Careful Where You Throw That Race Card!

So, I saw one of those infograph meme-like things earlier. I can’t use it here; copyright issues. But I can explain it. It had a white girl sitting in a school desk, and a black girl. It said the white girl was 71% more likely to graduate and go on to finish college, whereas the black girl was only 21% likely to do so. The implication: America is racist. Bad, bad, whitey! Whitey has been giving black students extra funding, lowering the black education bar because of cultural standards, and allowing more black girls into college than any other demographic, but still the race card comes flying out.

Why lie where it’s not needed? Why the insistence on throwing that race card out?

Hey, people, be careful where you throw that race card, okay! That f*cker stings when it hits.

It is a funny thing to me, that people with more rights and privileges can claim oppression because of their race. I would write a 10,000-word essay on how blacks have it better than anyone else on the planet, specifically in America, by getting 230 free SAT points, social promotion, never having to worry about hate crime charges, having entire wings of government set up to fund the single-mother debauchery in their communities, and on and on.

We won’t go there this article. I just want to talk about throwing that race card around, and not necessarily because of “muh oppression.” Some throw it around for favor because they know it benefits them to be seen as black, when we know they’re not black.

I mean, just think about it: If blacks were so disadvantaged in America, you wouldn’t have white girls pretending to be black to get special favor! When’s the last time we caught a black girl LARPing as a white girl to get benefits? 100 years ago? It just doesn’t happen, because there’s no benefit in being white when you can be black.

Though when’s the last time we saw a white person pretending to be black, throwing that race card, to get special benefits?

Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal come to mind. These two people are like notebook paper white, scary white; like my-people-are-Nordic type of white. Though they throw on the black face, throw the race card, and our ultra-sissy society levies upon these people heaps of undeserved, unearned benefits because they think they’re black people.

It doesn’t stop there. You can be a white girl who does not have one typical black phenotype. Zero. Still claim to be a quarter black, and suddenly you’re uplifted to a position like some diversity director. Sure, it’s a meaningless position, though it goes to show that the race card is the best-working trick to play on society today.

Can we all please take a minute to see the failure of white society here? After all, whitey’s supposed to be a flaming racist collectively! White society is supposed to be white supremacy. Check your privilege, whitey – it’s all white people ever hear. “You benefit from white privilege even if you don’t realize it,” every sociologist west of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon will tell you so. America is so racist, so against black people, that anyone who decides to fling the race card is carried around on our shoulders like some poor victim for whom we’ll give the world in reparations to set right our collective wrongs.

We’re the most inept racists to ever exist on this planet. We, meaning western whites, are holding down black people so hard that physics inverts on itself and props them up instead. Where else but in a white society can someone making millions of dollars a year claim to be oppressed by whiteness and get sympathy?

Where else can a people willingly throw fathers out of the home, refuse to do well in school, refuse to start businesses in their own neighborhoods, and turn around and sap up over a trillion dollars a year in aid?

White people are so racist that we’ll add literal trillions to our national debt, if only it makes 13% of the population feel a little more special.

As soon as that race card gets thrown, we’re powerless to dodge it. We’re not like Neo in the Matrix. We get hit with that f*cker every single time.

This is a two-sided card, to be sure. We do have actual racists in America, numbers unknown, who throw around cards with abandon and blame every societal ill on black people. The thing, though, is that these aren’t people in power. Richard Spencer has no power in American society. He can play his version of the race card, he and his few thousand followers can seal-clap at one another like retards, but it doesn’t get them anywhere.

Though on the other side, when people throw that race card out as a victim, it’s knee-capping people who are in actual power and have positions whereby they can do something for the so-called victim throwing the card.

We live in a nation where we see exponentially more racist hoaxes than actual racism. Hell, it’s become the status quo at universities in America. If your African Studies course is too hard on you, fake a racist event and you’ll get weeks off of school, and still get credit for your class!

How else but the race card can a white girl become head of a NAACP chapter, or a white guy be uplifted to one of the figurative heads of Black Lives Matter, etc?

The race card can transform a white entertainer with a dead career into a relevant player in the industry and revitalize with fake sympathy what talent could not accomplish.

The race card is dangerous, no matter who throws it.

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