The Tiana Dalichov White Privilege Challenge

For decades we have had to hear in almost every majority white western nation that has a significant population of nonwhites that “white privilege” is why whites do better in the aggregate. Though every single instance of white privilege pushed on someone has proven nothing more than an attempt to extort guilt and to make excuses. Halsey News is a business that’s out to deliver truth, not social-justice platitudes, so we’re offering a new challenge in honor of one of our favorite writers, Tiana Dalichov, getting her own show on the Remso Republic!

The Tiana Dalichov White Privilege Challenge

It’s pretty simple. If you can prove one single instance of white privilege, you will win $100! This is not a hoax.  Submit your email and other pertinent details when entering the challenge. If you happen to prove an instance of white privilege, you will receive the money. No complaints. No arguments. You will be $100 richer!

No joke! No nonsense! No debate! If you prove an instance of white privilege, you will be paid. Moreover, one of our writers will feature your proven instance of white privilege in an article, in an impartial fashion, and draw more attention to an area in society that needs to be corrected!

The Criteria

All Entries Must…

  1. Be instances that benefit white people for being white people (not rich people; not nepotism)
  2. Be shown to have systemic placement (government, institutions) and not just a white racist individual not hiring black people, etc
  3. Be complete with data that shows how white people benefit and nonwhites do not
  4. Hold up to scrutiny of our staff who will test the validity of the claim using logic, facts and reason

An example would go like this:

Entrant: “The state of black schools and their failing proves that there’s white privilege in education.”

Reply: “This fails to qualify for a slew of reasons.

Kids don’t earn better grades in schools just because they’re white

Being a majority white school doesn’t give you more funding; in fact, the opposite is true per government spending on education

Other factors to consider is that over 72% of black kids only have one parent to help with homework, to attend meetings and conferences, etc, and this is not the fault of white people

Whites have in fact done a lot more for black schools than white schools, like inventing social promotion and giving away 230 free SAT points, yet these black-specific measures cannot help with one-parent homes and the higher rates of disruptive children and children who drop out of school

In fact, going over all this data, one might concluded that there’s actually black privilege in education, seeing as the mere fact of being black gives you more opportunities in public education than are received by white children

This is just an example of how the contest works. You don’t just get to spam an instance of suspected white privilege and have it go unchallenged. It has to be proven.

Though with the Tiana Dalichov White Privilege Challenge, which is absolutely free to join, we will not discriminate. If we cannot find information which suggests it’s not a case of white privilege, we believe that we’re left no choice but to assume it is white privilege, and you will receive $100 in cash!

Like, follow, retweet, share, tell your friends, family and every SJW group you can find! This is not some ploy to debunk white privilege. We have writers who do that all the time. This is an open call to society. Basically, since all we ever hear about in western society is the idea that white privilege is rampant, Halsey News wants to spotlight it on our platform and expose it.

In other words, we want you to prove it exists! We want to highlight and eliminate it! So, if you have verifiable, objective examples of white privilege, let us know about them and you’ll win $100 for each example and will also help spread the word about an area of society that needs to change.

Don’t be afraid. We look forward to your entries.

You can submit your entries to or through the contact form on We will confirm every entry has been received.


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