Are White People to Blame for Their Problems?

I do not fancy myself an ultimate expert on culture; however, I do generally know whence western culture came. It is no secret; shit, I even wrote a book about it! Western culture is white culture, by and large, as evidenced by the fact that every first-world culture, save South Korea and Japan, is a white-majority culture.

Western culture is the best culture in this planet’s existence, in terms of fairness and wealth and standard of living. Though it is also the most cucked culture of all time.

While white people might know how to work together enough to create great cultures, we also have a dangerous flaw in our DNA: We have suicidal levels of altruism. We let people walk all over us.

What do I mean by this?

Well, whether you want to call it white genocide or just nonwhites acting in an anti-white fashion, it is objective reality that we have a thick strain of “kill the boer” in western society; and while it might not be as bad or as literal as in South Africa, it still does exist, and many people—most of whom are ironically actually white themselves—want “whiteness” to go away. They want white people to go extinct. They take pride in the “browning” of the west.

But how did it all happen?

There are many nuanced discussions which could be had about it. There are many people who just LARP as Hitler who will scream “The Jews!” and name them the villain. There are some who like to suggest that it’s the fault of Satan worship, the atheists did it, and we all just need to return to the glorious days of Jesus.

For me, I can’t help but to laugh at all of that. Why? Because in their push to kick the can of blame over into someone else’s yard, they are doing exactly what has allowed the anti-white invaders to take root in our culture. They are ignoring the problem, looking for boogeymen to blame, and refusing to take responsibility.

Read that last part again: Refusing to take responsibility.

I know I get called a “race traitor” for it, and a sperg, and all sorts of names; f*ck, I’ve even had my life threatened for this stance. But I’m just being honest. The fall of western civilization is the fault of white people!

Two points:

  1. You cannot escape this inevitability. If white people created this culture, then white people are responsible for safeguarding this culture.
  2. You also cannot have it both ways. You cannot contend that white people are the best people and the best at cultures while ignoring the fact that white people are the ones who allowed this.

If you build something, are you not responsible for it? You build a house. You build it for security for your family. Do you not put locks on the doors? Is it not your responsibility to keep intruders out? If not, whose responsibility is it?

White people today, particularly the alt-right, want to have it both ways. They want to say that white people created these cultures, which is correct, while also saying that white people are entitled to these cultures. Yet when you tell them it’s white people who allowed this mess to happen, they scream “race traitor” and “anti-white” at you, refusing to accept any of the responsibility.

Of course, it’s this “we’ll let someone else take the blame” attitude that fostered the anti-whiteness we see in our societies today. These people, and previous generations, have been saying, “We’ll let someone else deal with it” for years and years, not paying attention to the state of the west.

Now look.

One of their favorite things to do is simply to blame blacks, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, etc – basically anyone who isn’t white gets the blame as some nefarious villain that, overnight, just wound up in these nations. Not like they were invited in by white people. No! Never that. It’s everyone’s fault but whites! White people are the poor victims.

White people dindu nuffin!

These “superior” white people act as if the same races they call dumb, inferior and too violent to build a culture similar to the west just somehow sprouted the intelligence to mount a generations-long coup via infiltration. It reminds me of moronic Bush-hating liberals who called the guy the dumbest president in history yet claimed he masterminded 9/11…

It was white people who allowed this creeping disease to infect so wholly the depths of our culture, to the point where nonwhite crime and debauchery is basically legalized, all at the expense of white people.

And don’t get me wrong; I know that many nonwhites hate white people, and they feel they’re justified for it.

One of the biggest justifications that nonwhites use to be anti-white is that white people are evil, conquering oppressors who only care about whites and who are inherently racist – even born that way with racism infesting their DNA.

How racist were white people? How racist are white people?

White people were so racist, in fact, that we never actually gave a shit about racial identity. While blacks stuck together as “black,” whether from Sudan, Somalia or Nigeria, whites identified not as white but rather as Irish or German or Polish or Norwegian. In fact, some would take it further away from race than that; some would identify not only as their nation but even religion, i.e. “I’m Irish Protestant.” While other races found solidarity, if only because they were in white-majority nations, white people have never given one single f*ck about being “white.”

Until now.

And now may be too late.

It is odd to me to see white people standing up now and pretending that “white” is this vital racial group that needs to be preserved. And it’s not that I disagree with that, mind you; if whites go, the west turns into Haiti or worse! That’s a fact. Rather, it’s that I shout at these people, “Where the f*ck have you been for the past fifty years!?”

These white people who want to play saviors today have been playing Grand Theft Auto and fiddling with their iOS gadgets and twiddling their thumbs while other races and Marxists in general have been waging war against us for at least two generations. And these white people today want to f*cking act like they’re level-9000 woke and ready for the war? Bitch, please. We as white people allowed this to happen, every step of the way, and now we think the problem can be the solution?

Maybe white people deserve to go extinct.

Maybe white people have lost their right to be the wardens of the west.

After all, what sort of we’re-so-superior supposed guardians of the best culture the world has ever known would fall asleep at the wheel for so many years and allow this infestation to proliferate and metastasize to the point white governments will imprison people for jokes but not even investigate the rapes of thousands of young white girls at the hands of Arab Muslims?

How much faith should we actually have that white people can now, suddenly, with wringing hands and pitchforks, take back the very nations they willingly gave away to foreign invaders?

I would personally love it if all whites rose up against the anti-white forces which have invaded the west. I just don’t (a) expect that it will happen, or (b) expect that it will be enough if it does.

At least not on its own. Half of all of these supposedly superior whites are Marxists. What the actual f*ck do you propose we do about that, alt-right?

I hope white people stand up and fight. I really do! I don’t want the west to become f*cking Somalia or Pakistan. I really don’t! But the point I’m making is that it’s a hard sell to believe that white people alone, as the alt-right would have it via their ethnostate, are enough to fight this problem, because white people alone are the ones who allowed this shit to happen in the first place.

We need all the allies we can get! There are millions of black, Hispanic and Asian people who are “woke.” Millions who are right-wing, Trump-supporting patriots who love western culture. Yet the alt-right want to oust these people via their odd—and oddly already happening—purity tests. They want an all-white world in which to live, because somehow they honestly believe that whites are blameless victims and not that whites allowed this disease to spread.

For this article, I will be called a race traitor. It’s inevitable. Because I point out a simple logical constant which must exist with B proceeding A, I’ll be called anti-white. Because I don’t want to throw out 40% of Americans yet use who we can to fight back, I’ll be called some n*gger-loving sperg, by people who say calling them “racist” is just a straw-man and a smear. (You can’t make this shit up.)

But this is just where I stand on the issue. I want to save western culture. I want to preserve the white race. I’ll say the 14 words. But what I don’t want, because it won’t work, is to pretend that a few percentage points of white people, who want to throw everyone else out like trash, can reverse the very problem they themselves allowed to happen.

No. I’m not a stupid f*cker who thinks LARPing as Hitler is a remedy for our issues.

And if you are, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

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