Love And Heartbreak Go To Work: An Attack At YouTube University

Written by: Alex Roberts

For many Americans, Tuesdays, are just another average work day at their predictable 9 to 5 job where they know what to expect. They wake up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, pick up breakfast on the way to work or enjoy breakfast at home with their family, and then they make their journey to their place of employment. In San Bruno, California this was not the case for employees who work at one of the most popular social media companies. In a situation where seconds count employees of YouTube University ran in fear for their lives as gunshots sounded from within the immediate area of the building. When each second that could have been the difference between life and death it took local police officers two minutes to respond, making their presence known at 12:48 p.m. PST. The FBI and Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire arms, and Explosives also responded when the first calls went out at 12:46 p.m. alerting 911 that immediate help was required. The first officers on site encountered a victim who had been fired upon at the front of the building. Within minutes of finding the first victim two more gunshot victims were found in another building that was close by. All 1,100 employees who work for YouTube University were directed to a nearby parking lot where they were kept safe by the presence of several police cars parked within their immediate vicinity.

Some employees did not realize what was happening at first. One employee mistook the gunshots that he had heard for balloons popping. Others found themselves distracted from their usual afternoon work by the sound of a fire alarm and people trying to escape the building. Alexander Uribe a worker inside the building stated that one of the women he saw was “running like hell.” It wasn’t too long after he saw this woman that he realized there was an active shooter in the immediate area of the building. As they found their way to safety employees of YouTube university took social media in an effort to limit the stress and worry that their families would have to endure because of the events going on.

According to his verified twitter account, Vadim Lavrusik , a product manager for YouTube university posted on twitter that he “heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Soon after he let it be known that he was barricaded in a room with some of his colleagues. Later on he would tweet that he had been safely evacuated. They headed toward the exit and saw more people before someone told him about an active shooter.

Another product manager named Todd Sherman thought it was an earthquake at first, because they could feel the floor rumbling as people ran by the room that he was having a meeting in. After he looked down and saw drips of blood on the floor and stairs everyone became a possible threat. The shooter could have been anybody.

While Uribe and a few other employees jumped a fence outside of YouTube university and headed toward a freeway before they knew the situation was under control, others hid in the woods or harbored at a mall. Near HQ a man embraced a woman whose chin had been wounded and bandaged. She was too “traumatized” to speak when asked questions in regard to the events that occurred at YouTube university.

29 year old Ricardo Luis Horna, who works as a development specialist for YouTube saw his colleagues falling as they ran down a hill when security evacuated the building. In an interview with NBC news Horna said, ” There was chaos in the parking lot. People were running to their cars.”

One Walmart employee who works at the Cherry Street location told NBC Bay Area that they had heard 15 shots fired from what sounded like inside a building that came from the direction of YouTube university. Personally, I am a little curious about this witness account that was given by the employee.

At the time of this writing it is not believed that there is reason to consider this an act of terrorism. Instead the local authorities are considering this an act that found its roots in a domestic disagreement. When the woman who was responsible for this horrific event could have hurt many more people it seems that this particular attack was targeted to specific people. It was confirmed by Zuckerberg hospital that they were treating three patients for gunshot wounds. A 36 year old man who at the time of this writing was listed as being in critical condition, a 32 year old woman in serious condition and a 27 year old woman who is in fair condition. Their names are unknown for the time being. Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of others receiving injuries while trying to escape the building. The 30 year old western European American woman responsible for this attack is believed to have approached an outdoor eating area and opened fire.

When events like what occurred today take place it may be hard to believe that no matter how bad it was, it could have been worse. There will be the usual questions of faith. Why me? Where was God in all this? The truth is God was at YouTube university today. It was by the mercy of our Lord and Savior above that instead of sitting here sharing that multiple people died in todays events there was only one death. That death belongs to the woman who is believed to be responsible for making today a nightmare for so many others. Any day that an event like this has to happen if the shooter is the only death to report, that day is a good day. Now it’s time for the survivors of todays events to heal and the rest of America to move forward. God gave so many people a second chance today even if others do not realize it. I personally hope that they take advantage of this second chance and make the most out of the life that God has allowed them to have.


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