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Written By Alex Roberts

Good morning. It is 11:06 a.m. here on the east coast. Do you know where your children are and what they are doing today? If you have not raised them to hold a proper respect for education and be individuals who lead instead of following the masses they are probably not where they should be. Instead of sitting in a class room learning one of the three fundamental R’s to a good education ( Reading, Writing, Arithmetic ) from their teachers they are probably being used as pawns by the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors taking part in a walk out.  Children who still need an adult with them in order to buy tickets  to see some movies at the theater. Children, those little people that you tuck in bed at night and kiss on the cheek. Yes those children. The Leftist and Social Justice Warriors are seeking to use them in an attempt to stir up an emotional response of guilt and shame within American citizens who grip tightly to our basic second amendment rights.

Across every time zone in America the walk out will be taking place at 10:00 a.m. today. Each walk out is supposed to last for 17 minutes. One minute for every life that was lost exactly one month ago on that nightmarish day that the Parkland incident happened. One minute. That is all each of the 17 people who lost their lives that day are worth apparently. It is sad to see such little value placed upon human life. Our children are trying to protest what the Leftist and SJWs have convinced them to believe are inadequate gun laws. They have three demands for Congress. 1.) Ban assault weapons. 2.) Require universal background checks before all gun sells. 3.) Pass a gun violence restraining order that would allow people who display warning signs of violent behavior to be disarmed.

CNN and other main stream media sources would have us believe that the children at Stoneman  Douglas are overwhelmed by the national support that they are receiving as they quote one of their students as saying, ” There’s a sea of people everywhere. You can barely see the ground. It really shows us that we’re not alone.” What this really shows is that there are a lot of students in the United States who lack proper discipline at home as well as respect for the free education that our country provides, because they should be in those classrooms taking advantage of their access to an education that children in other parts of the world will never have access to. This also shows that there are an alarmingly large amount of adults in the world who are okay with the idea of children dictating to adults how things should and should not be, before they are even enough to fully develop a sense of proper judgment that allows them to know right from wrong. This also shows that although 17 people died a month ago who shouldn’t have died there are probably some students who attend Stoneman that want to milk the loss of the lives of others for their own fifteen minutes of fame in hopes of getting their name seen in some major established news source or on tv.

Hours before the first walk out even started students in Maryland were escorted by slow moving police cars as they marched to the local train station where they caught a train to the white house. By 10:00 a.m.est the entire front of the white house was covered with students as they chanted, ” We want change. ” Our Commander in Chief, President Donald Trump, was not even supposed to be at the white house until mid day so who were these children trying to perform for? The cameras. Being at the white house would allow these children their fifteen minutes of fame while adults who are supposed to know better and set the example for these children allowed it to happen. Instead of escorting these children to the train station as a parent I ask myself why didn’t these cops pick these children up for truancy. These kids weren’t sick. They weren’t walking home after being dismissed from the school for not feeling well. Some of them may not have even been with a legal guardian.

Unfortunately what the Leftist and Social Justice Warriors are doing to your children does not stop there. Organizers from the Women’s March youth branch started calling for children to walk out of class on March 14, in an attempt to apply pressure to law makers to act on gun control but these same students have also planned rallies and sit ins. Sometimes even in open defiance of their school districts. When people like those in charge of the Women’s March hold such little disregard for things like education and respecting our teachers which they have clearly demonstrated by encouraging this kind of behavior in our students then why would this generation of children and young adults be any different. It is no wonder that Americas youth has gone down hill when we take a look at the example that is being set by the adults on the left.

There are still some adults who feel a sense of responsibility for the children and take that responsibility very seriously. Various school districts across the United States have openly let it be known that they will discipline any student who participates in the walk out. In New Richmond, Ohio who walked out today received an unexcused tardy while in Montgomery, Maryland the students who participated in the walk out received an unexcused absence. While adults actually caring about the students that they are  responsible for instead of just allowing them to be used as pawns by the left and SJWs to stir up an emotional response in America is a good thing, it unfortunately was not enough to deter all students from taking part in todays event. A large number of the students chose to participate anyways and will either accept the discipline that the school districts hand down to them or we could possibly end up seeing a large number of parents try to fight the discipline passed on to their children later on. I personally can not help wondering how many teachers out there are turning a blind eye and not marking their students tardy or late as they have been informed to since it has been clearly demonstrated through other recent events that the Leftist and SJW have control over a large number of the schools in our country while having no problem indoctrinating our youth.

Adolph Hitler understood that in appealing to the young and capturing the minds of children that one could also capture the future. This is a lesson that it seems that the left has also learned. If your children were a part of todays walk outs instead of telling them how proud you are of their actions and supporting the way they went about doing this I implore the parents out there to do the right thing not just for today, but for tomorrow, and for your future grandchildren as well. Today is a teaching moment in the lives of many in America and what lesson you teach your children today could indeed impact the rest of their lives. Teach your children to stay in school, respect authority, have some respect for the value of human life, and get a good education. A wise man once told me that knowledge is power. Without you as their parents enforcing traditional American values such as the importance of an education then you are leaving your children powerless and set for failure. They will have their chance to change the world some day. That day shouldn’t be today. Today should be a day when they are sitting in a class room desk bright eyed and ready to learn after hopefully having a good breakfast this morning and a good night of rest from last night.

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