Knowledge Is Power. And It Gets Abused.


Knowledge is power. This is a statement that I learnt back in my school days. Knowledge is power. Think about that a minute. To some people this means that the more we learn the more powerful we become. This is a rather naieve look at this statement. What group of people would ever want to just willingly give away their power over you so that you and others like you could become strong minded and more independent with your thinking? Don’t feel too bad for being naieve. I was once like you and thought that others would want to share their power. In a perfect world where everybody was honest this would be the case. We don’t live in a perfect world. This world isn’t going to be a perfect place again for a long time. Until that time comes we live in this world. In this world knowledge is power and with power comes greed for more power and control. Any leader worth their weight in gold knows that if you control the knowledge that others receive and how it is presented, then you control them. It becomes easy to manipulate them like a pawn on a chess board. Did you think that I would refer to you as a more important piece on the chess board? No you’re not a rook or a knight. Don’t think so highly of yourself. You’re a pawn. With the right word here and the wrong word there it becomes easy for those who hold the power to decide what you are going to feel or think and you don’t even know it.

By controlling what you feel and think they are able to maneuver you along the chess board of life even from a distance. It would be nice if we could keep ourselves from giving away that power to others, but that would just be more of that naieve mentality again. We can’t afford to be naieve when it comes to power, especially power over us. Every day we give people this power over us. When you talk to a friend about a topic you are more likely to believe your friend who is in good standing with you over someone who you don’t even know. That is natural. That is power. Power that you give your friend over your mind and faith, because you are having to put faith in them to be honest with you while you decide to trust them. I have always felt that there are three sides to every story. Side A’s story. Side B’s story. The truth. Side A and B would want to make themselves look good in the eyes of another or if they were in a debate they would want to make their side, their agenda look good over the other sides. This is human nature. This is normal. This is the way that the world works. Sometimes to further their agenda side A or B will deliberately target each other. Things happen in this world every day. No matter who we are we can’t be every where at any given moment of the day. We can’t be in Austin, Texas where there has been numerous bomb attacks while we are in the north east states of the United States preparing for yet one more nor’easter. You can’t be at your office in Springfield, Missouri while you are in Las Vegas, Nevada at a casino gambling your money away. Even in the world of the internet it just can not be done. We can only be where we are at any given moment in time. Our lack of omnipotent abilities leaves us vulnerable to the knowledge and words of others.

Often times we have to hear something on the radio or on television, or we have to wait until we read it on the internet or the newspaper. The article that you find yourself reading right now is a perfect example of what I am referring to. You didn’t know of its existence until you came across it on your computer or your phone just now when you decided to have a look at . Now that you are reading it you have opened that door to your mind which gives me some sort of power. I either have the power to make you angry and turn you against us or if I do my job well enough I have the power to convince you that what I am saying is the truth and make you see things my way. Thank you for that power by the way. That’s very gracious of you. If you were to tweet about this article you would then be exercising the power over others. You may cause someone to stop and think that they would really like to see this article. You may also cause someone to think that I’m a real racist asshole. It all depends upon the spin that you wish to put on things. Do you know who holds power? The all seeing one eye King in the land of the blind. Behind every great King there has to be great King makers. Those great King makers often times are more powerful than the King themselves, because they can influence who will or will not be the new King.

The King makers influence who will become King through the distribution of knowledge. Who is your King maker? Is it CNN? Is it Fox news? Is it Marc Fisher and the Washington Post? Maybe it’s Halsey English, Stefanie MacWilliams, or myself. I’m not going to try to sell Halsey, Stefanie, or myself as your King maker and tell you why you should trust us over anyone us. I don’t wish to insult your intelligence that way and try to take away the freedom of that independent thought and decision making gives someone. At the end of the day the three of us are as human as you are. We have families. We eat, sleep, breathe, shit, bleed, put our pants on one leg at a time just like you do. What I will do is tell you the truth as I see it and let you make up your own mind as to whether or not you believe me. You have to decide whether or not I am a reliable source that you yourself can put your trust in to be honest with you. If for whatever reason you decide that I am not a reliable source then there are no hard feelings. You took the time to see what I had to say. I couldn’t ask for a more fair chance than that. I wish you luck in your selection of someone else you wish to put your faith in. Knowledge is power and you should be selective of who you give that power to. You should be as selective with who you give that power to as you hope your daughter will be with her virginity. By giving any of us that power just like your daughters first time you are letting us inside of you on a very intimate level. Since knowledge is power will you at the very least agree that it would be wise to know about the different sources of where your knowledge comes from?

The Washington Post was just one of the examples of a source of knowledge that I had used above. I have chosen the Washington Post, because it has a large following. It got its start just a little over 140 years ago on December 6, 1877. Located in the capital of the United States this newspaper has a particular interest in national politics. Their slogan is “Democracy dies in darkness.” This particular newspaper has a record for receiving six separate Pulitzers in 2008. A record that is only topped by the New York Times who received seven Pulitzers in a single year back in 2002. As a news organization they can take pride in the fact that several of their workers have received Nierman fellowships and the White House Press Association award. This newspaper is believed to have played a role in the resignation of Richard Nixon. In my personal opinion these numbers and awards could easily be impressive to someone who doesn’t know this particular news papers past.

In 1963, when President Lyndon Johnson spoke to his FBI director J Edgar Hoover about news papers Hoover informed him that he did not think very highly of the Washington Post. His statement is actually believed to be the following, “I don’t have much influence with the Post because I frankly don’t read it. I view it like the Daily Worker.” I can not help wondering if it is rather ironic to find the largest news paper in Washington D.C. compared to a paper that has proven its political association to be Communism. This particular publication that the FBI director felt was a fair comparison of the Washington Post had a self admitted recruiter of agents for KGB forerunner the NKVD named Louis Boudenz. Due to the Washington Posts blatant bias shown toward Democratic liberals, Conservatives called them “Prada on the Potomac” in the mid 1970s. This bias being shown toward Democrats has not changed over the years.

In 2007 a study was published by Yale professors Alan Gerber, Dean Karlan, and Daniel Bergman that showed the results of media influence on political elections. After determining that the Washington Post leaned toward the left Gerber found that those who received a free copy of the Washington Post were between 7.9 and 11.4% more likely to vote for the Democratic candidate for governor than the control group who did not receive a free copy of the Washington Post were. In 2009, newspaper journalist Robert Parry criticized the paper for its bias left leaning reporting on liberal politicians including Vice President Al Gore and President Barrack Obama. The Washington Post defended themselves against criticism with the following statement: “The opinion pages have strong conservative voices; the editorial board includes centrists and conservatives; and there were editorials critical of Obama. Yet opinion was still weighted toward Obama.” According to an Oxford University press book written by Richard Davis in 2009 liberal bloggers link to the Washington Post and the New York Times more than any other major newspaper in the US.

According to an article written by Washington Post journalist Patrick B Pexton even though the Washington Post started endorsing Presidential candidates all the way back in 1976 they have not endorsed a Republican for the Oval office since Jimmy Carter. In fact, in a majority of elections on every level federal, local, and state the Post has almost always endorsed Democrats. Going as far back as 1977 they have never endorsed a Republican candidate for governor in the state of Virginia. Despite their endorsements consistently going to the left over and over again they would still try to tell us that they are “An Independent Newspaper.” The fact that they have never endorsed a Republican for the Oval office and have consistently endorsed Democrats makes their claim of independence highly questionable. True to their historical character the Washington Post endorsed President Obama in 2008 and 2012. Then they endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The website are highly confident about the lean left bias rating that they have assigned the Washington Post. As of 2016 a majority of 7,000 community members agree with a lean left rating of the Washington Post. Out of those who didn’t completely agree with this rating 66 members gave it a 58.8 rating placing it just next to the boundary that separates a lean left bias from center bias. gives the Washington Post a similar rating while going on to state that the Washington Post publishes factual information while using loaded words in an attempt to stir up emotion within its readers that favors liberal causes.

The Washington Post has had its share of controversy. The owner of the Washington Post is also Amazons chief executive and largest share holder. Some people would try to argue that Amazon and the Post are two different types of business and two different companies, but Amazon also has a 600 million dollar contract with the CIA. Director of the Center for National Security Studies was quoted as saying, “It’s a serious potential conflict of interest for a major newspaper like The Washington Post to have a contractual relationship with the government and the most secret part of the government.”

The Post published a story in November of 2016 that relied heavily on a report by Propornot. Propornot is an anonymous internet group that seeked to expose what it calls Russian propaganda. Despite the report coming from an organization with no reputation for fact checking it was included in an article on “fake news” and posted on their front page. It took Aiden Chen, a staff writer for a rival news paper The New Yorker to openly question the methodology that was used by Propornot when putting together their report after realizing that Propornot’s criteria was so broad that it could have included every news outlet in the world including the Washington Post itself in its report.

Marc Fisher of the Washington Post, on May, 24, 2016 in Washington, DC.
(Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

In December of 2016 Marc Fisher of The Washington Post tried to place the blame on Stefanie MacWilliams and Brittany Pettibone for Pizza gate. He wrote that several of the most frequent and prominent purveys of the Pizza gate rumors claimed that they first learned of it through Brittany Pettibone. While she may have said that she was one of the first to post about pizza gate she went on to explain that she did not feel inclined to speak to the main stream media because during the election cycle Trump supporters were made to look like nut jobs when it was suspected that Hillary Clinton had a health issue. Guess what? Those who suspected that Hillary had a health issue were right. She did. Later on in that same article he would speak about Stefanie MacWilliams. He shared that Stefanie MacWilliams was a twenty four year old stay at home mother of one who lived in Ontario, Canada. She was writing for Planet Free Will at that time. He went on to state that MacWilliams was making some money writing a lot of good about Trump while writing negative articles in regards to Obama. He explained that in November of 2016 Stefanie noticed that stories about the Podesta emails were making waves. She was sent stories about Comet Ping Pong by a friend who knew she was interested in politics and conspiracy theories. He would mention how she came upon Posobiecs live stream from Comet. She told the story on youtube, twitter, and Planet Free Will.
Marc Fisher quotes the third paragraph of a story that Stefanie MacWilliams wrote when he says, “In the third paragraph of her story, MacWilliams wrote that “we must stress that there is as yet no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing.”

The following is a long excerpt from Marc Fishers article where he speaks about Stefanie MacWilliams. She thought she was being quite responsible. She had read Internet chatter about strange happenings and code words, and she thought this needed investigation. She was miffed that Posobiec had been escorted out of Comet when his video tour might have gotten to the bottom of the mystery.
MacWilliams’s story spread via social media. She became part of what she called a “worldwide citizen investigation” of Pizza gate.

When she saw Reddit and Twitter react to the conspiracy theory, respectively shutting down a discussion forum and suspending the accounts of some users, she worried that a cover up was underway. “As soon as you tell people they can’t talk about something, they’re going to talk about it a whole lot more,” she said.

MacWilliams calls herself a journalist, but she does not try to be “100 percent accurate,” either. She believes the beauty of the Internet is that people can crowdsource the truth. Eventually, what is real will emerge, she said.
Pizza gate, she said, is “two worlds clashing. People don’t trust the mainstream media anymore, but it’s true that people shouldn’t take the alternative media as truth, either.” The lack of stories about Pizza  gate in the mainstream press meant that the back channels of the Internet would step into the breach.

But how does this end? What could constitute proof that there is no conspiracy? Some Pizzagate buffs want a video tour showing that there are no secret rooms or tunnels. Others say they would need more.
MacWilliams remains caught up in the thrill of the chase. “There is a camaraderie to it,” she said. “It is like sitting around with your friends saying, ‘What really happened to JFK?’ It is like a giant game, especially nowadays when you can crowdsource thousands of emails and figure out what’s going on. It’s like a real-life Kennedy assassination where all the stuff is at your fingertips, and it’s happening today.”

When the New York Times mentioned her site on Nov. 21 as a source of fake news, MacWilliams got a little angry, but she also had reason to smile: The traffic on Planet Free Will soared as never before. End of Excerpt.

This whole section by Marc Fisher is a clear example of what Mediafactcheck speaks of. Yes it’s a fact that Stefanie may have been following Pizza gate and she may have even written about it. But the facts stop when he completely drags her character as a professional and as a person through the mud. He makes her sound irresponsible and callous. Two things that the people who know Stefanie MacWilliams is not. Stefanie MacWilliams is evidence that a woman can have it all. She is beautiful professional young woman who is also a single mother. She does what a lot of women complain can’t be done. Did she have it all at once? Probably not. But no one can have it all at once. However Stefanie MacWilliams is proof that if one is willing to work hard and stay determined that they can have it all. It just takes time and lots of practice. First one has to be able to juggle one ball and then they can add another after they have that first ball under control. As far as making her sound unsympathetic and caring about the ratings of her news paper site more. That could not have been further from the truth of the kind of character that Stefanie MacWilliams the woman really is.

Writing To Learn Who I Am

The problem is that millions of people saw what Marc Fisher said about her since the Washington Post is one of the largest papers in the free world. The Stefanie MacWilliams that I described is not the Stefanie MacWilliams that millions of people around the world got to know. They got to know the wicked witch who took great pleasure in the whole incident that occurred as a result of the Pizzagate conspiracy theories. With the latter being the Stefanie MacWilliams that the world got to know as a result of Marc Fishers assassin like attack against her character it no doubt placed her and her family under a lot of stress since she lives in a small town that is a lot like Cheers where everybody knows every one else and they are always happy to see you. Except for Stefanie MacWilliams. For a period of time a large group of people in her community actually believed this story that isn’t much good for anything else other than soaking up cat piss and they ostracized her because of it.

Knowledge is power. To quote a famous super hero movie, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” I am not trying to scare you and tell you that no one you give the power of your knowledge to can be trusted. We all have to trust someone. If we don’t trust anyone then this world would be a really lonely place for everybody since trust is the foundation for every connection that we have. You can’t have any relationship without trust. It does not matter if its business or personal, platonic or romantic. If you don’t trust anyone you are going to be a lonely person. There are a lot of bad people in this world who would take advantage of that power that you give them when you allow them the power of influence over your thoughts and your emotions. I have shown you one source of great power and influence over the American people that abused its power. That abuse of power doesn’t hurt The Washington Post or Marc Fisher. They’re still making their money off of millions who are blindly following their one eye King in the land of the blind. It did however serve to allow them to be King makers such as putting Obama in office twice. Their abuse of power also hurt people. People like Stefanie MacWilliams. People like you and me. Be good to yourself and protect your mind with as much diligence and security as you would protect your own son or daughter, because while these abuses of power and manipulation are hurting you today. Tomorrow they’ll hurt the next generation. I’m not going to ask you to trust me. I’m as flesh and blood as you are. Instead be wise, think upon what I have said and trust yourself. Don’t let me or anyone else manipulate you. When you give a source of knowledge that power you give up one of the most basic fundamental freedoms that every human should always have. The right to think for yourself.

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