A Colonized Africa is a Stunted Africa?

Thanks to Black Panther, every black Marxist worth his or her (or zey) salt is crying foul about a colonized Africa being a stunted Africa. They’re literally saying now that if white people didn’t cripple Africa, then the fictional nation of Wakanda, which is incredibly technologically advanced, would be the absolute state of Africa today.

After you’ve finished laughing at the idea of a colonized Africa actually hurting Africans, understand that these people go on to contend that black people can do more than any other person, and if whitey would just stop holding them down, they would achieve flying cars… because “WE!”

White people having to “save” Africans is an untrue “trope,” according to them. I guess they’ve never looked at the rate of AIDS or ever heard of Sally Struthers before. But it’s an unfair trope! “WUZ!”

Do you know why the “white hero” is a trope? It’s because we’ve always had to help Africans. That’s just a fact. That’s not saying every black person ever has needed help, but it is reminding you ingrates that it’s black babies pushed on us like abused pound puppies whom we must adopt for the “price of a cup of coffee per day,” and nations in Africa to which we must lend aid lest AIDS decimates entire populations. It’s African nations, not European ones, whose inability to even figure out drinking water causes white people to spend untold millions to dig wells, divert rivers, and even to install rain catchers – exceedingly simplistic technology that black people in Africa haven’t figured out in over 200,000 years. “KANGZ!”

(Remember that number, it’s important: 200,000 years.)

Yet Wakanda would have been real without whitey!

Look, we all know that you’re supposed to be “black and proud” as a way to even be really black. So, of course, many of you people preach about the horrors of a colonized Africa and the wondrous virtues of an Africa bereft white people. But I’m going to do you the courtesy of assuming you can understand world history and earth science on a 5th-grade level. Is this fair of me, or does it make me a racist to hold you to those lofty standards? I’m walking out on a limb with this assumption, but here it goes: Africa had literally over 200,000 years to build a Wakanda before white people even evolved as a race.

All of the archaeology we’ve done in the region, all of the geologists on their personal holy grail missions, etc, have never found a single standing monument, any sort of infrastructure, or any sort of innovation outside of Egypt. In other words, for all of human history, black Africa has been operating the same way it operates today, with the only difference being better economies in an colonized Africa than in parts of Africa that were never really colonized.

Two-hundred-thousand years!

The number 2 with five zeroes behind it!

This is the amount of time Africa had without white people. White people did not even exist until around 8,000 years ago. What in the hell were Africans doing in all that time that they couldn’t build Wakanda? Hey, this is only factual stuff, not meant to be a moral judgment; but not only did Africans never build a Wakanda in 200,000 years, they also never:

  • Built any roads or cities

  • Constructed any buildings that still stand

  • Created any dams or aqueducts

  • Advanced in any form of mathematics

  • Advanced in any sort of science

  • Constructed anything motorized

  • Figured out electricity

  • Figured out the wheel

This list could go on and on, but you get the point. Africans never did any of that. The blacks who think a colonized Africa ruined the potential of Africans are only looking at the past few hundred years. They’re literally using white achievement as their baseline, and they do so unabashedly. Basically, they’re saying this: “You cannot judge Africa on those 200,000 years because we didn’t have anything modern until a few hundred years ago!”

Okay, that’s fair – but at the same time, that means you admit that what we think about today as “modern” is the result of white Europeans. Therefore we must logically include Africans who existed on this planet for 200,000 years prior to white people yet never made one single advancement. You can’t have it both ways.

In other words, if Africans would have did their Wakanda stuffs 100,000 years ago, for instance, the idea of “modern” would now be over 100,000 years old. What the hell stopped them?

Even when we speak about “empires” of Africa, we’re speaking about what amounts to large tribes that lived in larger huts, not actual kings in castles, contrary to the popular meme. The Nubians and Mali, et al, weren’t “empires” in the sense we think about Rome and the British Empire, or even the invading hordes. They were “empires” in the sense of, “Okay, we can’t teach in school that Africans never did jack shit, because that’s racist and hurts feelings.” But on a world stage, in human history, Africans never did jack shit.

And while you can point the finger at the white man for stunting Africa’s growth over the past few hundred years—even if it isn’t true, which it isn’t; I’ll still hand that one to you—the fact is that Africans had a civilization that’s 1,000-times older than America, hundreds of times older than Europe, and in all of that time, geologic time, they never even figured out how to build an economy around their natural resources. The Chinese and Europeans didn’t go into Africa, steal the diamonds, and then build a model of supply and demand. Diamonds were already part of their economies when they went into Africa to find more. Why didn’t Africans ever figure them out? No gemstones, no precious metals, no oil, etc. Nothing. It took a colonized Africa for Africans to even figure out what a “resource” was.

Were Africans just living in the Garden of Eden until white people arrived? Or it is much more likely, because of it being true, that they were always dealing with rampant starvation and disease and tribal warfare? Whitey did not do this to Africa.

Sorry, Africans, but the colonized Africa is the closest you’ve ever been to Wakanda. History proves, beyond all reasonable doubt, that you can never get there on your own. Hell, you had over 200,000 years without interference from the white man. By the time the white man was around on this Earth for only 5,000 years, we already had a Colosseum and aqueducts and great cathedrals. The Chinese even built a great wall. For f*ck’s sake, even the Aztecs were doing big things with their own pyramids. And what do we get out of Sub-Saharan Africa? Nothing but descendants whose ancestors lived on resource-rich land like squatters in a French town-home. Your people did nothing with all of that opportunity, over all of that massive expanse of land, for all of history.

Yet we have to hear you whine about a colonized Africa holding you down. We have to participate in your delusions and pretend that black people would have already created a Wakanda if not for white people.

It’s ridiculous. It’s insulting.

If this sounds racist, you can kiss my ass; it just so happens to be true! Black people cannot even keep Detroit or Memphis or New Orleans running smoothly after someone else built it. Yet we’re supposed to believe that if only white people weren’t in your way, you’d have created a paradise and an advanced civilization?

Stick with the “we wuz kangz” meme, please. While it’s objective nonsense and entirely untrue, at least it’s not as delusional as pretending you could do any of these things if left on your own. Not Wakanda. Stop it!

Again, that’s not a smear. It’s not racism. It’s just an observation. You were left on your own for over 200,000 years, and you have absolutely nothing to show for it. Even during Black History Month, we don’t teach anything about Sub-Saharan Africa because there’s nothing to teach. It’s always been a poverty-stricken wasteland, and the people there would likely be extinct without that “white hero” you seem to hate so much.

Seriously. If you can even prove that a colonized Africa has hurt Africans over the past few hundred years, there are still 200,000 years hanging out there that you’re utterly ignoring.

Can you explain that, kangz?

In closing, this is not some mean-spirited jab saying black people never did anything of worth. It’s not even close to that. Understand that black people here are blaming white people for holding them back. I’m just telling the truth: Nobody held black Africans back, certainly not a colonized Africa. They just never did shit.

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