American Citizens of California Start Rebellion Against Disloyal Anti American Reich

There are approximately 326,136,948 people in the United States today. Out of that large number of men, women, and children that live in the United States there are 2,475,967 soldiers who are currently in the military. Despite having such a small military population in comparison to the population of the entire United States we have shown time and time again why we have one of the strongest militaries in the world. The United States was not always the 50 states that we know it as today. We started off as 13 colonies. In the year 1775 the estimated population of those thirteen colonies was 2,400,000. Out of that 2,400,000 that made up the population of the thirteen colonies as many as 150,000 men fought as part of the continental army. It should be noted that those 150,000 men did not serve all at the same time. At one time the biggest our active military was is 17,000 people. Throughout the years Americans have shown that we can do great things when a small number of us come together and unite. Such displays of strength by the American people inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national anthem The Star Spangled Banner during the war of 1812. History is repeating itself once more. A small group of Americans are once again starting a rebellion for the best interest of our country.

In October of 2017 California Governor Jerry Brown, spit upon the face of the federal law of our great country when he signed no less than 11 immigration bills protecting illegal aliens, including one bill that effectively made the state of California a sanctuary state. This decision has been supported by such people of power and influence as the infamous mayor of Oakland, California Libby Schaaf. Her name is easily recognized, because she is the woman who single handedly undermined a federal immigration raid this last February. It is believed that by taking to twitter and warning people about the ICE raid that would be taking place in Oakland she helped hundreds of illegals avoid being captured. Despite a large number of hardened criminals being caught in their raid and a warning by ICE officials that over a hundred more criminals may have escaped detection as a result of her tip off. Just recently a small town in California that most of America probably had not heard of did to Governor Jerry Brown what he did to the United States and spit in the face of California.

Another American revolutionary war has started in the state of California and it was a town with a population of 11,206 men, women, and children that took the first shot. On March 19, 2018 the town council of Los Alamitos voted 4 to 1 to opt out of Governor Jerry Browns state law that made California a sanctuary state.  With this vote the citizens of Los Alamitos have made their voices heard as they declared they are not Californians who live in America, but they are Americans who live in California. As any red blooded proud American should be with this vote they have proven that they are loyal to their country and their President first before they are loyal to their state. This display rejection of California’s sanctuary state law comes at a time when sanctuary states and cities find themselves under the intense scrutiny from President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and other federal officials. The people of Los Alamitos have explained their display of loyalty to the United States of America stating that California state law may be in direct conflict with federal law and the constitution. Honoring the law of the state would make it impossible for them to honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

For the last three years disloyal Americans who represent the Democratic party have spit upon the American flag and all it for through the process of voting. They have put the well being of illegal immigrants like the man who killed Kate Steinle ahead of the American people and their families by voting to completely disregard federal immigration laws. Those who support these disloyal unamericans of the left that have spit in the face of America tried to do what they could to prevent the rebellion that has started in Los Alamitos. In similar fashion to the Nazi’s surrounding the Reichstag on the night that Hitler finally came to complete power in Germany, anti American pro illegal groups along with left wing religious figures, weak minded college students who have been taken over by leftist mentalities, and members of the ACLU swarmed the plaza. Their attempts at intimidation proved to be unsuccessful as the full force of the Los Alamitos police department stood vigilant making sure that there would be no deterring the events taking place inside.

After other city business had been discussed Councilman Kusumoto explained his reasoning for this proposal. There had been a time when he hoped that SB54 would not pass, but now such hope seemed naieve. It had been made clear that disloyal un-American power hungry democrats were hell bent on running for state offices and federal offices based on defying President Trump. The SB 54 makes things more difficult for law enforcement and business owners. If patriotic American business owners were to comply with ICE for a business audit, then the traitorous State Attorney General would punish those who were loyal to their country with fines and prosecution. Those who advocated on the side of Mayor Kusumoto placed most of their emphasis upon public safety and the law of the land. Genevieve Peters of Sherman Oaks spoke of the American revolution and how our founding fathers rose against a government that held no respect for our rights. It may be interesting to know that councilman Kusumoto is an immigrant himself who became a legal US citizen after coming to our country by way of Hawaii.
The tyrannical Governor Jerry Brown and his unpatriotic disloyal followers will have their hands full it seems if they wish to hold onto their precious sanctuary state laws. Following the successful uprising in Los Alamitos there are several more cities that plan to follow their example. According to the Orange County Register all of Orange County may follow the example that Los Alamitos has set. As long as there are Americans inside the state of California who are willing to fight for our country and be loyal to our country over their state then we owe it to them to hold on to hope and be willing to assist them in their fight when necessary.

I am reminded of a quote from one of my favorite comedies. Many of you will recognize this quote, ” we don’t score until we score.” It is tempting to pull out the American flags and light off the fire works in celebration, but we need to keep things in perspective and remember that this is just one small victory for the side of those who are patriotic and loyal to America. Conflicts of a serious nature are not determined by a single victory but by a many victories. While this is progress in the right direction, it is progress that the people of these cities will have to fight for. As the citizens of Los Alamitos have those who support them, there are also those who would stand in their way. A teacher named Stephanie Tellez stated, ” that she does not want her students that have immigrant parents to be afraid that their parents are going to be deported and she doesn’t want her tax dollars to be spent on litigation.” She also told the council that this process does not make sense for such a small city. I would imagine that to many people back in the late 1700’s it did not make sense for one or two colonies to start to rise against the British either. But one or two grew and became thirteen. Thirteen colonies became fifty states.

The ACLU of Southern California and immigrant advocates are threatening to sue Los Alamitos. According to a staff attorney at the National Day Laborer Organizing Network named Emi MacLean state law is not a recommendation and the cities of California don’t have the option of opting out of state law. Aaron Caplan, a professor at the Loyola Law School in Los Angeles shared a concurring opinion when he said,” a city can adopt its own measures but should expect to defend them in court. They can’t opt out of state law and automatically win.”

While California may try to take Los Alamitos and other cities that rise against it to court Governor Jerry Brown may want to keep his eye on the ball and be wary of the United States taking California to court. The actions that his state has taken nullified federal law when it comes to illegal immigrants by declaring itself a sanctuary state. Legal precedent sits on the side of the United States in this matter which gives Los Alamitos and other cities a better than average chance of winning even if they were to lose their individual battles in court. Nullification of federal law is only a legal theory at best for the time being. Courts at both the state levels and federal levels as well as the supreme court itself have rejected the theory of nullification repeated throughout history. It has been agreed upon by the courts more than once that under the supremacy clause of the constitution federal laws are superior to state law. Under article III of the constitution only the federal judiciary has the final power to interpret the constitution. What this means is that only the federal courts can make final decisions about federal laws not the state of California. It also means that California does not have the power to dismiss federal law, which places the state of California in direct violation of our legal system making Governor Jerry Brown and his followers no different than any other criminal who would break the law.

The combined efforts of loyal patriots who live in and out of California may allow the state to see blue skies once more. Lets look forward to the day when we can Make California Great Again.

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