White People Weighing Their Black Justice Options

Black justice should not be a thing, but it is. Unfortunately, white people held black people to different standards for hundreds of years in America. While those wrongs have not only been righted entirely but have even shifted the other way, it is still a stain on our history. Though while we might could put the past behind us if everyone participated in that societal compact, the fact is not everyone does. Black people, in large numbers, have been trying to re-segregate themselves for decades.

This is whence “black justice” comes. If you ask Black Lives Matter, black justice literally means cops ignoring black communities and allowing them to exist as anarchy compounds, lawless entitles unto themselves. (Pretty much how ghettos operate now, but without the sporadic cop shooting a black male to save the cop’s own life.)

When I was a kid, I remember seeing dozens of court cases with black men citing “black rage” as their reasoning for committing robberies, rapes and murders, and sometimes even getting reduced sentences for that claim. Black justice, baby; never leave home without it. It’s like the autistic American Express.


Now we see black justice once again rearing its head, allowing a woman who literally kidnapped and tortured a handicapped person, because he was a white person, to walk away from the crime with only four months of probation. No prison. Hell, not even county lock-up – just get out of here, keep that weave fresh, and do some community service for us, Black Mother Earth, and as the Italians say, “Fuggeddaboudit!”

Is this fair? Objectively no.

Is this right? That question is a bit more complex.

To understand it, you have to look at today’s white-black commingling in a deeper context.

For starters, it’s tough to be white and deal with black people in any capacity. Which is truly a shame, because living right outside of D.C., there are a lot of black people here, many of whom are great people with whom I share friendships. Though it’s difficult to treat people the same. For example, when you want to speak about an issue that’s considered a “black” issue, you’re in a catch-22:

  1. If you speak about it as a white person, you’re told to check your privilege, called a racist, and at least have a finger wagged in your face as you’re screamed at that you don’t get to speak about “black” issues because you’re white.

  2. If you do ask a black person about these issues and want to speak with them about it, you’re still accused of racism and white privilege as the black person is liable to say that you’re using black people to speak about their entire race, whereas white people don’t have to do that.

So, what do?!

I could list dozens of examples here. For instance, “microaggressions” in a collegiate atmosphere where you’re racist for saying you don’t “see color” because that strips away black identity, while also racist if you do see color because you’re “othering” the black person by noticing they’re black.

You can’t f*cking win if you’re white. You really can’t. I am not on the alt-right and do not agree with some on the alt-right when they say that all white people should just disassociate themselves from black people because, no matter what you do, they’ll always treat you as a racist and the enemy.

But I can sure as sh*t see what causes so many people to hold this stance!

Black justice is applied when, basically, the opposite of black people’s boogeyman happens.

Example: We hear some black people whining and moaning all the time that “If a white person and a black person are in court for the same charge, the black person gets more time!” This is objectively incorrect, save in the many instances where black defendants have criminal histories thicker than some books and whites are first-time offenders. Though what’s really likely to happen, as we have been seeing constantly over the past few years, jurors are more sympathetic to blacks because (a) they believe the SJW crybaby drama and feel guilty, and (b) they think it’s better to put one criminal back on the streets than to face the wrath of black people.

A black male murdered someone, was found guilty, and his mother—you know, those gentle women who dindu nuffin…ever—located a juror and threatened her life.

And that’s getting off easy.

What’s more likely to happen, because we habitually see it, is that blacks will riot and go ape-sh*t when they don’t get their way in court. We’ve seen it all throughout post-segregation history; there’s no need to rehash it with an extra 1,000 words and links. You know exactly about which cases I speak.

So, be Team Prosecution here for the state. Prosecutor, judge, etc. Brittany Covington is a double-whammy on the victim scale. She’s a female and she’s black. How the hell do you handle that?

You rounded up all four suspects of the heinous crime (the sort of crime blacks perpetrate on whites at least fifty times a year, yet the sort of crime whites haven’t perpetrated on blacks since Medgar Evers, but you know which one we’ll hear about constantly and which media will sweep under the rug).

You charged Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Tanishia Covington and Brittany Covington with kidnapping, battery and hate crimes.

Brit-Brit was the first called to the carpet. “Hey, guys, let’s not make the black kids angry. Instead, let’s let her off with a stern warning… like the daddy she never had would have given her!”

“Okay, let’s do it!”

So, black justice prevails. Though not only for black people; all minorities receive this justice in America today. An illegal alien admitted to murdering someone, he walks away with no more trouble than a traffic stop. A Muslim woman murders her baby by throwing it out of a window (And it took a British paper to cover it!). Hey, it’s just a baby. Women kill 50-million a year. F*ck it. Four years probation.

I “LOL” when I think of a white man throwing a baby out of a window. Not because it’s funny; I mean the trouble he’s in compared to a Muslim woman, or any woman. I cringe to think of the nationwide riots that would ensue if four white people kidnapped and tortured a retarded black kid. They’d be given a life sentence, the men, and the women, if white, would have at least gotten 10-15.

So, for serious, the next time I hear black people complain about getting more time for the same offense, because systemic racism, I’m going to explode on them with the fury of a thousand suns, in writing of course, and remind them how damn easy they have it in the United States.

For people who habitually complain about having it so tough, it sure does look easy to survive in comfort if you’re black. Every single black person crying about oppression has on the freshest name-brand clothes, is chubby as f*ck, has on Jordans or other shoes that cost over $150, all the girls have $800 worth of hair weave (if dark-skinned), and all have the new iPhone in the back pocket. (Which never manages to come out to record the racism, but never fails to come out to record the fights in McDonald’s. Wurl Starr!)

Wow. It’s tough out there for black folk! Me, a straight white man, supposedly privileged, has a minutes phone and a bus pass because I’m broke.

Black justice is basically white people saying that we’d rather risk black people hurting or killing another few whites than to see hundreds of thousands of blacks loot, riot, maim and murder, which they will do at the drop of a hat.

I don’t like black justice. I think it’s ridiculous. I’ll call it out. But it sure is better than the alternative of treating blacks the same as everyone else.

History tells us that that’s the one thing black people hate the worst.

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