Trump’s Comments Expose Liberal Racism

In my humble opinion, there is no racism that’s worse and more harmful than liberal racism. Two quick points on that front:

1: Okay, so my opinion isn’t so humble. I’m probably smarter than you are. Suck it. (Joking, obviously; this one’s going to need some levity!)

2: White liberals believe blacks cannot survive without their help, are too stupid and poor to get a government-issued ID, and cannot pass public school or get into college without artificial grades and scores tampering.

So when President Donald Trump calls some African nations—yes, we’re including Haiti here because it’s literally indiscernible from Africa—”shitholes,” well, all I can guess is that white progressives are in an uproar in order to hide their own liberal racism.

This isn’t going to drone on long-winded and irrelevantly about the political capital spent here or the implications of a sitting POTUS saying such. What I’m going to be doing here is asking a question: Is it true or not?

Haitian people literally eat dirt. They stir it up in a pot with water and salt and make “cookies” out of it. They’re so incredibly poor that they rank as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Yet, for real, they sit on a resource-rich island that another group of people might have transformed into a paradise. That’s racist? No. That’s geography. Look at the same relative locations that are thriving. Hell, look at the Dominican Republic, right next door. It’s not a paradise, but it is in comparison.

Haiti is a massive shithole, and liberal racism chooses to scribe the false narrative that whitey oppressed them somehow.

Nordic Europe is an ice desert, basically, bereft the resources Haiti has, and look at it.

Is this a black/white thing?

I wrote a book on this. I wouldn’t say that it necessarily has to be a black/white thing; only that this is the way evolution played out in our environments, creating a hunter-gatherer nomadic culture that has never built anything of lasting worth in the entirety of human history. And before the cries of “racist” come flying out at me, this isn’t me saying this – it’s a black dude.

In the west, and with access to the west, today’s blacks have everything they need to build cities at their fingertips, but I’d argue liberal racism is holding them back. Liberal racism is what preaches to black people that the reason they haven’t built these cities is colonization and whitey holding them down.

Here’s a fun fact, emphasis on fact: Modern humans evolved after splitting off from our last common ancestor between 200,000 and 400,000 years ago. For all that time, a large portion of humanity has resided in Sub-Saharan Africa. White people, as in Europid Caucasoid peoples with white skin, only evolved as a distinct subspecies around 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. So blacks in Africa have had over 200,000 years without any white person even existing, much less stepping foot there, to build their Black Panther-like cities with flying cars and towering buildings and perpetual motion machines in every kitchen, beside the coffee pot.

Though from the very tip of the Saharan desert to the bottom of the African Cape, what do we find in the way of historical monuments, castles, buildings, roads, etc? Absolutely nothing. And I mean literally nothing. There’s nothing – no signs that there was ever even a mildly decent African civilization, much less a great one. History teaches about a few “empires,” like the Mali, but there’s nothing to suggest they were ever more than the largest tribe on the block.

Though in the span of only a few thousand years after evolving as a race, white people built in the 11th century, for instance, monuments that still stand today as brilliant feats of architecture.

Does this mean white people are better thank black people? Liberal racism would seem to think so, but I’m not making any such judgment. I’m just saying that Trump has a point. These places are objectively shitholes.

They are shitholes. Haiti is horrific. Most of Sub-Saharan Africa is terrible. You wouldn’t live there! Not one white liberal person preaching the Gospel of Equity in Equality would take their family to live there, or they’d be insane to do so.

People from these nations have been all over social media since Trump’s comments, thinking they’re scoring some points by saying something to the effect of, “”I’m from one of those #shithole_nations and I have a master’s degree and am an American citizen!”

I would think someone with a master’s degree would be smart enough not to shoot themselves in the foot by basically saying, “I had to flee from my home nation for a better life” and thus admitting it was a shithole. (Can we use “LOL” in semi-formal opinion pieces on news sites?)

Okay, but let’s try to be fair. How can one define “shithole”? How about something like, if you:

  • Don’t have enough food to eat by a mile
  • Can’t take care of one kid yet have seven of them
  • Can’t figure out how to get clean drinking water
  • Don’t have any sort of buildings or infrastructure that’s viable
  • Don’t have a functioning economy
  • Have entire cities that are basically campsites
  • Can’t figure out indoor plumbing
  • Must rely on western aid for medicine and sustenance

And on and on this list could go, but you get my point. You know what makes a shithole, and you know liberal racism isn’t fixing it. Trump did a great job of exposing liberal racism. Have I explained this yet? Shit, my bad. That’s the title of the damn article! Give me a sec…

Okay. When Trump called these places shitholes, he never mentioned anyone’s race, just the locations. And logically speaking, anyone of any race can technically live in a location, just like anyone could be an “American.” But when liberals heard this, all their minds could think was, “Black people suck so bad at creating anything that Trump is obviously speaking only about black people.”

Viola – instant liberal racism!

It’s so juicy!

Bottom line: Some places in the world are shitholes. Some places in America are shitholes! And what we don’t do is emulate those places and try to import the disease of Shitholeitis to thriving areas, so why the f*ck would we want to import the people from shitholes to our nation to create more shitholes?

If these people were good enough to not create shitholes, they could fix their own nations up. They can’t. They never have. They probably never will. So why do we have to take them?

If you think these people are awesome inside of these shitholes, then let them build up their places of residence. Though by your own philosophy of liberal racism, you know they can’t do it.

So why must we participate in yet another stupid delusion? Just like we have to already pretend men are “real” women and you can choose a new gender every day, now we have to pretend that there aren’t any shitholes out there?

No. There are. And we shouldn’t want them.

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