Do Liberal Jews Represent Jewish Interests?

liberal jews

Liberal Jews, stop comparing Trump’s safety policies to the Holocaust, they are nothing alike.

The liberal Jewish community continues to believe the fake news from main stream media when it comes to the travel ban and the immigration policy of President Trump. With their liberal logic they have the audacity to compare these policies to the Holocaust, and as an American Jew of European heritage, I am saying enough is enough, they are nothing alike.

The world today is a much dangerous place as it has been in years, with an enemy of humanity radical Islam that strikes the innocent globally.  This enemy uses any means to carry out their dangerous agenda of world domination. As the President of the United States, you are responsible for the safety of your people. My job as a columnist is to help inform people with commentary and with the right facts contrary to what the MSM is reporting. First thing is there is a huge difference in protecting your people compared to sending your people to concentration camps to die just because of a different ethnicity and religion.  If you need more details than that no problem. First, stop calling the travel ban a Muslim ban. This ban is to prevent terrorists, which is measured by the amount of terrorism in a territory from entering the country.  What people and especially the left chose to ignore is that radical Islamists which is the primary identify of  terrorists use all kinds of people as weapons, women, children elderly; they have no regard for human life but to only conquer the world. I will also remind the people that the ban is also temporary, at least until the Government has a way to vet people entering the country.

The United States is a country of opportunity, as long as a person does it the right way. Entering the country illegally is breaking the law, again nothing like the Holocaust when the Jewish communities of Europe were citizens of these Nazi controlled countries. And despite what MSM says about Trump supporters and conservatives, we support immigration. We adore the land of opportunity because that’s how America became great. What we don’t want is illegals entering in the country, taking a chance in harming an American citizen which has happened way too much, and building a wall is not like the concentration camp. The wall will be there to keep its citizens safe, while the concentration camp was there for death of the Jewish people.

Please, liberal Jews think before you speak. Realize the travel ban, immigration policy and the wall are there to keep people safe from the same evil that murdered 6 million of our people. President Trump’s policies are the exact opposite of Hitler’s Holocaust of the Jewish people, stop comparing the two.

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