Marxism: The Real Problem of the Alt-Right

I’ve defended the alt-right before against accusations of Nazism. That’s because, technically speaking, there are no Nazis. However, when it comes to hating Jews and wanting an ill-defined ethnostate, and other things over which Nazis would salivate, the alt-right are definitely aiming for the stars here. They seem to really want to be Nazis. They seem to really hate the Jews. But what, exactly, are they hating?

In my estimation, they’re just deluded in their hatred. They’re really hating Marxism, yet they’ve convinced themselves that it’s a Jewish problem. And in the process, they have become this weird Marxist-Fascist hybrid abomination that is unholy but as cocksure as Brad Pitt at a ladies’ night full of fat chicks.

For instance, a lot on the alt-right will claim that the “Jews” are trying to promote white genocide through multiple angles. Brainwashing in mainstream media with mixed couples. Attacking white identitarianism while promoting Jewish group dynamics. Pushing for nonwhite immigration in western nations. And on it goes. But are these really things the Jews are doing?

Is it Ben Shapiro? Is it Dennis Prager? Is it Halsey English?

Who are these Jews behind all of this stuff?

I’ll admit freely that they’re right about this stuff happening. Though to say it’s the “Jews,” as in the entire Jewish race, is ridiculous. Most media is owned by Jews =/= all Jews own media.

The alt-right can’t even get over the 4th-grade hurdle of a composition fallacy.

It’s objective that it’s only the progressive Jews, the Marxist identitarian Jews. The left-wing Jews. The George Soros Jews.

There’s a lot of irony here. The alt-right is pretty much all white. As white people, all white people, we’ve been blamed for everything from slavery hundreds of years ago to so-called oppression today. Many of us have balked at the idea and have been driven half mad by it, which has led a lot of whites to sign up unofficially for the alt-right as a way to fight back. Though once there, many alt-right whites have taken the pointless smear which drove them there and have turned around and used it against the Jews.

So, okay, the Jews own a lot of media. So what? Did they steal it? Was it your media, white people? Is this another thing you alt-right weirdos cry and moan about being your birthright? You’re entitled to media now, and the Juden has stolen it? Don’t be such a butthurt sissy. If you want media, create your own. Don’t fuss and bemoan the Jews for it.

People who claim to be the best at everything, to have created western civilization, and you let those pesky Jews steal your media? You sound more pathetic than blacks claiming Africa was the pinnacle of civilization and the inferior white cave-beast stole it all. Listen to yourselves, you pathetic neets.

What, exactly, have the Jews done to you?

Show us on the doll where the Jew touched you.

What the alt-right seems to be angry with is the amalgam of group identities we see on the progressive left. We have blacks, the OG victim cult. We have the LGBT-LMNOP community and their special pleading. And, of course, we have the progressive Jews who have pretty much circled the wagons for Jew things and Jewish identity.

The alt-right’s brilliant answer to rebut identity politics is to become hardcore identitarians.

Look, guys like Sargon and Kraut and Tea might stumble in the face of things like race realism; but when it comes to a consistent, logical message, all the alt-right has is persistence. They don’t win arguments per se; they’ll just group together and bully everyone who disagrees with them. That’s not the alt-right proving that they’re smarter than anyone, and certainly not the alt-right showing how they’re correct. That’s the alt-right basically saying, “We’re the biggest hypocrites in today’s political sphere, and we’ll rally around one another to double-down on our hypocrisy and whine even harder about being entitled to shit to which we’re objectively not entitled.”

Like, for instance, the idea that America belongs to them because they happened to be born white. Stop it! This is the most laughably ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. By that logic, Bill Gates’ money is yours because he’s white too. So, go collect it!

You’re entitled to the spoils of the stock market, too, since those guys are primarily white. Go get what’s yours!

But, wait a minute – there’s some pointless immigration act that was quickly overturned, and this means America was always a white ethnostate! Some immigration act that no one ever really followed; blacks here that weren’t citizens until your white heroes of old made them full citizens. A Constitutional citizen clause for birth that was never overturned by white people past. 99.9% of everything this nation has ever done points to the fact that America is not an ethnostate and was never meant to be one. But, wait, there’s that pointless immigration act! You dolts might as well cite Jim Crow as your big smoking gun for the ethnostate. Pitiful.

My goodness, man. This is really worse than blacks crying for reparations for slavery!

The alt-right don’t even realize how they’ve been played into this corner by left-wing Marxists. The goal of the Marxists—including some Jews; we’ll laugh at that in a minute—has always been to create these group dynamics. And no one in America, not even the make-believe trans-trenders, have bought it wholesale like the white alt-right has bought it. “Hey, we’re going to fight against your group identity and victim cults by creating our own that demands even more goodies because we’re bigger victims!”

Yeah, I know – it all depends on which side has the numbers, and that’s the side that gets to call the other side SJWs. But what do we know about SJWs? We know they group together in collectives, whine for special privileges, and claim that they’re entitled to free shit. I mean, hello! It’s not even an insult to say it; it’s just reality: This is pretty much the entire modus operandi of the alt-right. They group together in a collective, whine for special privileges, and claim they’re entitled to free shit.

They might as well be Latinos shouting “Make America Mexico again!” It’s the same shit… except Mexicans sort of have an actual legitimate claim on that front.

They have become the thing they have claimed to hate. They have been tricked into doing this, and they don’t even f*cking realize it. They’re so pent up and fervent about their march toward make-believe goodies that they don’t even see the people they hate have played them into becoming just like them.

The neo-Marxist left needed whites to start acting this way to justify their hatred for whites. Enter a gaggle of whites with over-inflated egos who are too stupid to realize that they’ve been played like puppets by, in large part, the same people they bemoan as global puppet masters.

You can’t make this shit up.

The alt-right claim the Jews are out to get them; the Jews are behind everything. Well, the progressive Marxist Jews are laregely responsible for playing you knuckleheads into this corner.

Now you have no credibility. For every gain Trump and the right-wing make against the collectivists of the left, you dolts in the alt-right threaten to destroy that by turning good people off.

Guys like me are running away fast from the alt-right! We hate SJW politics. We hate group identities. We despise the Marxist Jews. And so what do we see on the alt-right? We see a bunch of white people coming together, creating some group identity, and acting entitled to shit because of the way they were born, playing the poor victim and pointing at the other groups as the victimizers.

And don’t give me any of that “You don’t understand us” bullshit, like it’s too complex, some Rick and Morty “you have to be very smart to get it” nonsense. Any fool can see what’s happening here.

You want to fight collectivism with collectivism. You think your collective is better and more entitled than their collective. Plain and simple.

The sad thing here is that there are real problems. The idea of “whiteness” is something that’s under attack in the mainstream. White people are being replaced in many nations their ancestors built. White people are held to different standards. White people are basically tax serfs forced to spend a lifetime paying for the third-world to experience a comfortable first-world life. All of these things are objectively problems in the first-world west. These are facts.

But to combat these problems, the alt-right figures they can just act the same as the people causing these problems.

That’s not a political strategy. That’s idiocy. That’s basically giving the Marxist left all the fuel they need to double-down on the shit they’re doing now. They crafted a self-fulfilling prophecy and can now stand back, point to the alt-right, and say, “See, I told you! White people are horrible racists and that’s why we need to get rid of whiteness!”

The alt-right is doing to the left what the left has done to them. They’re simply shouting “The Jews!” the same way that side has been shouting “Whitey did it!” for generations now. And the worst part is that the left set the trap for these morons to start acting like this.

The alt-right fancies itself some group of crusaders, out to save whites. In reality, they’re a weaker Marxist collective that doesn’t even have enough power to get Roy Moore elected in Alabama. They’re just making things worse for everyone else. They’re giving people a reason to hate and attack whites, more so than they were already doing.

They find strength in their collective. No matter how you perform in a debate against them, they’ll rally around one another and claim you lost. No matter how you manage to show that the Jewish race is not against them, they’ll just group up—safety-in-numbers homo style—and claim you’re a Jew.

The Jews aren’t the enemies of white people.

Marxism is the alt-right’s problem… because the alt-right are Marxists.

They’re just worse at it than the left…

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