The Making of a Victim Superstar- Joy Villa Part 3- Exclusive Interview-Cory Duncan

Joy Villa

The Billboard Artist Joy Villa has had a number of loyal friends and mentors in her life.  Interviewing them now, even after the betrayal they feel by her climb to fame and embarrassing fall from grace with the MAGA movement,  still feel love and concern for her.

“Joy is just a cute little bundle of energy,” said Susan Walsh, North California director for Trump Campaign.

“I don’t want to hurt Joy, I just want her to get out of that cult,” said good friend and defender, Peter Boykin, President of Gays for Trump.

“I really enjoyed working with Joy.  I wish she had just gotten away from that cult,” said manager Robbie Olson.

Watching Villa interact with people it is easy to see why others were drawn to her and defended her when she was faced with critics.  She is radiant, beautiful and positive.  She seems to be encouraging of others, she seems to want to lift people up.

It is easy to see why manager, Olson, saw the star potential in her.  What he may have overlooked was the pressure put on her by Scientology to be the “Victim Superstar”.

Most people who know Villa insinuate that it is Scientology that has taught her to be the victim, for the purposes of their own promotions of  Villa the Celebrity Scientologist selling self help books.

The claim is that Scientology has conditioned her to get fame by exploiting trends, even if that means lying about who she is.

Sure Villa has ventured into some unsavory places with sexual roleplaying in public.  There are many photos of her in sexually explicit S and M roles as what is called a “virtual vixen”.

She traveled around the  Hollywood scene, trying to make some fame for herself.  But the country is full of young people who do those things, this isn’t a story meant to expose her dirty laundry.  We all have some of that in our closets that is best not dragged out into the light.


“Imagine having a team of people that get together and figure out mass manipulation tactics and use you to do them. Every single thing that Joy Villa does is carefully calculated propaganda,” Corey Duncan said in an exclusive interview with Halsey News.

This is the story of a Woman who was given everything in a competing multi-million dollar political platform, to run and succeed in politics and threw it away to save her multi-million dollar platform in Scientology.

Enter Boyfriend Cory Duncan.

“I wish she could get out of that cult. I’m not against her. I’ll always love Joy. She saved my life and is the mother of my daughter.

But I’m wondering if it’s time the public takes a look at Scientology and how we may need to save my child’s mother from a cult. She’s scared and if she leaves I think they will try and hurt her.

Duncan and Villa were friends and lovers.  “We were together from May 2007 to March 2008 We got pregnant on New Year’s Eve 2007/2008,” said Duncan

“Joy showed me the ropes in Hollywood and I did really well. I was number 7 in the foo fighters pretender video and in the same episode of Californication as Joy was. I wasn’t a random hook up. We went through a lot together and we loved each other. I knew when I got her pregnant and I went to her doctor’s appointments with her.

She gave the baby up without my permission but that’s not illegal and the reason she did it was because she just wanted to be famous. You can’t get a job at Burger King to support your baby if you need to go be famous and demand to be a queen for no reason. I’m glad she didn’t abort my child,” he said.

“I am not sure how she got involved with Scientology,” he said, but she had given their child up for adoption without his permission, so he has kept aware of Villa’s whereabouts.

Duncan supports the choice that Villa made, however, he wanted to be aware of his daughter and he also disputes that Villa is the “adoption hero” she is now being promoted as since her fall from the MAGA movement. He feels the Choose Life Dress at the Grammy’s Sunday, is just exploiting that movement for her own fame.

“She was very kind and she was a very real Christian,” said former boyfriend, Cory Duncan

Duncan goes further and says and that Villa and her father saved his life.  Duncan suffered from PTSD after being attacked in 2006.  He says that he did have some emotional struggles and did take some pain relievers, but that he was hardly the substance abuser or violent boyfriend Villa claims she is.  He feels that it is Scientology that has pushed that idea on VIlla, for the purpose of framing her story as a Victim who has overcome something.


Duncan said that earlier in their relationship when Villa was helping Duncan find his way around Hollywood she warned him about Scientology.

“I remember how we used to make fun of them. She warned me about 2 things when I was fresh into Hollywood. Stay away from pornography and stay away from Scientology. So that’s why this all seems very weird now.

I briefly contacted her in 2015 and spoke with her during her bodybuilding thing. Thorston answered me saying she was getting brain training or some kind of hypnotherapy and it was not going well. He explained that if she heard from me she could lose her mind. That bothered me because then I just became more worried about my daughter and then eventually Joy. Now the Joy that I know is not there so much. Now I see her smiling through fear. She’s manic and scared,” Duncan told Halsey News.

“Scientology teaches about the reactive mindset. They believe normal people like us that don’t follow their cult are controllable through that reactive mindset. It’s very similar to the way soviets take over countries. Propaganda, patients and a nudge here and there. Scientology is doing that to our government,” said Duncan.


“I want Joy to succeed. I’d be a coward to not want that for my daughters’ mother. I think there is more to making America great again by making up fake stories about your past saying you were abused.

Villa is painting Duncan as abusive and a drug addict, pointing to him, as to why should couldn’t keep the child.  He disagrees.  “She couldn’t go public saying she gave my daughter up for adoption just because she was in the way of her career.

Yes, she could say that but demonizing me kills 2 birds with 2 stone.

It’s strange to wait almost a decade until you have a lull in your career to say you are an adoption hero.”

“She did do the virtual vixens thing but that was not for long. I did not like her doing that. I know she had fun but I was worried about what my parents would think if they found out. She wasn’t touching the other women sexually but it was a lot for me. I’m from Arkansas so that was a lot for a country boy,” he said.


“I want people to know that her story of adoption is only being exploited to stay relevant. That doesn’t make her a hero! The adoptive parents are the hero’s in my opinion. I’m glad she saved my daughters life and I feel that it’s time to move on from this so our families can move on privately.”


So who is Joy a “Victim” of?  Duncan admits he had some struggles from his attack in 2005,  but denies he was a drug addict or that abused her.

In THIS Op-ed for Fox News, talking about giving her child up for adoption, Wednesday Joy said that the Father of her child slammed her against a wall.  Duncan denies her version of the events.

According to Villa, ” I was penniless, far from home and trapped in an abusive, toxic relationship with a man who had become a shadow of what he once was. At 19 I fell in love with an older man who was very kind-hearted with a good heart, but once he began using drugs our relationship quickly became a nightmare.  The same arms that once held and protected me were weaponized; night after night, I’d hide in a corner, terrified of being beaten.

But when I was violently thrown against the wall by the baby’s father while heavily pregnant, I knew I needed a real solution,” Villa wrote.

Villa does not respond to questions about her version of the story.  She does not back up her claims that she was abused by Duncan, and after so many attempts to paint herself as the victim, she should offer some proof.


When Villa is using a multi-million platform to paint herself as a victim of so many people, she should be called to account. Cory Duncan, the Father of Villa’s baby says that she is spreading lies about him, and, not a wealthy man,  he feels he has no platform at all.

It is commendable that Villa carried her daughter to term and gave birth, but she leaves a trail of people behind her, many of whom are active on social media for the public to see, who feel victimized and they do not have two multi-million dollar platforms to tell their story.


Villa accused Corey Lewandowski, a former campaign manager to President Donald J. Trump of sexual assault for smacking her butt, however,  it was Joy videotaped taped of smacking someone on the butt.

We have yet to see any proof to her claim.

Cory Duncan says that Villa is accusing him of attacking her- and he says he has a police report.

“7PY05078 Joy Angela Villa bd 4/25/1986 August 20th 2007 That’s the arrest date.  She hit me in front of a Van Nuys police officer who was sitting there watching the whole thing take place,” Cory told Halsey News.

Halsey News did attempt to contact  Villa for a Statement.  Emails were not returned.


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