For Eurocrats, The EU and The United Nations History Should Not Exist.

For Eurocrats, The EU and The United Nations History Should Not Exist.

So much has changed in the past three years—the so-call migrant crisis; a self-loathing Merkel sacrificed Germany to multiculturalism; and increased more dead from Islamic terror. Now, with ISIS in Iraq and Syria destroyed, foreign fighters are fleeing back to their home countries.

When it comes to safeguarding centuries of rich European history and culture, you’re wise to be extremely distrustful of the European Commission. For Eurocrats, history does not exist. No, that’s imprecise, because the truth—observed action, to some degree measurable—reveals the disdain these globalists hold for European history.

The next Islamic terror attack, we shudder at the thought, is a fearful when, not a wishy-washy phantasmagoria of western groupthink. Naturally the politicos in Brussels are extremely concerned.

No, they’re not worried about their citizens.

At least not so long as they continue to pay taxes. At the same time, in broad daylight politicians work with globalists, migrants and terrorists looting industry (while it lasts) and the treasury (ditto).

The EU’s commitment to effective multilateralism, with the UN at its core, is a central element of its external action.”

You might have heard of an outfit called the United Nations. The UN is a corrupt criminal cartel. Their agendas are advanced by politicians, courts, and media. It is also a cash machine for countless non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and anarchists. Many NGOs have a radical socialist agenda and partners with the UN towards that end.

This brings us back to the actions of the EU.

The next ratcheting-up of UN/EU globalism’s anti-Europeanism is brewing now.

Expect the EU to accelerate its commitments to the Charter of the UN. And simultaneously work to fulfill EU “obligations” under the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (c.1965).

Last October at the UN in New York City one Doerthe Wacker delivered a speech in which she implicitly reminded Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) back in Europe how little real power they have to affect change.

She was speaking on behalf of the European Union, at the 72ndSession of the United Nations Third Committee on Item 70: Elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. She (needlessly) reaffirmed that EU principles are “fully aligned with our international commitments such as to the Charter of the UN.”

Wacker continued, “…we have internally within the EU developed a robust legal framework” which includes obligations of the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) and The Racial Equality Directive (TRED) (c. 2000).

These UN and EU dictates are not new and where codified in individual countries’ legislation over several years. Among a laundry-list of expensive rights is included the human right to housing.

Much of the “legal framework” she mentions consists of penalizing EU countries should they not follow the rules.

On top of it all Member States must create specialized bodies for the promotion of equal treatment. And CERD legislation forces EU Member States to take action on many levels. Including requirements to enforce censorship, control the internet, and criminalize racist hate speech (an undefined term).

Of the coming divisive and costly decisions, the most problematic might be construction of new apartment blocks for migrants. People tend to notice that type of thing. Rest assured this will be blamed on the “unexpected migrant crisis” and newcomers have a legal right to be proper housing. It’s the law. UN Law.

Those resisting (Hungary, Czech Republic) diktats will be labelled racists and xenophobes.

This will tie back into the Commission’s push to change the Dublin Agreement, and also mandatory migrant quotas to each country. Expect to hear to from the V4 and Austria.

Lawmakers will then chide leaders of uncooperative countries (Poland, Austria) to obey, what is essentially UN law. Not a day goes by where we aren’t bombarded about human rights—real problems exist, attention is needed(Saudi Arabia, South Africa)—but now laws deeming housing to be a right will get the big push.

It looks like the fix is in; globalists continue to dismantle traditional European society following their plan and winging it when required. There’s a lot of moving parts, tons of problems, and existential threats popping up all over. You can read my previous articles on trouble in Europe here, here, here, here, and here.

Now that the continent is flooded with unskilled people who don’t speak a local language and have no desire to integrate, quickly put them on the dole. Later on, tell them about the free housing.

Here are some of the top-level categories in the UN/EU orders:

  • employment & occupation

  • vocational training

  • membership of employer and employee organizations

  • social protection, including social security and health care

  • education

  • access to goods and services which are available to the public, including housing

The financial burden of paying for the migrants is stripping the German treasury. Of course, for already poorer regions such demands may break them. And don’t forget the looming debt crisis. Back in 2014 combined EU and Euro-zone debt totaled some 14 Trillion euros.

The European Central Bank, reports say, has stopped creating money out of thin air to buy up bonds; Greece is looking for a new bailout deal; and Merkel is on the ropes. For lawmakers and fellow travelers, the well-heeled elites, there’s never been a better time to massively expand the welfare state.

It is unlikely there will be a rational attempt at pulling back from the coming chaos. And what of the resilience of European people to endure, let alone push back on the onslaught of anti-democratic politicians eager to please some 1.2 million largely incompatible and uncooperative foreigners.

Look away if you must, but that won’t change reality for millions of aging European citizens.

We’ve been warned about Europe’s unstoppable demographic disaster. But closer in, there are trip-wires everywhere; a single one could hasten the inexorable slide. What multiculturalists, relativists, and decades of indoctrination have done is sever Europe from its own history. What Europe looks like when that old history ceases to exist, ready or not, is coming into focus.

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