April 2018

Yes, You Can Praise Presidents You Don’t Always Agree With

I know many conservatives felt they were belittled and put down by him, but I think that what he was trying to do was help them to see what it’s like to see how other Americans see the world. Different races, different cultures, and different faith outlooks.

He was truly looking out for all Americans, even the ones that didn’t want to see it. 

Gallus Vult! A Day of Warning

So please! Share my story! Let the world know of the danger of the Fried Chicken Empire! Don’t let another sweet innocent victim fall prey to the wiles of Christian comfort food!

It may already be too late. I heard recently they infiltrated New York City, the last bastion of the cultural elite & the woke. If that’s true, we are all doomed. For it NYC falls to the chicken cult, what chance does the rest of dumb backwards America have?

Fascist is as Fascist does: Why the Left are the Real Fascists

Pointing to one’s political rivals and calling them Fascist or Nazi is the lowest form of political rhetoric, regardless who does it. But given the history of Fascism and how easily the 14 points the Left loves to trot out can be connected to the Left, maybe the Left should exercise a little more discretion when casting aspersion on the Right? Something about throwing stones in glass houses?

After all: Fascist is as Fascist does.