Guns, Palestine, Abortion: Understanding The Left’s Final Solution

Guns, Palestine, Abortion: Understanding The Left's Final Solution

The term “Final Solution” (Or the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”) is a euphemism which refers to Nazi Germany’s plan to annihilate the Jewish people.  “Our plan to exterminate the Jews” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So how does this relate to the left?

Allow me to present three different cases, in which the “typical” person carrying water for the goal of the  movement may not even be fully aware of the implications they are supporting.

Pro-Palestinian activists.

It has become quite popular among American leftists, especially millennials, to take up the mantle of the “Free Palestine” cause.

Many are outraged by settlement expansions in areas that could be part of a future Palestinian state, seeing it as an impediment to that goal. Others see the struggle of Palestinians living in poverty. Still more note examples of excessive force by the Israeli Defense Force.

Guns, Palestine, Abortion: Understanding The Left's Final Solution

Tunnels into Israel from the Gaza.

There are certainly criticisms to be made of Israel and perhaps especially the Likud government – and, more importantly, compassion to be had for people who are living desperate lives in Gaza and the West Bank.

But here’s what many (not all, unfortunately many are malicious, not simply ignorant) on the left miss when tweeting #FreePalestine or chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”.

The cause they think they are supporting has a very different “Final Solution”

Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization that effectively governs the Gaza strip. Though the history of the Hamas charter and leadership is colorful, one thing has remained consistent: the goal of Hamas is to create a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea”. 

AKA: Hamas is still not going to recognize Israel’s legitimate existence, even if they have in the past considered a temporary, transitional two-state solution within the pre-1967 borders (And Jerusalem as its capital). But hey, they stopped officially calling for the death of all Jews, so that’s something!

And unfortunately, it’s not just Hamas. Those in favor of a “Final Solution” which includes the destruction of Israel are not a tiny minority of radicals.

Here’s another case. The Pro-Choice cause.

I had a little bit of a debate on Twitter last night with a pro-choice individual. It wasn’t particularly instructive – I’ve heard the same poor, emotional arguments so many times that it becomes tiresome after a while – but one point stands out.

The pro-choice activists will almost always point out the most fringe exceptions, usually rape and/or incest, to undermine the legitimacy of the pro-life view of abortion. It’s much easier to gain popular support for your side when you can paint your opponents as “forcing” a ten year old raped by her uncle to carry a child to term, than the reality which more often looks like “the twenty-five year old who had sex without adequate protection and doesn’t want to change her life by becoming a mother“.

The counter to this is simple: if I grant you the fringe exception, will you grant me the vast majority?

Of course, they won’t.

Guns, Palestine, Abortion: Understanding The Left's Final Solution

No need to show you the late-term, rare abortion cases. This 10 week old child is beautiful.

The cause they think they are supporting has a very different “Final Solution”

Because just like the goal of Palestinian activism is not (usually) in reality legitimate “criticism of Israel”,  the goal of pro-choice activism is not (usaully) protecting the lives of women who are placed into tragic situations: the goal is abortion, on demand and without apology. 

Which, of course, is a minority view among Americans – most who would say they are pro-choice actually want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.

Now, onto my final case.

Gun Control Activism

America is still reeling from the truly horrific church massacre in Texas which took place on Sunday. This shooting showed what true evil and depravity looks like – and it also showed the heroism of every day Americans and the forgiveness that many Christians are able to extend in the midst of the worst tragedy of their lives.

Of course, this also lead to the instant calls by the left for gun control – even though existing gun control measures could have prevented the murderer from having obtained a gun legally, had they actually been enforced by the government. 

Now, this example is easier for me to explain – seeing as it has already been explained by Ben Shapiro in a viral debate on gun control with Piers Morgan. 

The left may at times support “common sense” gun control (as do many Americans) such as restricting felons from acquiring firearms, for example.

However, for many, the goal is clear: to severely restrict the populace from owning firearms and especially from being able to carry firearms on their person as a self-defense measure.

The cause they think they are supporting has a very different “Final Solution”

As someone who lives in Canada, I can tell you, lacking the ability to carry any weapon for self-defense is extremely disempowering and has the potential to be dangerous for me personally.

As we have seen in countries like England and France, violence will not end with the removal of firearms from the hands of the public. And as Ben points out in the video above, violence under the Nazi regime was certainly not prevented by disarming the good guys.

Make no mistake: a disturbing numbers of leftist politicians and activists want to severely limit or remove the Second Amendment.

Guns, Palestine, Abortion: Understanding The Left's Final Solution

#ChainsawBayonet is my favorite meme of November so far.

Why does this matter?

This matters because you cannot argue a position which you do not fully understand – and, more importantly, you cannot win the rational middle folks to your side while allowing the  left to weasel out of their intentions.

Ask questions – given enough rope, many of these people will hang themselves and reveal just how illogical their arguments really are.

When arguing Palestine, ask whether or not Israel has a right to exist.

When arguing abortion, ask whether abortions should be limited.

When arguing gun control, ask whether or not the Second Amendment must stand.

What is your final goal? What is your final solution?

It is only from solid footing that we can mount a fair and reasonable debate.

Because here’s the thing.

However the Nazi regime tried to dress up their Final Solution, and to manipulate and propagandize the German people and the public, it didn’t ultimately matter.

The “solution”, in the end, when all other means had been exhausted, was simple: kill the Jews.

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