China Admits North Korea Is A Time Bomb

China Admits North Korea Is A Time Bomb

According to North Korea’s foreign ministry nuclear war is inevitable due to South Korean and American conducting military drills, this according to reports by the official Korean Central News Agency.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula increase with each nuclear test Pyongyang carries out.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called on China and Russia to rein in North Korea’s weapons development. Tillerson reiterated the United States will not negotiate with Kim Jong Un unless there is a pullback from “threatening behaviors”.

Conditions on the peninsula now make for the biggest risk of a war in decades,” said Renmin University international relations professor Shi Yinhong, who also advises the State Council, China’s cabinet.

China’s foreign minister has claimed recently that there is still the chance to keep peace. But also admitted there is a “vicious cycle” of confrontation on the peninsula.

At the same time North Korea again slammed the US, Japan and the United Nations Security Council as being hostile to the North. Pyongyang insists they are pursuing a necessary defensive weapons program.

North Korea’s UN ambassador Ja Song-nam, at a special meeting of the UN Security Council, boasted of the “incredible might of our republic that has successfully achieved the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force cause of building rocket power through a great November event,” recalling the successful November launch of a new long range missile.

“Little Rocket Man” now possesses greatly advanced weapon and rocket capabilities; so this isn’t the rhetorical sabre rattling of the Clinton era. U.S. and South Korea militaries have damn good provocation to ramp up their scheduled exercises.

North Korea is a time bomb,” said professor Yinhong, going further he added, “We can only delay the explosion, hoping that by delaying it, a time will come to remove the detonator.”

Japan and Hawaii are stepping up civil defense measures, taking steps to prepare citizens for increased possibility of attack. For several years now Japan has sought to acquire more defensive military technology.

Amidst this all, China is said to have begun preparing for conflict. Despite assurances, China is worried war may break out, or that the North Korean regime may collapse in crisis, the starving citizens fleeing north into China.

Ever cautious long-term planners it is not surprising to learn of refugee camps under construction in Changbai County in the northeastern border province of Jilin. This region is close to North Korean nuclear facilities. Residents here have been instructed how to correctly rinse radioactive dust from their bodies and to also take iodine tablets.

The risk of major conflict has not been higher.

North Korea is going to conduct another underground nuclear test, there is nothing to suggest otherwise. North Korea is going to attempt another missile launch into the Pacific, maybe towards Guam or Hawaii. For decades the communist state has sought offensive nuclear weaponry. In 2018 they will continue to test and tune their technologies.

We must get used to the idea that China no longer controls Pyongyang.

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