Food Orders On A First Date! What Does It Tell About A Person

First Date

On which features do you pay most attention on the first date? Facial traits, style, speech, tidiness, and manners? Sure, these are basic characteristics that affect the very first impression about partners. But what about first date food? Yep, we are serious. You may not believe us, but if you spend your first date in a café or restaurant, you’d better to watch carefully after your partner’s order. It can open your eyes on their lifestyle and key character traits. So, what can it tell about your date? Read below in natalydate first date tips article.

They order nothing or almost nothing
One of the most popular first date rules is to be yourself. But what is the usual reason why dates refuse eating at all when they meet you at a restaurant? Obviously, they are too obsessed with an idea of what you will think about them. Speaking about women, they try to be modest and noble, make an image of shy and silent neighbor girl. It might have worked 70 or 60 years ago, but seriously, today it looks too weird and insincerely. Moreover, in such situation you have to bare their looks while you enjoy a juicy steak,
Caesar salad or brownie. In most cases such people revealed to be indecisive, cunning, and bad listeners. If you want more thoughts from a reliable source of life experience, remember ‘Eddie Murphy Raw’ stand- up performance, where the actor hilariously mocks such behavior.

They choose the most traditional dish you could ever imagine
We all have our own food preferences and there is nothing to worry about. When we go on a date, we expect to have fun and enjoy every moment. But anyway, eating habits tell us more than we can think. So, imagine the next situation: you came to a nice venue which is known for its cozy atmosphere and decent cuisine. It doesn’t matter, whether it is Italian, Pan-Asian, Mexican or American. You only know there is a tremendous variety of curious and delicious food. And what does you date do? They order the most banal dish in the menu. Such choice of food for first date can reveal the truth about their whole life. People have a great chance to try something new and even sophisticated, but instead they order French fries, spaghetti with meatballs, baked fish or nuggets. Such people are afraid of new discoveries, experiments, and as usual they are huge traditionalists. Unless you truly like the same food, this person is not for you.

They drink too much and encourage you to do the same
Let’s be honest, alcohol may be very useful as the addition to food for first date. A glass of wine or a mug of beer (or whatever) relaxes you both, helps you to set a right mood, destroy boundaries between two people. There is nothing wrong when two adults spend a romantic evening drinking their favorite liquor… until they go too far. A strategy to get drunk may be appropriate if you want to hook-up someone at a college party or in a pub. If your date is pouring cocktails one by one, they may not be interested in you as partner for long term relationships. Another explanation is they are unstable and intemperate.

They enjoy a complex dinner
If you arranged a date at a restaurant, you both are supposed to eat there. No matter if it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. When your vis-à- vis orders appetizers, main course with garnish, dessert, and drinks, they feel absolutely comfortable being on a date with you. Moreover, they are comfortable with themselves, their body, lifestyle, and they do not care about other people’s opinion. Such persons are usually cheerful, sincere, and open-minded. This is a good sign, so enjoy the date and bon appetit!

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