Lying Women Aren’t Helping the Feminist Cause

I know this is instantly going to make me look sexist, but in my opinion lying women are worse for society than pushy men. So say there’s a man who asks you out for a drink, and you turn him down and he gets fussy and butthurt over it. Fine. That’s bad; men shouldn’t act that way. If you get turned down, sack up and move on with your life. But lying women make these situations seem more like Bigfoot and UFO sightings by deciding to grossly exaggerate what actually happened.

Take Nathalie Gordon as a prime example. A verified Twitter liberal, she started this thread on Twitter where each new tweet just gets more and more outlandish. After reading this, I expected her to be standing on her front lawn in hair curlers, a nightgown and smoking a cigarette as she told Channel 5 News about how the aliens abducted her and performed probing experiments. I mean, really, you lying women are shooting yourselves in the foot!

She talks about how a man on a random public bus just touched her out of the blue and sparked up a conversation, asking her out on a date. She said that she turned him down politely. Okay, up to this point, she doesn’t seem much like the other lying women out there who embellish these stories like crazy to make their sh*t stand out among ordinary shi*t. After all, men don’t look too bad if they’re simply asking you out. How the f*ck else are we supposed to meet, couple up and perpetuate the human race?

Okay – now here’s where the lying women foot-shooting starts. She then says the man gets angry and rips her headphones out of her hand. This is the white woman equivalent of the white guy in pick-up truck yelling “n*gger” at black people. Ever notice how it’s always the same story, every time they see Bigfoo– umm, sorry, I mean every time they’re harassed? It’s always some loser guy who gets turned down and then physically assaults them. This says to me that these lying women are so incredibly self-centered that their make-believe stories cannot help but to revolve around how they’re so irresistibly desirable that men just can’t keep their hands off them.

They’re so pretty and important and special that men just have to touch them.

(Then you see what these women look like and you laugh until you pass out from lack of oxygen!)

But it goes on from there. After assaulting her, she ignores him and just minds her own business (like feminists tend to do, right? LOL). She notices out of the corner of her eye that this guy is rubbing himself – masturbating in full view of the public while staring at her!

She asks him to stop and he just laughs. She asks the bus driver, who’s another dirty man, to do something about it, and he also laughs and refuses to do anything about it. This man touched her, asked her out, assaulted her, and jerked off in front of her, in full view of the entire public on a bus.

Okay. This sort of thing isn’t impossible. I mean, there are some sick bastards out there. Even though she’s intentionally attempting to say that this is what all men are, full stop, I’d be willing to have her back and say, “You know, some people are sickos! I’m sorry this happened to you.” If only she would frame it as “This man I met” rather than “This is men,” I’d be more willing to believe her. But because she’s going feminist level-9000 with it, I then begin to question her story.

I don’t listen and believe when there’s a Bigfoot sighting. If you tell me you saw a guy who was 7′ tall, I’d believe you. It’s not an outlandish, wild claim. If you say you saw a 7′ bipedal ape in the woods, I’m going to need evidence.

Yes, a cruel, backwards, smash-you-with-a-club caveman misogynist that makes me, but if you want to make a claim so damn ridiculous as some guy jerking off over you while nobody did anything about it, in London, I’m going to need more than your word. I guess that means I hate women, so whatever…

Junior-level folks who know rudimentary logic will claim that an absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. So that this woman doesn’t have anything but her tweets to back up the story isn’t necessarily evidence of the events not taking place. I call bulls*t on that, however.

Graduate-level logic suggests the identity of indiscernibles means that a thing which leaves no evidence whatever of the thing having happened becomes redundant to then claim that the thing happened anyway. In other words, things that happen leave evidence of things having happened. You have none, Nathalie Gordon, and therefore it’s logical to conclude the thing did not happen. (But this is probably an ontological principle conceived of by men to hold women down. Or waman. Or wymyn. Or whatever you’re calling yourselves this week to feel more important for doing less.)

True, I’m more cynical than most people. Especially where it concerns lying women, I happen to think most women with these outlandish stories are lying their asses off until which point others believe they’re true. I’ve seen too many times in my life where women just invent the most outlandish sh*t they can think of to get attention, paint themselves as victims, etc. Just imagine how many women thousands of years ago cheated on their husbands, got pregnant, and told them that a god did it! And with religion being everything back then, imagine how many men believed them!

As humans, we lie because it’s advantageous. And typically is the case that people believing your lies will result in larger lies. And the bigger the lie, the more we seem to believe, because we think to ourselves, “You can’t make this sh*t up.” Well, feminists can. They’re constantly getting gang-raped and thrown through glass tables at parties that never happened by frat members that don’t even exist. Yet we’re to listen and believe!

This woman’s tweet style makes it apparent that she’s tweeting from her phone. You mean to tell me she couldn’t record it? She couldn’t snap a picture? She couldn’t go file a police report? She couldn’t get anyone else on that bus to record it or gather one single piece of evidence, even corroborating as a witness with verbal testimony? So because she simply says it happened, we’re to believe, what? A cruel, evil, monstrous while male, the bus driver and everyone else there, forced you to be their circle jerk fodder as they were so amazed by your light-bringing beauty that they had to collectively rub one out after seeing a goddess in the flesh?

(And I guarantee you it’s a white male. Feminists would never tell these stories about nonwhites, even if they did actually happen, because only white men are a problem. Hey, I’m willing to be wrong, but go ask her! I got $10 against a penny that it’s a white dude she’s saying did this. The bus driver too. White men are “problematic,” apparently, even though they do this sh*t far less often than other men.)

Oh, I get it. It’s just like the black kids at university who record about 12 videos every single day of dumb, everyday normal sh*t, but never seem to have their phones with them when the white guy in the pick-up truck slowly cruises by drinking his Budweiser and screaming “n*ggers, go home!” at them. More proven hoaxes, though even more outrage as if these things were real.

What else makes me think she’s lying? Just look at her profile. She’s a white, over-fed Londoner who’s supporting Black Lives Matter on her page and is speaking about women’s rights being “human rights,” as if women don’t actually have rights. She’s openly calling for more immigrants, who objectively do commit these sorts of acts orders of magnitude more, which let’s you know it’s political. If she wanted to protect women, she’d be against immigration! She’s an activist, and there’s nothing activists like better than embellishing stories to get reactions. They don’t report the news; like Glass, they create the news.

Also, women like Nathalie Gordon live their lives as feminists and will tell you, every chance they get, that they believe all men are toxic in society and that we live in a patriarchy that allows this! This is supposedly the sort of behavior she’s fighting against. So having it happen to her gives her the perfect opportunity to take a pic, shoot a video or, hell, even leave the phone hidden and just record audio of it! Or the audio of the bus driver supposedly acting the same way! And what do we get from Nathalie Gordon? Nothing but an increasingly suspicious tweet thread recalling her supposed experience.

This did not happen. We all know this did not happen. Lying women like Gordon also know it didn’t happen; they just want to perpetuate “listen and believe” until it becomes a standard used in court to put men away bereft of evidence. That’s their end goal: Not to change society for the better but to punish men because they hate men.

This is in the UK, not even in the US, where we don’t often hear about so many men being so horrible. Yet on a public bus, in the broad daylight, some man touches her without consent, assaults her when turned down, masturbates in front of her, and no other person around her will help. This is a narrative: I’m hated as a woman; look at how bad I have it in life!

Lying women are f*cking things up for everyone, and this is a blatant lie.

I’ve been looking at this woman’s page. She’s talking about being named Person of the Year. How delusional is this chick? She has tweets decrying the Victoria’s Secret models and bringing up the “male gaze.” She’s not just a feminist, she’s one of those incredibly radical feminists who think there’s absolutely nothing about men that’s right or safe yet women are perfect and need to be uplifted and protected. Lying women like this are sickening.

Verified liberals will be the downfall of Twitter. Mark my words. Twitter will be the new MySpace within two years. And lying women like Nathallie Gordon will be the downfall of western society.

This nutty chick lives on her phone. She has her own website full up with tons of pictures. But when she’s apparently being harassed, assaulted and violated, she can’t even get a quick pic of the situation? No one else in London, which is terrifyingly far-left politically, steps in to help?

Lying women like Gordon really aren’t helping. She’s the manifestation of the radical feminist war-cry that false allegations are needed in order to shine a light on men’s ill treatment and oppression of women. Anyone with a brain in their head knows that this self-centered lunatic wasn’t assaulted and that no one was jerking off. It’s worse than when Lena Dunham claimed that the most popular boy in college chose her to assault! Not a good-looking cheerleader. Not a THOT who would be willing. But rather a doughy, lumpy, male-looking, sickly pale nerdy woman.

White feminists are the worst feminists because all they have to fall back on as their shield is their gender. This is why white feminists lie more often and are more dangerous.

You lying women are nuts!

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