Joy Villa: Fraud In The MAGA Movement (Part 2)

Joy Villa

2017 was a year of political theater, activism and positioning.  There were numerous rallies and marches in support of President Donald J. Trump.   Conservative activists were working hard to get media attention for their causes.  Citizen Journalists and new media outlets online were busy learning new ways to promote themselves and cover all of the activity.

It is not hard to understand why someone like Joy Villa, with her beautiful figure, wealth, expensive clothing, and electric personality would emerge as a star after the political theater with the MAGA dress in 2017.  The day after the Grammy Awards was the first time Villa was invited to talk about her support of Trump and of Conservatism, until then no one in the MAGA movement had heard her political views.

Villa’s popularity continued to grow and as pointed out in Part One of this series, there were also sceptics about her politics because of her association with Scientology.

Villa was invited to do radio programs and TV interviews with people who had all different size audiences.

Villa made many appearances on this network, Halsey News, appearing on Right Millennial, Halsey Live and Cover Up, all flagship shows of the network. Her appearances were controversial from the first one. Upon doing standard research of upcoming guests, it was discovered that there was an association between Joy and Scientology. There was actually an argument as to whether to allow her a platform at all. It was decided that she seemed genuine in her red pilling to conservatism, and she should be given a chance.

“ I took a hands off approach at the time this scandal first broke.   It was incredible that so many people had so much info on her.  As more of it came out- I saw that they were underestimating the problem.” said Halsey English, Co-Owner of Halsey News Network “The second time I interviewed her with Kaya Jones about  YouTube censorship-Joy and Kaya were very close at the time.  Joy was always calling me and trying to get to me to do shows and their was a point where we discussed franchising a show she was going to do on MAGA One Radio. Then Joy started having falling outs with many people who I am very close with.  This was right around the time she started mailing Scientology materials to people I knew. People I respect told me they were finding out about Joy’s lies about things like her age. It seemed so weird. I started to distance myself to Villa.”

There is proof of what English’s friends were experiencing:

“We all started to figure out that Joy was into the MAGA movement to hook people into Scientology.  it started as a suspicion but then it just became obvious.  After her huge falling out with my friend, Kaya, I just sort of stayed away.” Halsey said “I think she wants to exploit every platform she can find.  I do not think she is sincere about anything.  It has always been a question for me but I wanted give her the benefit of the doubt. When I figured out that she isn’t even a Trump supporter that bothered me. Looking back, her stunts for attention at huge platforms is just her way. She has a history of wearing things to the Grammys to get attention,”

“I am not that bothered that I interviewed, at the time she was interesting, so I interviewed her.  What I am annoyed with is that her deceit reflects on the movement that I am a part of.  Halsey News does have investigators, but we don’t hide our biases.  Halsey is a commentary site.  What I feel like is she made fools out of people.  I sort of feel like she had the attitude that we are ridiculous Trump supporters, and therefore we are easily exploitable because of the traditional bias among Hollywood celebrities.”


“There is an ongoing danger with her.  When people get caught they usually apologize or go away.  But Joy was taught by scientology to ignore what she doesn’t like.  It is weird that she is just ignoring everyone’s questions. Instead of addressing the would be concerns of people who she is asking for money and support, she just pretends not to hear it.” Halsey said “then this whole thing came out with Corey Lewandowski, and it just made less sense than any of her other stunts. I don’t worship Corey, but I don’t believe this incredible story of hers at all.  Corey would have to have been so grossly stupid as to slap her ass twice in a crowded room where there are obviously Secret Service and security cameras.  I think she wanted to jump on the MeToo Movement. I think that is all it is.  I think she was looking for another platform. Who is she going to exploit next?”

Everywhere she goes she tries to expand her platform to reflect on HER, not on the movement she is jumping on,” Halsey said.


The big fear now is that she is exploring running for Congress in an area with a very heavy presence of Scientologists. She is counting on, if she gets the nomination, to peel off enough Republicans to add to her Scientologist base and maybe get to influence our government. This would be a huge win for Scientology, as they are being threatened with a revocation of their Tax Exempt status.

Grammys 2018 Villa wore a new dress and found a new movement-

This year Villa chooses – Choose Life:

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