Check, Not Check Mate. The Move Is Ours To Make.

Alex Roberts

I don’t know too many people who didn’t look forward to a visit from their grandparents when they were younger. Either we would go over to their place for a couple days or weeks at a time or they would come to ours, but there was a time in our lives growing up when I think almost everybody got excited over the idea of seeing their grandparents. For most of us the following was always associated with seeing our grandparents. Toys from the dollar store, candy, our parents being corrected for getting onto us as they were reminded that they used to do the same thing when they were our age. Most grandparents that I know of love to spoil their grandchildren. I know for me personally there were two things that I used to really look forward to as a kid. The first thing I used to look forward to was the sound of eggs and bacon being cooked in the morning by my grandma Alice. She used to go bed after us kids did and some how no matter how late at night she went to bed herself she was always up before us fixing eggs in the morning. Almost every morning when I woke up she was already in the kitchen fixing breakfast or she had just gotten done putting eggs on the table. Eggs, bacon, buttermilk biscuits, a nice glass of milk to wash it down. Mmmm, even after all these years it still sounds delicious. The other thing that I used to really enjoy was my grandfather. He always did this sleight of hand trick. He would ask one of us kids what was behind our ear and insist that we had something behind our ear. When we would check ourselves some how we never saw it or felt it. Even though we ourselves could never find it my grandfather always managed to find a quarter behind our ear. There was one morning when my grandfather must have found something close to ten different quarters behind my ear. The only thing that would have been better than him finding a quarter behind our ears would have been if he had been finding hundred dollar bills. I could have had a thousand dollars grow out of my head that morning of the ten quarters.

Tricks and deceit when its not done with maliciousness can be something that we find a lot of entertainment in being the victim of. A friend of mine named Will had another trick that confused people. He would hold three or four sticks in his right hand and with his left hand he would put three fingers down upon the table in front of him. He would drop the sticks on the table and just let them land randomly then ask those of us who surrounded the table what number was on the table. We were all watching the sticks trying to figure out what number was on the table, because he insisted that there would always be a number on a table. When we saw how the sticks would land sometimes we would answer seven, four. The first time that we said seven he would say no and he would scoop up the sticks again. While we were all watching the sticks in his hand his fingers upon the table would go from three to two. He would drop the sticks on the table and once again we were all focused on those sticks trying to see what number the sticks formed. The thing is he never said that the sticks would form a number we only assumed that they would. He only wanted to know the number that was displayed upon the table. It wasn’t the sticks that we should have been watching. Instead of watching the sticks we should have been paying more attention to the hand that never left the table, because then we would have realized what he had been doing before he explained his trick to us.

There are other times when being deceived and tricked are not so much fun for those that it happens to. Such events lead to great success, but they still weren’t entertaining to those who fell victim to these events. One of the greatest deceptions and tricks that have ever taken place happend in a boxing event. The night was October 29, 1974. The location was 20th of May Stadium in Kinshasa, Zaire. There was almost nobody who believed that a 32 year old former world champion who was determined to correct history and become world champion again had a chance against a 25 year old world champion who had already destroyed the only two men who had ever beaten the 32 year old at that point in time. The participants? The challenger was Muhammad Ali and his opponent this night was the defending world heavyweight champion George Foreman. At the start of the first round Ali came out as the aggressor and caught Foreman by surprise as he was able to punch Foreman several times in the head. Although successful at striking Foreman Ali’s blows had little to no effect on the big man. By the end of the first round Foreman had caught up with Ali and was able to land some damaging shots of his own as he was trained in how to cut off the ring. It did not take Ali long to realize that he would tire if he kept having to take two steps for every one that Foreman took so he had to change tactics. Muhammad Ali assured his trainer and his fans that he had a secret plan for Foreman, but he never told anyone what that plan was.

Toward the end of the second round Ali put his plan into motion. He allowed Foreman to become the aggressor. He would lean back against the ropes allowing Foreman to beat on him by striking his arms and body. As a result of Ali’s plan Foreman would spend his energy throwing haymaker punches that either did not connect with Ali or were easily deflected by him making it difficult for Foreman to strike Ali’s head. Throwing punches that weren’t connected or were easily being deflected was robbing Foreman of his strength. This was the key to Muhammad Ali’s strategy that we know today as the rope a dope. In response to the punches that were being thrown by Foreman, Muhammad Ali seized every opportunity that presented itself for him to catch Foreman with a straight punch to the face. Whenever the two fighters found themselves in a clinch Muhammad Ali would make Foreman carry his weight by leaning against him. While in these clinches Muhammad Ali was able to get inside the champions head by telling him to throw more punches. An enraged Foreman was did just that and further tired himself out.

Foreman began to tire after several rounds of this. His face was damaged by several hard fast jabs and crosses that had connected throughout the rounds that had passed. The success of Ali’s plan started to become visible in the fourth and fifth rounds when Foreman found himself staggered by combinations that Ali connected on him. Even though he kept throwing haymaker punches trying to take Ali out after the fifth round it had become apparent that Foreman was getting tired. Ali continued to taunt Foreman this time by calling out to him “They told me you could punch, George!” and “They told me you could punch as hard as Joe Louis.” Even though he was getting worn out Foreman was still confident that this was just going to be one more knock out until the seventh round when he connected a hard hit to Ali’s jaw. It was at this point that Ali held him in a clinch and said, ‘That all you got, George?’ At this point Foreman was hit with the knowledge that Muhammad Ali was unlike any fighter he had ever been in the ring with up to that point. In the eighth round Foreman was so tired and worn out that he could not defend himself against Muhammad Ali’s attack as Ali pounced on him. With just two seconds left in the eighth round the referee exercised his judgment for Foreman’s best interest and stopped the fight even though Foreman had managed to get back on his feet by the count of 9. It should be noted that even if the referee had not chosen to stop the fight Muhammad Ali was ahead on all three of the judges score cards that sat outside the ring. Years later the two became the best of friends according to George Foreman who said that there was nobody in this world he felt closer to, but for a long time he carried a hate and anger that away at him and wanted a chance to avenge his loss to Ali.

The night that Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman for the title he revealed himself to be one of the greatest performers that the world had ever known as he had switched in mid fight from his normal dodge and weave style to the rope a dope. There have been other performers in various other areas of life that were something really special to watch. As great a strategist and performer as Muhammad Ali was and as a great a magician as Harry Houdini may have been when compared to the liberals these two were complete amateurs. The democrats are the grand masters of trickery. The only one who is a greater trickster than the liberals could ever be is Satan himself whose greatest trick was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. They are always trying to make sure that we look the other way instead of putting the spot light on their criminal behaviors connected to Russiagate, FISAgate, Weinergate, and Hillary stealing the democrat nomination. They know that they do this, but they would never admit their guilt to it so if you’re waiting for a signed confession you have a better chance at seeing a second flood that could resemble the flood that Noah saw. It has taken me a while to reach this conclusion, but after some careful thought I have come to the idea that what happend in Parkland, Florida was just a continuation of their attempts at deceiving the American people. What better way to distract us from what they’re really trying to do than to shoot up a bunch of children in a high school?

I am not saying that what happend in Parkland, Florida on February 14 didn’t really happen but lets take a serious look at some of the facts regarding what has happend before that horrifying event and since it. Nikolas Cruz was not some unknown that local law enforcement and the FBI had not heard of before February 14, 2018. The FBI had received tips all the way back in September of 2017 about a possible school shooting. Nikolas Cruz made his desire to be a professional school shooter known on YouTube when he posted on a video that Ben Bennight had placed on YouTube. There is some disagreement on how many times the FBI had been warned about Nikolas Cruz whether it had been once or twice. Regardless of the number of times they had been notified about him it does not change that people had reached out to the FBI and told them about this kid. The only response to a tip being given to them about the future school shooter was a visit to Ben Bennights office.

This is the same group that just a couple weeks before the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had been implicated in the Nunes memo that Trump had approved the release of. The same memo that stated FBI Director Andrew McCabe admitted that a surveillance warrant would not have been sought on a Trump campaign aide if it had not been for a disputed dossier on Trump and Russia. This dossier originally started as DNC or at the very least DNC supporter research on Donald Trump. The firm that did the research on Trump was in the UK.

Why did the FBI ignore the tips regarding Nikolas Cruz? It isn’t rocket science to understand this. One of President Trumps favorite vacation spots is located in Florida. You may have heard of the Mar-a-Lago club. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is less than a two hour drive away from the place. It is also located in a well known liberal county. They may or may not have known when Nikolas Cruz was going to do the school shooting, but they did know that the potential for him to do this was there and that if used right it could be capitalized on. This incident could not have happend at a better time for the FBI or the democratic party of the United States. Timing is everything. Since this shooting took place there has been almost no mention at all about the memo that was released exposing the DNC and FBI for their criminal behaviors. Instead almost everything that has been on the news has been in regards to the events of February 14, 2018 placing the nunes memo either at the very back of everybody’s minds or better yet completely out of the minds of America all together.

This is the kind of event that the higher ups in the democratic party have been wanting to happen for a long time. Ever since the Obama administration first took over the United States school shootings have increased in number and how frequently they occur. It was as though America has been strapped down to a table and each time there was a school shooting was a drop of water hitting us square in the forehead between our eyes. Every time there was a school shooting it ate away at our sense of safety more and more. Our sense of safety was never as strong as it was the time before, because before we had a chance to recover from the last school shooting another one was taking place. Recent events are proof of this. How much time passed in between what happend at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and what occurred in Dalton GA? Let’s not forget the liberal teacher who openly spoke against the idea of arming teachers in schools and then took a fire arm to school himself. This left a stronger sense of fear in the hearts of parents all across the country who are genuinely worried about the safety of their children. It was understood that if America could be scared badly enough that there would be a large group of American citizens who were more than happy to give up their fire arms while demanding that others do the same.

I am not saying that seventeen people did not really get killed in Parkland, Florida. I have no doubt that they did. I am saying that seventeen people were sacrificed in Florida for a higher power. You will not find this higher power in a church or represented upon a cross. I am not even going to say that you would find this higher power in some occult beliefs. The higher power that these kids were sacrificed to and every kid who has died in a school shooting before this one is the power of political agenda. Within one month of that horrible day in February the first demonstration took place when they held the national walk out.  On March 14 at 10:00 a.m. in every time zone across the United States students across the country walked out of their classes for seventeen minutes. This demonstration was not done just to honor the memory of those who were killed a month earlier. Although schools are supposed to be a place that politics are kept out of since the children who attend these schools come from various backgrounds these demonstrations on March 14, 2014 were very much politically motivated. The liberals were using our children that day to try and make three demands. Those demands were the ban of assault rifles, universal background checks on everyone who wishes to purchase a fire arm, and the passing of a gun violence restraining order which allows people who show signs of violent behavior to have their fire arms taken away. Ten days later the march for our lives held their own events in various parts of the country.

Am I trying to state that the events that occurred on February 14, 2018 are completely political? You are damn right I am. Let me state this. This being political is the only thing that could possibly explain the reason why people who have spoken against the political agenda or done actions on their own personal time that do not go along with the political agenda have been treated the way that they have. In California a teacher named Julianne Benz found herself suspended with pay after she dared to question the national walk out and ask her students if they thought that the rights of students who wished to protest other issues would be recognized. In New Jersey two boys found themselves suspended from school for five days when photos of them at a gun range with their family outside of school hours drew attention from school administration turned up on social media. Thankfully others stepped in and an attorney forced the school district in New Jersey to change the writing of their rule since it violated the second amendment rights of every American citizen. Not only does the way that those who would dare to question the agenda being treated prove that this is purely political, but so does the way those who are pushing the agenda gets treated. While those who exercise Recently it was exposed that David Hogg was allowed to lie blatantly on CNN and was never corrected for it. Do you really believe that someone speaking against the agenda would have been allowed to lie like he did?

In all honesty the marches don’t worry me too much. At the end of the day no matter what side of the line you fall on all rallies are is a large group of people who spent their hard earned money to gather at a location and speak really loud while carrying signs. Power is not found in marches. Marches are an excuse for people to make a public fool of themselves and sometimes be disrespectful. Power is found in the power of the vote. People who feel that we elect leaders do not begin to grasp the democratic purpose. It isn’t leaders who we elect. We elect representatives that we feel best represent our own beliefs and values. If we don’t like how we are being represented instead of wasting our time, money, and energy on rallies our money and energy would be better spent invested on those who we feel would better represent us. If there isn’t someone who you feel would better represent your interest then we have the option of trying to start up a political movement of our own and getting elected so that we can represent ourselves and others like us.

Do you know what I enjoy about the current situation? It’s like one big chess game. In chess you have to be strategic about what moves you make while tricking your opponent so that they do not see your ultimate plan. I have clearly demonstrated that trickery can be fun and dangerous sometimes. This time it’s not a game. The board of our lives as Americans was set a long time ago. Each side has moved various pieces on the board. When they moved Hillary to the board, America moved Trump. After we took their Hillary they tried to move forward with election tampering by the Russians. We took that piece as well. Our Trump is still on the board. They came forward with school shootings then moved in with their second and first amendment. America has found itself in check. The move is yours to make. What move will you make?

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