White Tariq Is Legion

Tariq Nasheed

Noted Black Activist (Troll) Tariq Nasheed went on Baked Alaska’s YouTube channel recently to debate White Nationalist, Jared Taylor. The results did not under deliver. Tariq spent the better part of an hour and a half lecturing Taylor on the dominance of White supremacy in America. If you want to watch, it is definitely worth the time (and will probably convince you that Tariq is a Troll as well) but as he railed against White Supremacy, he made these points in addition to so many others to make you smile.

  • Black Immigration is a tool of white supremacists to suppress black people in America
  • The Entire Constitution was written in order to oppress Black People
  • Asian People are honorary white people in America in order to give White Supremacists the wherewithal to oppress black people, guilt free.
  • A white man who shoots a black man in America (except the President) will face no prosecution b y the government because…White Supremacy.

It may sound so ridiculous to read those bullet points and those are just the few I can remember. Tariq thoroughly embarrassed himself, and of course Jared Taylor and Baked Alaska spent the majority of the debate dumbfounded and laughing.

I had a more interesting perspective watching the debate that a buddy in one of the chats I frequent summed up in one sentence…

White Tariq Is Legion!

What does this mean? All you have to do is replace Tariq Nasheed in that chair and the word white supremacists with the word Jews and you have a beautiful example of what the Alt Right refers to as the JQ (Jewish Question).

I have been debating the Alt Right for quite some time now, and it seems that they are so obsessed with the Jews, that they have convinced themselves that the Jews are in firm control of every single facet of all western society, that they use that control to destroy white people and that they (the Alt Right) are really woke AF.

This is the problem with identity politics. It creates legions of people who truly and with deep conviction turn into lunatics when it comes to scapegoats. Tariq sees White Supremacy everywhere he looks. The Alt Right sees Jews everywhere they look. The issue they will never address and will turn into crying children when confronted with is when people won’t give them credit for their super secret knowledge of either.

I have been told the Jews control:

  • Hollywood
  • Academia
  • The Media
  • The Federal Reserve
  • The United States Foreign Policy
  • The United States Domestic Policy
  • The United States Military
  • The Global Banking System
  • Europe
  • The EU
  • The Alt Right
  • Donald Trump
  • The Democrats
  • All Primary and Secondary Education
  • Islam
  • Russia
  • China
  • Africa

I was just told most of this in the past week.

Why does any of this matter? For the same reason people who delve deep into the Internet and come out railing about Chem Trails and Anti Vaccine crap. It tends to not affect them much (most of the most strident antivaxxers are all vaccinated themselves) but they seem to be so deluded from YouTube videos and obscure websites that they are willing to let their kids die of Measles and Polio.

The Alt Right is no different.

I recently had a debate with the host of the Daily Shoah, Mike Enoch, and he tried to bring up a lot of the Jew conspiracies as well. It didn’t work out so well for him (for commentary see here)

In their quest to prove that White People are the most endangered species on the planet, they are willing to create a whole generation of people who spend the majority of their days rallying behind hitler memes and reading propaganda. Forget Jobs and Families, those are for totally unwoke people. They are preparing for the 4th Reich and the coming expulsion of the Jews. Because, well, the Jews.

This is causing the Alt Right to neglect to do the one actual thing that would carry on the white race, which is getting married and having babies. No, that is for the truly unwoke. They are preparing for a white ethnostate that secretly all White People want, and they are watching movie after movie convincing themselves that their bloodlines make them flawless military planners and soldiers. That they are all snipers and MMA champions deep from the training grounds of their parent’s basements. They are the kids dying of Polio because their parents (the leaders of the Alt Right) are so woke they are in on the secret that vaccines really are a secret government plot to murder you (a plot probably hatched by the Jews).

As I said earlier….White Tariq Is Legion!

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