Debating Gun Control

Debating Gun Control

On February 14, tragedy struck in Parkland, Florida.  A 19 year old kid opened fire in a high school, murdering 17 people and wounding several others.  In the wake of these devastating attacks, gun control debates have arisen yet again, dividing Americans and doing nothing to solve the underlying issues.

I believe that some changes to our gun policies may be necessary, but the current proposals from the left will not fix our problems. I still uphold the 2nd amendment for American citizens’ right to carry.  The 2nd amendment is intended to protect the rights of American citizens, and should be upheld.

I have expanded my opinions on gun control after dialogues with the left, and I believe that these discussions can help stop mass shootings in America.  I believe that the combined effort by both Republicans and Democrats are required to solve such problems.

While most of the current laws are sufficient, I do believe that there needs to be a few changes.  For example, mental illness should disqualify one to own a weapon.  Americans also need to ask themselves why civilians would really need ARs? These weapons are specifically designed for the United States Military and Police to use against enemy combatants.  I believe that a law restricting their access would not infringe on the 2nd amendment rights of American citizens.  The majority of liberals that I have spoken with do not want to take anyone’s gun. This seems to be a false narrative which has caused misunderstanding with pro-gun Americans.

While it is true that the NRA donates to several law makers, some have made the unfair claim that they are responsible for mass shootings.  The argument for this claim is that the money donated by the NRA is influencing changes to lawmaking policies.  I personally believe that this is a reasonable argument, but if funding from NRA should be cut, then the same needs to happen to funding from other organizations as well.

There are also good pro-gun arguments.  A great way to stop mass school shootings is to arm teachers and add security. This is an effective approach used by schools in Israel, and it is has helped decrease mass shootings.  American laws should also seek to prevent guns from entering into the black market.

At the core of the issue is the reality that people have the capacity to commit acts like mass shootings.  No matter how many laws that are put in place, criminals will find ways to go around them.  For this reason, Republicans and Democrats need to combine efforts and seek to accomplish a sensible plan that will make America safe.

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