March Madness Hits The Nation

Large masses of people gather once more to show support for their teams as they take part in March madness. There are a large number of people who will get to see the events of March madness up close and personal while others are stuck at home watching it on the news or reading about it. Two teams battling each other tooth and nail in opposition. On one side we have the blue team while on the other we have the red team. The blue team are lead by their very own SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS!!!!!! The blue team seems in favor of disregarding the Constituion while imposing upon the rights of Americans. On the other side we have the red team. The red team are lead by our very own loyal AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!! who are strong supporters of American rights. In basketball March madness is usually just about basketball, but in this March madness there are a couple different events. Both sides no doubt have their agendas and this is a very important time in history for the United States because these events will set the tone for how we as a nation move forward. Now all we need is our very own lovely Stefanie MacWilliams to sing the national anthem for the United States. If Stefanie MacWilliams were to actually do this I am sure that unlike when Fergie performed it she would stick to a more traditional approach and treat it with the respect and honor that it deserves. We would all give her a standing ovation when it was done in appreciation of her musical talent. Then the man that we know as Halsey English would have to come out and do his very best Michael Buffer impression as he called out LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!



Representing the blue team hundreds of thousands of people marched into our nations capital Washington D.C. and across our country demanding that we be given tougher gun control laws.  Students arranged this demonstration after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting that occurred last month in Parkland, Florida. Students are frustrated with the current situation, because they feel that adults and politicians really have not done anything in order to protect them from gun violence. It is their goal to try and create enough pressure and momentum that it will cause change when the mid term election comes up later on in the year.

The poster boy for such demonstrations David Hogg had the following to say when he spoke to Weekend Edition Saturday, ” I think it’s something that if any politician pushed in general, they would really have an easy time getting re-elected because they would be, they would show that they’re practicing what they preach and are trying to be leaders in their own right, but right now I think in Washington, we’re not seeing that.”

Although the march did not begin until noon protestors started showing up early Saturday morning. Organizers of this particular march expected over 500,000 people but it should be noted that this was just one march of many that took place across the nation. In our capital the large group of people that demonstrated called out chants such as ” vote them out.” Speakers of the event ranged in age from elementary school age children all the way up to survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting. Martin Luthor King’s granddaughter also put in an appearance. Attendees of this demonstration were treated to performances by Arianna Grande, Jennifer Hudson, and Miley Cyrus. It seems that the leftist and SJWs that lead the blue team were really trying to pull out all the stops with this one.

Student speakers used this demonstration to call for a ban on assault weapons, limits on high capacity magazines, as well as universal background checks. They also have tried to motivate younger people to register and vote. A survivor of the Parkland shooting Cameron Kasky feels that politicians either represent the people or they can’t stand for the people. Politicians have been warned that if they choose not to side with the people to beware the midterm elections, because voters will let their voices be heard with how they vote.

The event in Washington D.C. closed out with Emma Gonzalez another of the main faces of the Parkland shooting incident giving a speech where she mentioned all 17 names of the people who were killed last month. After giving mention to all of the victims of the school shooting that she survived she stood in silence for six minutes in recognition of the time that it took the shooter Nikolas Cruz to kill all 17 people.

Other students who participated in yesterdays demonstration in Washington D.C. came from as far away as Los Angeles, California. While Edna Chavez a 17 year old who lost her brother to gun violence was at the D.C. demonstration back in her home town there was another demonstration taking place. Thousands gathered in downtown LA and marched from Pershing Square to. Mayor Garcetti played to his voters as he laid out LA’s bans on assault rifles and gun control measures as an example that he hopes federal legislators will follow. While the demonstration in LA did not have musical stars as big as Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus it did have stars like Amy Schumer in attendance.

Meanwhile, demonstrators in Chicago aimed their attention else where. Activist Amina Henderson made it known that Chicago’s youth stood in solidarity with the survivors of the Parkland shooting, but they felt that there needed to be more than just tighter gun control. There needed to be steps taken to prevent these kind of things from happening as the youth of Chicago live in a city that is largely infected by such events.

On Friday The President tweeted in favor of the Justice Departments plan to ban bump stocks, a device that allows semi automatic weapons to fire like machine guns.

While he has not spoken of the demonstrations that occurred yesterday at the present time it should be noted that President Trump has taken the time to meet with students and discuss the topic of gun violence that has been taking place in our schools. He heard their ideas and floated out some of his own when he mentioned the possibility of raising the minimium age for gun ownership from 18 to 21 and tightening background checks. As someone who was in a military program when I was in high school and had friends who went on from that program to join the military right after high school I am going to make my personal disagreement with the raising of age from 18 to 21 known. If this were a law that affected civilians only I could see myself being neutral upon it to possibly even favoring it. However, with that in mind I have always had the belief that if someone is old enough to die for our country then they should be considered old enough to enjoy every other freedom that comes with being an American. I can not support the idea that it is okay for us to send people off to die for freedoms that they themselves are not allowed to partake in.

Team red who is lead by American patriots that are in favor of the second amendment did not allow these demonstrations to go unanswered and made sure that their voices were also heard. Thousands of people nation wide marched in defense of the second amendment. 18 year old Dallas Johnson of Salt Lake City Utah was one of many as he held a pole with a giant flag above him that showed a rifle. Along with the rifle upon that flag there was a message that read “come and take it.” In an effort to counter the numbers that the left has raised since the Parkland, Florida shooting supporters of the second amendment gathered at state capitals and in city centers. They made it known that the survivors of the Parkland school shooting have it wrong and that they feel we need more guns not fewer. A sign at a demonstration in Salt Lake City read “what can we do to stop mass shootings? SHOOT BACK”.

The protest for gun rights started out with the singing of our national anthem, a prayer, and shouts of “long live freedom!” One protestor a 46 year old man named Brian McKee stood with his daughter next to him as he had a fire arm on his belt. He felt that with everything that those who are in favor of tighter gun control laws have been doing it was time for those who support the second amendment to stand up and make themselves known before they have their rights taken away. He had a very logical reason for why he always carries his fire arm as he explained, “When emergencies happen, cops are minutes away when seconds count. I can’t depend on anybody else to defend me or my family.”

The march started down a wide avenue but there were issues with counter protestors almost immediately as 67 year old Linda Peer infiltrated the group and took to the front of the line carrying a sign calling for tighter gun control laws. As soon as her presence was known the pro gun group let their displeasure also be known as one man declared that she was not a true American. Others in the group chanted “shame on you” as she darted between protestors. The march came to a stop at the capitol where they encountered those in favor of gun control. A man in camouflage turned his attention to one woman of the gun control group as he told her that she didn’t even know what she was talking about and asked if she was from this country.

The counter protest was organized by co-owner of the Utah Gun Exchange Brian Melchior. He was inspired to organize this protest after he met with several young people who felt that those that were calling for stricter gun laws did not represent their own views. One of the many youth whose view goes unrepresented was 17 year old Cody Frandsen. He is a high school senior who wore a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. He expressed that he felt like an outsider among most of the people his age because a lot of the millennials lean toward the left. He and a friend of his named Logan Coffey are in favor of universal background checks, as well as mental health checks, and they feel that the government should know where every fire arm is. In regards to those who marched in Washington D.C. Mr Frandsen made it known that he does not agree with anything that they said.

In other areas of the country a mass group of those in support of the second amendment gathered in front of the state capitol in Helena Montana. Several of the children in attendance held cards that declared students in gun free zones were sitting ducks. Those who support the second amendment in Arizona marched through the streets of Phoenix with their rifles. There was some clashes between those who are in favor of the second amendment and whose who favor tighter gun control laws in Phoenix. Second amendment supporters gathered at the statehouse in Boston. A 62 year old retired construction worker named Paul Allen arranged the demonstrations in Boston. He described those who oppose the second amendment as sheep being spoon fed by liberal teachers. He had the following to say on the topic at hand, “They haven’t read the Constitution and they don’t know what it means.”

Second amendment supporters in Los Angeles stood in front of the Los Angeles Police Headquarters around mid day as they encountered protestors who were advocating for stricter gun control laws. While most of those who are in favor of stricter gun control ignored them those who do not favor tighter gun control laws held signs that read “Ban Jihad Not Guns” and “Guns will ensure our freedom.” Out of the group that favor stricter gun control laws a few dozen tried to intimidate those who stood in opposition to their beliefs as they gathered around. Only a thin line of yellow caution tape, a small number of police officers, and volunteers who said they were affiliated with the march separated the two factions from one another.

Both sides heckled each other as one man yelled,” How long have you been pro-mass shooter?”

This was met in return with another person yelling,” All lives matter! ”

A common feeling that was shared by those who are not willing to just surrender their gun rights was the need for armed teachers in the schools that our children go to. While nobody can say that there would not have been anyone killed in Parkland, Florida it is agreed that if the school officer in Florida had done his job then less people would have been killed. There are a lot of people who feel that making our schools gun free is not the answer to protecting our children, because criminals don’t follow the law.

The recent event that happend in Maryland is evidence of their feelings being valid and logical.  Blaine Gaskill a 34 year old St Mary’s County Sheriff’s Deputy exchanged gun fire with a student who shot two of his classmates. While it has not been confirmed whether it was Gaskills shot that killed the shooter or if he took his own life according to the Washington Post he would only be the second school resource officer who has ever gunned down an active shooter since Columbine. Either way it was Gaskills training and quick response that saved the lives of many others that day in Maryland.

March madness is really shaping up this year as in this past weekend alone there has been a lot of conflict between both teams. That’s the first half folks and now would be the time when some of the women from team red would come out on the floor and do a cheerleader presentation while people visit the concession stands. You gotta love those cheerleaders. It’ll be interesting to see how the second half turns out.


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