Winning in Politics is Rare So Enjoy the Ride

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Like most of us I like winning.  But, in politics as a libertarian getting a win is so rare that I distrust them.  I distrust them so much that I rarely spend any time enjoying them.

There’s always something to worry about next.  Another hill to climb, another dragon to slay or at least its fire breath to avoid.

So, this article is going to be a bit of a victory lap.  The release of the FISA memo is simply the icing on the cake of a very good year in U.S. politics.

Perfect? No.  But, on balance very very good.

And we Trump voters who saw through the propaganda, the matrix of lies and shoddy character assassinations deserve the credit for staying the course.

Was it hard at times?  Yes.  Trump’s miscalculations in Syria made me hopping mad at times this year. But, much of what he has done has validated my read on him as a man just as disgusted as I am with the status quo in U.S and world politics.

In the words of the ‘terrorist’ “V” in V for Vendetta we realized there is something ‘terribly wrong with this country.’  And as a commentator, the deeper I dig into the dirt the dirtier everything looks, all around the world.

It’s not just the U.S.

This year’s flu here in the U.S. is particularly bad, but the real epidemic in the world today is politics itself.  It has infected everything we do, who we are.  And, speaking for myself, there comes a point where it’s important to step back and smell the slight abatement of sulfurous stench emanating from The Swamp these days.

Because this fight isn’t a three-round sprint or a two-minute judo match.


This fight is the true war without end.  SIt’s the fight against the darker parts of ourselves.  The parts that have a capacity for corruption, no matter how small we think it may be.  And therefore, it is itself a fight of vigilance against our own complacency.

So, take the win, take a few days to recharge.  Because there will always be a battle to fight.  In short, the evil of banal government corruption is something that has to be done in shifts.

Come back refreshed and with new purpose.  If you don’t that is the path to disillusionment and burnout.

Trump told us we would get tired of all the winning.  I respectfully disagree.

It’s easy to get too high during the good times.  And right now, Trump is moving from victory to victory over more powerful but less skilled opponents.

But, those victories are not possible without our stamina.  We have to not only go after the traitors in our government but also make certain that our Grey Champion doesn’t become exactly what we just got rid of.

I like listening to The Who I don’t want to live the world Pete Townshend wrote about.

But, I’m also old enough now to know that change is slow.  It’s incremental.  So, while the Swamp is vast and the rot runs deep it’s not an insurmountable task.

And it’s bigger than any of the individuals who wind up losing their pelf and privilege over the next few years.

Remember, these people were once like us and the system gave voice and allowed to flower their darkest aspects.  They are the symptoms and the system itself is the disease.

And no one can fight a disease 24/7 without end.  I’m enjoying these past few days. They give me strength. Winning is contagious.  I’ll likely enjoy the next few even more as the walls around the Trump / Russia investigation crumble and more vile people are exposed.

Watch this segment with Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Fox News.  He’s got the right attitude.  Take the insults and the opprobrium.  They wouldn’t be attacking us if we weren’t right.

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