Trump Travel Ban: How Islam Is Winning


The Supreme Court recently ruled that President Trump’s Travel Ban does not warrant an injunction to stop it from taking effect. This is not a ruling endorsing the travel ban but a ruling by the justices that there is a high enough chance that it is Constitutional to avoid needing to block its implementation. This came with about zero surprise for anyone following the case. The opponents of the travel ban shopped the case around pretty hard until they could find judges who were connected to President Obama to get their injunctions in the first place. The opposition to the travel ban brings up a much deeper point, that is difficult to wrap your head around. Why is it that only threats from Islamic countries are ruled acceptable?

Recently, there have been grumblings that President Trump is going to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, as mandated by Congress in the mid 90’s. Since then every President, regardless of party and promises, has declined to do it on grounds of National Security. Namely, because the Palestinians threaten violence if the US does it. Likewise, the Left will tell us that the travel ban serves as a recruiting tool for terrorists. Namely, if we protect ourselves it will provoke Muslims to violence.


Why is it that Islamic groups are allowed to threaten acts of war in order to get us to not implement policies and procedures that are not only morally correct but in the best interests of our country? Why is it that any other group threatening war or violence against us would be dealt with quickly and harshly, as long as it doesn’t come from a Muslim? Why is it that protecting our citizens has now been decided to be a provocation of the Muslim world?

I can tell you why…because somehow we have bought into the racist narrative that Muslims are beyond being able to control themselves and that they are so prone to violence we must consistently bow to their wishes and walk on eggshells to avoid offending them, lest they start killing people. As previously stated, THIS IS INSANE!

I was speaking to someone the other day, who was going over the Leftist narrative about how anytime we say anything about Muslims, no matter how true it serves as a recruiting tool for ISIS. That all these peaceful Muslims, who would be content to have a normal job, and a mini van and never get involved with Jihad, are all of a sudden rushing to the Hamas recruiter to become suicide bombers because President Trump retweeted a video of a bunch of Muslims throwing people off of buildings. Funny how they weren’t offended by the video of PEOPLE GETTING THROWN OFF BUILDINGS, but of the fact that President Trump had the gaul to show people?


I would also posit an alternative theory. It isn’t legitimate criticism of the Muslim world that serves as a top recruiting tool of ISIS. It isn’t our War on Terror. It is easily this ridiculous fantasy thrown out by the Left that Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims can never be criticized and their threats of violence are natural reactions to anything we do critical of them.

Think about it for a second, you are a normal (as much as they can be) Muslim going about your day and you are talking to a friend who buys into the whole “Jihad is the Way” thing. Your Jihadist friend says “join us brother, God is on our side”. The non Jihadist says, “why would you say that?” The Jihadist says.

The West is the land of rights for Gays, women who walk around naked, with rights, that drive cars and openly cheat on their husbands without being stoned to death. They make movies and TV shows filled with everything Allah hates. So we murder them. We bomb their buses, run the over with trucks, shoot them and cut their heads off every where we find them. What is their reaction to this? They march in the streets to silence criticism of us, they censor their televisions to not put pictures of Mohammed on, lest they offend us. In all of Europe, they will actually put you in jail for the slightest criticism of Islam. They not only fear violence when they offend the ways of Allah, they expect it and consider it a rightful reaction to criticism of the one God, they take their cultural icons like Barbie and put them in a Hijab. Their publication even herald a sports Hijab as one of the greatest inventions of modern times. Whenever we do anything, they compare us to Christians and Jews and offer that they are more despicable than we could ever dream.

I ask you, how can we believe anything but God is on our side?

This is how ISIS recruits. This is what we are doing to ourselves.

The Travel Ban probably won’t do much to keep us safe, but at least it sends a small message that not all of us have lost our minds.

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