January 2018

Did Obama Help Create Racist Hysteria?

Today, Racism is everywhere according to Hollywood, the media, professional athletes, the education system, social media, elected officials and activism groups. We went from hearing…

Google’s Social Justice On Trial

Being cautiously optimistic, the Google case very well could become a referendum on the social justice ideology that HR departments across the country have been subscribing to.

What Is Anti-Semitism?

When the term anti-Semitism is used inappropriately, the public may be more likely to ignore stories detailing real acts of anti-Semitism.  As a small, Jewish community, we cannot allow this to happen. 

Finding Alinsky In The Mirror

Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals is an incredibly valuable book. I just see the truths within it as having an entirely different utility than Alinsky did. I see Alinsky in the mirror. Somewhat, at least.
I suspect you do, too.