The Alt-Right Are Weak People

I do not fancy myself a tough guy, so it is not very often I will refer to others as weak – well, at least if I’m not speaking about SJW 15th-gender snowflakes. Today, however, I’m speaking about the alt-right. That’s right; the alt-right are weak people. Weak-willed, weak-minded, and apparently weak-bodied.

Why do I say this? Am I just fighting back or lashing out at their mob-a-dissenter online tactics? Perhaps they gathered into a group of fifty to call me a sperg on the Twitter? Well, no; not really. But remember that “gathered into a group of fifty” part. That’s one of the few reasons the alt-right are weak people.

Five Reasons I Call the Alt-Right Weak People

Gang Tactics

In my not-so-humble opinion, there is nothing worse than an online movement of edgelords, and that’s precisely what the alt-right has become. Rather than actually debating anything on its merits, the alt-right seeks to overwhelm via the online space. On social media, on YouTube debates, on forums and boards – you will not find intelligent people spreading a pro-white message using facts. You will find a group of angry children using the exact same insults like “sperg” and “boomer” and “cuck.” You will find what appears to be 4Chan’s overflow operating a purity test, whereby any dissent at all, even the tiniest question asked, will get you called a “Jew.” Yes, you are a weak person if you are asked, say, to explain how the Jew specifically is detrimental to the west, and what you get back is an entire thread of people shouting at you, “You’re Jewish!” This is what children do.

In a debate with 5,000 people watching, the alt-right show up to overwhelm, around 90% of the audience, and spend the entire time not listening to actual points but harassing people as “Jewish,” yelling to “gas” people, and throwing their over-used (((echoes))) around everything to signify that it’s Jewish.

It’s as if the bulk of the alt-right movement is a mindless bot that has about 12 prefabricated responses to throw at people no matter the situation. And it always ends up with every one of their proponents being a Jew. But, no, they don’t hate Jews or anything! They just want to speak about the “problem.” They’re all liars to boot, scared to even say what they really want. Weak chicken-shits.

Cherry Picking

This is the west. In the west, there are only two main religions: Christianity and Judaism, with the latter being a minority. Even still, most people are religious. So when one of the right-wing SJWs claims that Jews control X, what they mean is that they looked something up and found Jews in the organization. They leave out that there are many more Christians. And it’s not only that they cherry pick that makes them weak people. Every sort of ideology cherry picks in this sense. It’s more that they all fall in line with it, unquestioning and mindless, like the Phelps’ children indoctrinated into a cult. It has turned them into a group of people who are less intelligent than feminists.

Remember, feminists are famous for claiming anti-woman discrimination, misogyny and patriarchy, because only a few percentage points of women are scientists and CEOs. They claim men are holding them down, when the rest of us with a brain large enough to think understand that women are missing from these positions because of personal choices, not discrimination. Basically, the white people of the alt-right did not get into ivy-league universities. They did not get into law. They did not get into media. They did not get into entertainment. Yet like a strange Gremlins sequel where someone fed Black Lives Matter after midnight, the alt-right has become a victim collective, claiming that they’re entitled to all of these positions, not Jews, because they’re white. Basically, while Jewish mothers are forcing their children to study and play violin, white mothers allow their kids to play Grand Theft Auto and spoil them with gadgets. Then when these whites grow up and aren’t running banks, they scapegoat some Jewish conspiracy. You cannot be a more weak-minded person than an identitarian victim.

Superior whites, doing superior things

Purity Testing

One of the weakest things I have ever heard from the alt-right is that, paraphrased, “Jews are exceedingly tribal and stick to their own, so we as white people have a right to do that too and return our nations to the ethnostates they were intended to be!” This is weak thinking for a few reasons. First and foremost, these white people who are claiming to be genetically superior and responsible for the whole of western civilization are transforming themselves into willing victims. They are sounding more pitiful than the black girl in college with $600 worth of hair weave and an $800 phone claiming she’s oppressed. Secondly, places were only ethnostates insofar as ethnicities evolved there and eventually made them nations. “White people” have never, ever been a monolith. Ask the French and English how homogeneous they were because they shared a skin tone, or the Irish coming into New York. This shit is laughably retarded.

Another laughably weak aspect about the alt-right is that while they talk big game as if they can create an ethnostate, they literally cannot even create an online movement. They have never done anything but co-opt other people’s movements. Kekistan had nothing to do with Richard Spencer. These unimaginative neets ripped it out of the hands of people like Sargon. They continued down this road with the online off-shoot Groyper, which was created for people who were sick of meme wars and wanted to be cozy. The alt-right infiltrated that too—ironically like subversive parasites, go figure—and in these hijacked movements online, they instantly began operating their purity tests. If you didn’t agree with them 100%, you were a Jew or sperg or boomer or cuck or alt-light.

They’re tossing out anyone nonwhite, and everyone white who doesn’t agree with them. Their ethnostate will consist of no doctors, lawyers, builders, intellectuals, but rather podcasters, gamers and 4Chan users. Weaksauce.

Basically, the people claiming that they can start and run an ethnostate are too f*cking weak to even get their own online movements. They come in herds and attempt to take over what other people have started. If you can’t even get your own shit in the infinite space that is the World Wide Web, how the f*ck are you ever going to get an ethnostate, with your weak asses?

Lacking Skills

Physically and mentally weak people lack skills in general. Now, of course, I make efforts to not be a bigot and thus would not say that lacking skills automatically makes one weak. But this dynamic changes when we’re speaking about the alt-right. This is a group of people who claim that they can get rid of everyone but white people in the west and they will ultimately have peaceful, prosperous nations bereft Jew tricks and black crime and Latino population problems, etc.

This doesn’t even make for a good fantasy, to be honest. Just take a look at how weak these people are. How many are architects? How many electricians or carpenters? How many have law or science degrees? Scattered throughout are very, very few intelligent, accomplished people within the alt-right. About 99% of its leadership runs podcasts and asks for donations for a living. Can these weak people run a successful nation? F*ck no! They’d turn the west into Haiti within ten years! What they really want, what they really mean, is that they want to live in a nation, like Mark Collett put it, where the government does everything for them and treats them like family. So they want to have a fantasy draft wherein they keep every white person who’s good at something so that these people can labor away to keep their nations operational, while the alt-right themselves subsist their entire lives off welfare, apparently.

The alt-right’s biggest form of weakness, however, comes in its collective inability to effect change on any serious level whatever. As stated, they can co-opt an Internet movement and bully everyone out of it, as they show up and insult and dox people incessantly. Though when it comes to effecting change in the real world, they are powerless, useless – impotent.

These are the superior people, the real chosen people, and they’re going to whittle away 80% of the population—minorities and whites who don’t agree with them—and create a utopia – apparently via the solicitation of online donations and government assistance, because these people aren’t business owners but rather online beggars. That’s about as weak as you can possibly get, friends.

No Defense

Now, of course, because the alt-right likes to gang-stalk opposition and show up to bully during YouTube debates and on social media, you probably will not hear that the alt-right sucks at debating its positions and defending their smears against Jewish people. But it’s true. They suck. They have no defense for maligning an entire people. They all use the same old, played-out point: “Jews are disproportionately represented in X!” What I hate about this is twofold: One, they purposefully put it that way to make it sound as if Jews are a majority. The alt-right sheep are too f*cking stupid to understand otherwise. Though as we talked about with the cherry-picking, they’re still a substantial minority, even if over-represented per capita. Two, they all use it, every single one, and believe this is the be-all, end-off of any “debate.”

If there’s something they don’t like about the world, they look around, count the Jews, and blame it on them. Most, ironically, are Christian and worship a Jew as their personal lord and savior, as well as every prophet they quote, and Abraham, etc. But we don’t need to get too much into that. Their point is that Jewish people’s default is tribalistic and anti-white/anti-western, and this makes the alt-right incredibly weak; they’re basically black victims and feminists, looking at success and forcing it to be nefarious for their slice of the American drea– uhh, I mean affirmative action.

This bigoted presupposition, which they work to support like religious fundamentalists and a young Earth, guides them entirely. “Jews are destroying the west” they scream. The west is the greatest culture ever, according to them, and that’s something with which I agree. But Jews have also done a lot to progress the west and to win wars, not just start them (ask the Japanese), and to advance the way of life they love to pretend only whitey could have created.

Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Paul Enrlich, Selman Waksman, David Ricardo, Albert Michelson, Emile Berliner, Jonas Salk, and the list goes on and on.

These are people who developed quantum mechanics, relativity, antibiotics, vaccines, even f*cking revolutionized music playback via records. The positive contributions of the Jewish people have been incredibly numerous and a boon for the west and our first-world modern lifestyles. Though if you asked these weak-minded idiots, they’d claim these people did it all for Israel.

I have never, ever met a group of people as weak as the alt-right before. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and any sort of collegiate group that mobilizes is orders of magnitude more effective than the alt-right. The alt-right sit on their hands all day, bitch and moan online, and are literally attempting to rally enough support for their betters to do all the heavy lifting while they spam 4Chan and play video games all day.


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