White People Didn’t Steal America

This is basically a more detailed follow-up to a point I made in my article about culture. Inside of that article, I stated that there’s this very pervasive belief among SJW culture that if white people didn’t steal America, then we wouldn’t be having so many problems now.

Okay, the first thing that may stand out to you, which stands out to me, is that we don’t have “problems,” at least not in the context of SJW whining. There is no wage gap. There is no rape culture (at least not perpetuated by white men). There is no systemic racism. There is no such thing as white privilege. Minorities aren’t under attack. We’re not at war with black people. Donald Trump is not Hitler.

All of these things the left claim to be “problems” are just manifestations of their Marxist identity-politic ideologies forcing societal turmoil by creating a LARPing universe wherein everyone but them is an evil enemy that needs slaying. But it’s only make-believe. Honestly.

Though once you cut through their pretend-time grievances, the one you’ll hear the most is that white people “stole” the nation, and if they didn’t steal America, things would be so much better.

Can we get into some detail here?

History falls under the purview of the social sciences, and as such it’s far from objective. You’ll get many different versions of history, which is understandable. My favorite historic figure is probably Spartacus. The Romans eventually soundly defeated this rebel slave, yet they speak of him as if he’s a mythological god. And think about it for a second: The Romans are the ones who wrote the histories because they were the dominant empire. Just imagine how bad-ass Spartacus was in real life; just imagine all the cool and Rambo-like things he did that they’re leaving out as to not make themselves look bad.

My point: “History” is muddy, no matter how you slice it. Yet there are some objective aspects about history which we cannot deny. For instance, it’s a fact that pre-colonial “America” was nothing but land. There were no towns. There were no cities. There were not roads, bridges, buildings, McDonald’s, etc. There were stretches of forest, swamps and deserts on this land when Indians—sorry, Native Americans—inhabited them.

SJWs believe the conversation went like this: White person on a boat pointing to America, ” Look at all those big buildings! Oh my, God! A McDonald’s on every corner! This is paradise! I wonder if I can get wifi here.”

No. It went more like this. “Look at all those trees and swamps. Nothing’s here but mosquitoes. We can build on this land.”

We can also forget the nonsense about whether or not Natives had a claim on the land or whether or not they were just warring, conquering tribes, and lost to a superior tribe in the end. That’s not even a point I’m trying to raise. Besides, we all know the answer to that. The peace-pipe-smoking Indian is a meme. The warriors raiding villages, killing the men, raping the women, and taking children hostage – that’s how their lives were for thousands upon thousands of years. Again, though, that’s not my point.

My simple point is that everything was just land until European settlers tore down all the trees, filled up all the swamps, and started building roads and bridges and cities. White people didn’t steal America; they created it from scratch.

The same goes for the entire western world. These millennial SJWs, and even some older ones, honestly present the topic as if great cities and civilizations just fell from the sky, and that white people came along and stole functioning, modern democracies from people. No. This is now how things happened. Yes, white people did conquer lands. White people, like all people, were conquerors. It just so happens that white people conquered better than most other people.

White people were far from the only ones conquering other people throughout history. In fact, there were more brown faces than white ones. It just happened out that white people were better at it. They organized bigger and more cooperative forces. They had better siege tactics. They occupied places and built them up, folding lands into empires rather than simply leaving them abandoned.

Back in the day, we all had the same tools and such. Weaponry was pretty much what you could build from what was around you, like swords and arrows and the suchlike. White people forever changed the game by introducing guns. The Chinese figured out gunpowder; white people figured out what to do with it. From that point on, the world was white people’s to conquer. Even still, they didn’t steal America.

Let’s repeat this because it’s important to know. Write it on the chalkboard fifty times like Bart Simpson: There was no America before white people.

There was no America before white people.

So every time you hear this BS line about “white people were the first immigrants,” or that nonsense about how whitey came along and stole a nation, just remember that it wasn’t a nation. It was just land. Sorry, no one owned this land. The Natives here didn’t have borders or documents or anything like that. They were nomads who just happened to be living here at the time. White people no more stole it from Native peoples than the Apache “stole” from a neighboring tribe when they went in and slaughtered entire villages for resources.

Native Americans didn’t build any roads. They didn’t construct any bridges or buildings. They didn’t have a vibrant economy beyond a bit of trading for goods. They didn’t have any sort of infrastructure at all, and certainly didn’t usher in any inventions that were useful to white settlers. While Natives were living in buffalo-skin tepees, whites used logs to build legitimate houses. That was the difference in their cultures, and that’s what led one of these groups to actually construct America and the other to basically lose to the dominant culture.

Was it cruel? Was it bad? Was it wrong? If you want to look back on those times with tears welling up in your eyes, upset that mean, mean whitey was a conquering people, then far be it from me to stop you. I’ll just say this: So long as you’re using anything provided to you by a modern first-world society, and saying that the past shouldn’t have happened, maybe you should go watch back Back to the Future again and understand your sophist, let’s-hug-everyone implications.

White people didn’t steal America; they didn’t steal any of this stuff you’re using for your first-world way of life. They created it.

Okay, so let’s assume for just a moment that some of your “problems” are actually true. It’s tough to type this without laughing, but let’s assume women only really earn about three quarters of a man’s salary, and somehow companies in the business of profiting are still hiring men for some odd reason. Let’s assume this is a real problem in America. Is it not better than having to cover yourself up in a black blanket and face acid attacks, forced marriage, and not having any freedom to do what you want? Try it as a thought exercise. Keep the answers to yourself, if it helps.

The point here is that, no matter how bad you claim things are, white western democracies are the freest and most advanced places on the planet. What would be the result of white people choosing to skip over the American lands pre-nation? It’s not a tough question; the answer is that we wouldn’t have an America. Native Americans wouldn’t have built it.

How do I know they wouldn’t have built it? For the same reason I know that Black Panther isn’t a vision of Africa’s future under black leadership They’ve had black leadership for well over 200,000 years, and the best places in Africa today are places that use white technology and are aided by white money. Native Americans would have did what they had done previously: Warred with another one and built wigwams.

It’s not insulting; it’s just the truth.

These people had thousands upon thousands of years to develop better societies, and they never did. What makes us think that they’d break form over the past few hundred, or the next few hundred, and suddenly go from contributing nothing to society to contributing everything?

White people didn’t steal America because there was no America to steal. The modern world was almost entirely created by white people. White nations are the nations to which the entire world flee when seeking a better life. Innovations by white people gave us everything from automobiles and airplanes to TV and Twitter.

I know it offends the sensibilities of SJWs who believe everyone is exactly the same and society is something that was just here when we were dropped into it from the sky, but it’s just not true.

These societies in which we live were created by people. Well, they were created by white people, and no one else.

I can’t help it if you think that’s making a superior race argument for white people. It’s just the facts of life. We have examples of what nations look like without white people, and 99.9% of them are third-world hellholes which are supported by white nations, and from which people flee in order to come to white nations.

Even if by some magic twist of fate Natives did build America, it wouldn’t have been what it was without white people taking it over. We know these things because they’re simply facts.

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