Is Securing Europe’s External Borders Actually A Goal Of The European Commission?

Is Securing Europe’s External Borders Actually A Goal Of The European Commission?

In October 2016 the decade old EU security agency Frontex became the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. At the official announcement ceremony, European Union Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos, said:

“Today is a milestone in the history of European border management. From now onwards, the external EU border of one Member State is the external border of all Member States – both legally and operationally.

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency has the authority to coordinate all operational activities among EU Member States at external EU border areas. In 2015, Frontex so well managed border security a mere 850,000 foreign nationals managed to slip past them, many making their way north to visit Angela Merkel.

Given that kind of rigorous security how can you not applaud Victor Orban for standing firm against as European Commission and the busybodies seeking to rewrite the Dublin Agreement. What they want in Brussels is to have individual countries accept migrants through a mandatory quota system.

Such a change, if successfully pushed through Parliament, essentially erases sovereignty. Countries would no longer control inbound migration; I can’t imagine that going well. Remember the line, if you don’t have a secure border, you don’t actually have a country. (Gee, that dovetails rather nicely with the mission of European globalists.)

On the plus side, voices in opposition to the unending diktats of the elite are growing. It seems like ancient history, when in 2015 thousands gathered the eastern regions, in Bratislava, Prague, and Warsaw to tell politicians they do not want increases in Muslim immigrants.

Also in 2015, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic announced they would not take refugees under the planned compulsory quota system so desired by the European Commission. Aside from occasional reporting, traditional Western dinosaur-media—repeaters-not-reporters—shy from stories which highlight the growing unease in Europe.

We are seeing lines drawn against the much bragged of “EU solidarity”. Not surprisingly such lines form around culture, protecting traditions, and critically, sovereignty. These four eastern countries share a common history and values are known as the Visegrad Group, or V4.

But don’t expect the MSM to inform you on this changing landscape. They can’t stop events unfolding. And their corporate and industry-wide groupthink, a nothing to see here attitude cannot hold much longer.

As in the case when Austria recently signaled a willingness to join with the V4. No doubt they too grow weary of Germany and France calling the shots. (Could this be a reimagined Austro-Hungarian Empire?) The larger group would be a sizable economic force, one that could not be ignored.

Another troubling sign occurred just days ago on the Greek island of Lesbos. On Monday residents shuttered their shops, refused to work, and announced they are on strike. Citizens of the tiny 140 sq. mile island, are fed up, reports say, with the roughly 8600 mostly Turkish migrants housed on the island—that is equivalent to 10% of the total island population. Lesbos is near the coast of Turkey and a quick boat ride to EU riches.

Back in 2016, to stop migrants flooding into Greece from Turkey, the EU cut a deal with Turkey. But, under this EU deal, the migrants are not permitted on the EU mainland. The government of Turkey, it appears, is in no rush to repatriate its citizens.

To sum up, between the legal might of the European Commission and the actual firearm packing quasi-military European Border and Coast Guard Agency, not only have they overseen, what in any other era would be spoken of as a foreign invasion, they don’t give a plugged Euro for the aging citizenry of sunny Lesbos.

But it’s not a total loss! That is, not if you’re going to take up a new position among cheery administrative staff for that whiz-bang coast guard. Not at all. The gang over at the EBCGA/Frontex just signed a contract with the government of Poland—securing the group permanent status in that country—to set up its headquarters in Warsaw. Where, reports say, office staff is expected to double to about 1000 by 2020.

And the EU official quoted above, the guy pronouncing on the future of Europe, “From now onwards, the external EU border of one Member State is the external border of all Member States…”

That guy is the responsible to ensure full implementation of the Common European Asylum System. And that, dear reader is not even the bad news. You see, this Mr. Avramopoulos, as Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship also oversees the coast guard. A position he has held since 2014, one year before the term “migrant crisis” entered our lexicon. But don’t expect the legacy-media to tell you.

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