Breaking Canada: Trudeau’s Pattern of Betrayal

Breaking Canada: Trudeau’s Pattern of Betrayal

Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in the roughly two years since taking power from Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada, has exhibited a pattern of behavior very much unlike any previous Canadian government.

Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) obtained less than 39% of votes in the October 2015 election, about the same as the Harper Conservatives did in 2011. Not what you’d call a sweeping mandate, but it was enough to lurch Canada into full-on globalism.

Of course, there was no formal announcement to this effect. No, you can’t count Trudeau’s post-election NYT interview where he declared, “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.” If anything Trudeau’s words were the first clear indication he wasn’t a particularly deep thinker.

Maybe this was the moment many Canadians became “woke.” But it was too late, for the Trudeau nightmare had begun. In reality, Justin has been working on it for years. I have written about some of the concerns here and here.

People have gushingly referred to Justin as “Canada’s Obama”.

Trudeau couldn’t wait to pull Canadian jets out of Syria and the coalition fight against the Islamic State. Reports at the time suggest Trudeau first blurted it out over the phone speaking to Obama. At first glance, Trudeau’s sudden announcement could be chalked up to simple politics, to in effect, scent-mark his territory, and show he’s the anti-Harper.

Not at all surprisingly, there was mixed reaction to Trudeau’s first moves on the world stage. However, Canadians are quite accustomed to their government ruling by decree, so that in short order, and as is typical with politics du-jour, most people moved on.

Taken in isolation the decision to pull those fighters away from the battle could be nothing more than a so-called progressive and self-declared feminist doing the peacenik thing: make love not war. Trudeau could get good political mileage leaning on the myth of Canada’s military as peacekeepers, the media-party always run with that, it sounds good, but means little.

Trudeau’s first decision wasn’t crass politics, nor was it benign, or in the best interest of the country. No, far from it, quitting Syria was but one of a growing list of worrying actions taken by the Trudeau regime.

There’s a clear pattern, an overarching theme to every move this guy makes. Despite generous attempts, I do not see anything remotely positive here for Canada. Or, as someone suggested recently, once you consider he’s not on our side, Trudeau’s words and deeds make sense. Okay, that’s not at all reassuring.

One thing is certain, Trudeau ain’t Trump.

Keep in mind, the few items listed above mesh very well with the official view that returning ISIS soldiers are “foreign terrorist travelersand the government is using taxpayer resources to provide support to them in Canada.

In December Trudeau repeatedly stated that he believes he can rehabilitate Islamic State fighters who return home to Canada. In yearend interviews Trudeau said these terrorists are “an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations.” To which I’d say, lookout for jihadis being escorted into your local schools, to share the religion of peace with your young family members.

This is the kind of behavior to be expected of a dull trust-fund kid raised by a communist father, himself an arrogant effete trust-funder.

Here are a few examples of what Trudeau has done for Canada in just 2 years:
10/2015Pulls Canadian jets from ISIS fight.
11/2015Plan to rush 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada
01/ 2016Declares Islam as not incompatible with “Western secular democracy.”
03/2016On CBS’ 60 Minutes claims “openness” and “respect” will stop Islamic terrorism.
01/2017Said he will defend Muslims, immigration and feminism to President-elect Donald Trump
04/2017Says Canadians have to move beyond tolerance towards acceptance of Muslim prayers in public schools.
06/2017Bill C-6 becomes law: permits convicted terrorists to keep Canadian citizenship
07/2017Awards convicted murderer terrorist Khadr $10.5M.
11/2017Forces RCMP to delete 5000 intelligence record on Islamic migrants
12/2017In Parliament Trudeau says criticism of terrorism is “Islamophobia.”

You need only go back to July 2013 to see Justin saying prays at Mosque with Muslims, after which he gives speech praising Islam. During a campaign debate in the lead-up to the 2015 election Trudeau, responding to Stephen Harper, would not agree to revoke citizenship of dual nationals convicted of terrorism. Instead he said he’d defend them: “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” declared the aspiring globalist and friend to George Soros.

The Liberals plan to increase immigration to 1,000,000 over the next 3 years. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to figure out where they’ll come from. No society can take in such numbers in so short a span and remain cohesive, functioning, and prosperous—especially when newcomers have every encouragement not to become westernized.

Indeed, Trudeau has been called a hero by at least one Canadian imam.

After consideration of the above, and everything else you’ve heard and read about Trudeau, here are two more troubling developments.

First, Motion M-103, a motion to study Islamophobia in Canada, a nebulous term that remains undefined, is going to resurface. This is a move to have all of government, every department, agency, and worker submit to sharia. Will blasphemers be dragged into Human Rights Courts, have their lives destroyed?

Second, there are plans to change the rules and remove or alter the penalty for lying on an application for citizenship. Regardless of the year of the application, the penalty upon discovery is deportation.

Our Trudeau nightmare has not ended. Indeed if anything, it has Canada more fully in its thrall. Trudeau’s so-called gender-balanced Cabinet, oddly out of sync with the countries demographics. He intends to make tens-of-thousands of recent immigrants eligible to vote in the 2020 Federal election—how’s that for you American GOPers looking at the DNC and DACA!

The ugly truth is that Liberals have given up on middle-class; they need to keep the lie afloat into the next election, while immigration is massively increased. You don’t need a crystal ball to understand our aging population.

The European settler-age is almost over, and that means conservatism is fading; globalists are counting on biology to help do what politicians (thus far) cannot do.

Oh, Canada.

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