DOJ Issues Arrest Warrant for Kate Steinle’s Murderer

Social Justice got Kate Steinle killed. And we have to have faith that someday, true Justice will hand her killer the same fate.

On Friday, the Department of Justice unsealed and amended a 2015 arrest warrant for Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, the defendant acquitted Thursday in Kate Steinle’s murder trial.

At the time of Steinle’s murder, Garcia Zarate, an illegal immigrant, had 7 prior felony convictions (including drug charges), and had been deported from the United States to Mexico five times. According to acting ICE Director Thomas Homan, San Francisco deliberately ignored orders from ICE officials to hand over Garcia Zarate for deportation, instead letting him roam free throughout the streets of the “sanctuary city.” San Francisco’s refusal to comply with ICE is the reason Zarate was in the country long enough to murder Kate Steinle.

That young woman’s blood is on their hands. And on the hands of the jury that acquitted her killer.

A verdict of “not guilty” was delivered by the San Francisco County Superior Court on Thursday, in response to charges of first- and second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and assault with a semi-automatic weapon. Garcia Zarate was, however, found guilty of possessing a firearm illegally (as a felon).

This conviction is all our justice system has left right now to hold over this son of a b*tch.

And it’s an absolute joke. One that makes no sense whatsoever.

According to the defendant’s story, the gun had been wrapped in a t-shirt, and when Zarate picked up the bundle from beneath a park bench, the firearm just “went off” in his hands. The prosecution presented ample evidence to discredit this flimsy argument, asserting that the pistol in question required a full pull of the trigger to be fired, and that the gun would have needed to be aimed at Steinle deliberately in order for the bullet to have taken the path it did, severing her aorta and killing her.

Now, even if the prosecution’s evidence is completely ignored here…how can Garcia Zarate be convicted of illegally possessing a firearm…if his entire defense relies on his possession of the firearm being a complete accident?

Was it an accident? Or wasn’t it? Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

After the shot magically ricocheted and somehow managed to hit Steinle from across the pier (*eye roll*), Garcia Zarate then threw the gun into San Francisco Bay. The man is lying out of his ass. And the SJW jury, terrified of being politically incorrect or racist, bought it.

This whole narrative is so nonsensical, it’s reminiscent of most debates I have with leftists on Twitter. Utterly ridiculous. And it is a travesty that a jury was stupid enough to buy it at all. But then again, nothing the Left does makes any f*cking sense anymore.

Shortly after the verdict was reached on Thursday, United States immigration officials announced that Garcia Zarate would once again be deported, making this his sixth trip back over the border into Mexico.

The Department of Justice is also considering bringing federal charges against Garcia Zarate in response to the “not guilty” verdict.

CNN Analyst Kirsten Powers called Steinle’s death a “tragic accident.”

It wasn’t a “tragic accident.” It wasn’t exploited “in an effort to stir up bigotry against Mexicans.” Not even close. This was a deliberate circumventing of federal law and violation of the Supremacy Clause. San Francisco’s blatant favoritism of illegal immigrants over its own citizens did this. The Democrats’ push for open borders did this. Political correctness and social justice did this. This was not an accident.

Social Justice got Kate Steinle killed.

And we have to have faith that someday, true Justice will hand her killer the same fate.

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