.

I have acknowledged that some of these people that are looking to invade our country may in fact be good people. But it’s time to be honest. History has shown us that some of these people are no better than that scorpion. We would have to be naieve to let ourselves believe that some of the people in this caravan may not have already tried to get into the United States at least once or that others in this caravan have succeeded at getting in the United States only to find themselves deported again. In this day and age being naieve is not a luxury that we as Americans can allow ourselves. We need to be blunt and honest. In doing so it is important for us to look at recent events that have dealt with illegal immigrants. One of the most dangerous street gangs in the United States today, the MS-13 was brought here through open borders and illegal immigrants make up a large number of its membership. They are an international crime organization that is active in the US, Canada, Mexico, and other countries around the world. This particular gang got its US roots in Los Angeles, but has since spread throughout North America. Although it got its US roots in Los Angeles, the gang was formed by Central American immigrants from El Salvador. It is made up of over 6,000 members in the United States alone. They have made their presence known in 46 of our 50 states as well as our nations capitol. The animals that make up this gang engage in crimes such as rape, murder, drugs just to list a few. 30,000 of its members are thought to operate in El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

This gang terrorizes small American towns that can not even fight back. The MS-13 has been found in small Colorado towns. One member that had been previously deported from the United States before he stabbed a woman with a screw driver and ran over her leg was 36 year old Angel Ramos. This poor innocent immigrant who just wanted a better life in the United States came to our country from El Salvador. His attack took place outside of the town of Hillrose which has a population of 236 people in it. Last November one North Virginia teenager who it was believed went missing because of the MS-13 had been found only for them to go missing again a second time. In another incident that took place in Virginia two adults and three 17 year olds were arrested for the brutal slaying of a 15 year old kid. It is believed that those who committed this crime were members of MS-13. Last October the bodies of two 16 year old boys and a 19 year old were found on Long Island bringing the list of suspected MS-13 victims to 25 in a two year time span. In other areas of the country, last March in New York thirteen members of MS-13 were facing charges for seven murders, racketeering, attempted murder, assault, obstruction of justice and arson. Two of their victims were not even old enough to vote as they were 15 year old Nisa Mickens and 16 year old Kayla Cuevas. These two girls who had their whole lives ahead of them and could have grown up to be anything their heart desired had their lives stolen from them by savage animals when they were beaten to death with baseball bats and a machete. Kayla had several encounters with various members of the MS-13 months prior to her slaying and then another one week before she was killed. Since September of 2016 over 125 MS-13 members have been arrested in New York.

One of two men charged with the July 2015 murder of Marilyn Pharis that took place in California was in the country illegally. 29 year old Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez was on probation for an offense that took place in May of 2014 against an unidentified woman while in possession of a methamphetamine. He had already violated his probation twice, once for drug possession and once for being in possession of a concealed knife, when he raped and murdered the 64 year old Air Force woman Marilyn Pharis. She had just finished an eight hour shift at the local Air Force base where she worked as a satellite tracker when Victor Ramirez and an accomplice broke into her home. Victor Ramirez and his accomplice 20 year old Jose Fernando Villagomez raped this military vet who served our country in order to keep other Americans safe. They strangled her. Then they beat her without mercy with a hammer until she was dead.

On June 15, 2017 in Gwinnett county, Georgia police arrested three Hispanic teenagers accused of raping a 23 year old mother in front of her own 4 year old son. The suspects were 19 year old Josue Aguilar Ramirez, 17 year old Franciso Palencia, and a 15 year old girl. All three faced charges of rape, kidnapping, cruelty to children, aggravated sodomy, and aggravated battery. The oldest was in the United States illegally. The 23 year old mother returned home around 3:00 a.m. with her two children on May 12 when she came across two armed men inside her kitchen. They were wearing black ski masks and black jackets. Each of them was armed with a taser stun gun. Initially she tried to fight back, but one of the men threw two pots of boiling hot water upon her causing burn injuries to her shoulder, neck, and arm. Even though she was badly burned she continued to try and fight the two men in an attempt to get back to her children which lead to one of the men shocking her with a taser . The two men dragged her to her bedroom and raped her after she complied to their demand for sex out of fear of what might be done to her children if she did not. Her 4 year old son followed her and her attackers into the bedroom where he was forced to watch as his mother was raped. The 15 year old female suspect that is charged with this crime drove the men to the womans apartment and stole some items from the victims residence.

Three illegal aliens from El Salvador were charged with gang raping three girls under the age of fourteen in Jasper County, Indiana back in April of 2016. 26 year old Edwin Marquina Valesquez , 20 year old Melvin Ramirez Morales, and 20 year old Yontan Ramirez Diaz picked up three young girls who were walking and took them to a motel in Jasper County. The young girls were forced to endure the horrific experience of being raped for several hours in the motel room. For one of the girls the sexual assault did not end at the motel room but continued when they were all back in the car. The police in both Jasper and White county worked together gathering forensic and video evidence. It took the police six hours to track down all three men after they began their investigation because they were in three different locations throughout the town.

Not counting the ones that have made recent headlines such as Kate Steinles killer, the illegal immigrants that California state Governor Jerry Brown recently pardoned, and the ICE raid that the Mayor of Oakland, California refused to cooperate in I have revealed several scorpions that have ridden back of this frog that we call the United States of America. How many more times is this frog supposed to get stung before we learn our lesson? At no time in this article have I stated that all illegal aliens who enter the United States are murderers, rapists, child molesters or worse. The reason for that is because they aren’t. Throughout the years I have known some that are really great people. But my brother has the right idea when it comes to helping people. Americans can want to save the world and make the world a better place all that they wish. At some point the desire to help others has to be balanced out by the wisdom to decide what is right for your own people and what you are capable of at any given point. I look at these cases above and in my heart I honestly do not feel that my brother would let people who he felt was capable of such horrific things as those mentioned above any where near his family. If he even thought there was the chance that someone could do these kind of things I feel he would try to keep them as far from his family as well as far from my own family as possible because that is the kind of man that he is. We take care of our own. It’s time for American’s to take better care of their own as well. Until real life starts to resemble an old Hollywood movie where the good guys wear white and the bad guys wear black we have got to tighten down on our borders and stop allowing new illegal immigrants to enter our country. Right now we can’t tell who is a good guy from who is a bad guy. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to tell that when looking at people. But here in America we have enough people to worry about without allowing 1,350 more to add themselves to the mix that are already here. To paraphrase an awesome Melvin Udall quote its time to tell these countries to go sell their immigrants some place else, we’re all stocked up here.

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