An Open Letter To Chuck Schumer

An Open Letter To Chuck Schumer

Dear Senator Schumer

My name is David Weissman. I am a veteran who served in the United States Army for over 13 years of service.

I have 2 deployments to Afghanistan under my belt as well as serving the people of Louisiana during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I currently live in Israel, but will be coming back to the United States in a month or two to reenlist in the U.S. Army.

Even though I have been living in Israel for a few years, I have been paying very close attention to what has been going on in my country of birth.

I am well aware we have a new President, by the name of Donald J. Trump, who I campaigned for and support, and I can obviously see the hatred the mainstream media and the Democrats have for him. I also understand that there are a few issues you and many of your fellow Democrats have with certain policies President Trump has laid out for the United States. The Trump administration has been extremely critical of the DREAM Act as well as DACA, and has made “Building The Wall” a core goal of the Trump Presidency.

President Trump recently made a decent compromise for America’s security – even though a majority of his constituents fear giving the Democratic Party an inch on immigration with policies like DACA. He was willing to go for DACA as long as the wall was built. But, because of pride and ego, you said no and decided to go with a shutdown of the United States Government, mainly because of your hatred towards Trump. Or was it your disdain for the safety of American citizens?

Here is the problem I have with your actions, and that of many in your party.

First off, shutting down the United States government hurts not only the people who work for the government.

Even more importantly, it hurts the financial readiness of the United States Military. Many Americans took an oath freely to defend the American people, and because of your hyperpartisan hysteria, many will go unpaid and unable to provide for their families. This will not only affect the family unit, but it will affect the military as a whole.  If a soldier is not financially secure at home, then he or she is going to have a harder time being mission ready.

This reality could lead to serious problems for the military unit even in peacetime – let alone in combat!

Secondly, I find your disinterest in protecting your own citizens appalling.

As a soldier, I learned that the first thing you do is to secure an area before conducting other operations. How can you have a decent immigration plan without protections put in place to stop those who would seek to harm the United States and her citizens?

The President of the United States is not an ambassador. His primary job is to protect American citizens, not illegal aliens.

Do you feel no responsibility to make sure we don’t see another victim like Katie Steinle killed by someone we could have deported, or who could have been kept out of America in the first place?! It’s shameful that you care more about people who break the law than the ones who enter the U.S. legally and Americans who are born here. You turned your back on the people who elected you so you can acquire illegal voters.

As a veteran and as a person who will be reenlisting, I will hold you accountable, because I took an oath to protect the American people and the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Sadly, today, I feel you have chosen your party’s interests over the interests of our nation. And that, Senator Schumer, is a disgrace.

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