European Union Plans Quota System to Distribute Migrants

Europe is under siege. Four member countries of the European Union expressed a desire to back out of the Dublin Regulation, and Brussels is having none of it. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, collectively known as The Visegrád Group (V4), are pushing back on Brussels’ newest plan to control migration.

Under the current system, when asylum seekers arrive on EU soil, the country into which they first enter becomes responsible for them. Put another way, current law requires refugees to seek asylum in the first country in which they arrive.

Rules for handling uninvited migrants entering the European Union are set out in the Dublin Regulation. Sometimes called the Dublin Convention, it is a migrant processing system. It was signed in Dublin, Ireland in 1990 and came into force in September 1997. Dublin is foundational to the Dublin System and EURODAC, the law requiring illegal entrants to the EU to be fingerprinted upon initial arrival. The EURODAC fingerprint database essentially tracks migrants.

As to be expected in a system of bureaucratic rule, there are myriad other laws and directives in effect (e.g. the Geneva Convention and the European Union Qualification Directive), but these will not be discussed here.

In short, the European Union is a bureaucrat’s dream, a Mobius strip of rules and penalties, none of which protect the cultural and historical greatness of the European people at large.

Recall, in 2015 that Italy saw some 200,000 arrivals, while Greece was flooded by an astounding 850,000. Even a near-perfect system could not withstand the endless stream of migrants. For instance, back in April 2015, in Italy, 11,000 arrivals occurred in just a single weekend. At any rate, the absolute deluge of migrants quickly became a crisis.

A records check will show which country accepted their asylum claim. Migrants discovered to have crossed to a second or third country are held for deportation to the country of first contact. If authorities in France discover an asylum seeker’s fingerprints (via EURODAC), a legal process occurs. Deportation from France to that first country would then be initiated (within maximum of six months).

At least that is how the process is supposed to function.

Overwhelmed by the crisis, the backlog climbed quickly. At some point, officials realized costs grew with each asylum seeker registered. They became less enthusiastic to follow the rules and let them pass unregistered through Italy (or whichever first country) on to Germany or France.

Merkel had already begun the destruction of Germany back in 2015, when she decidedly ignored the Dublin Regulation. Germany didn’t bother sending thousands of Syrians back to the country of entry. Something else occurred that is very interesting: over time, migrants also became educated on the rules and refused to provide information or fingerprints.

The big brains in Brussels learned of “systemic deficiencies” inherent in the Dublin Regulation. Problems of control will hinder their ultimate goal of repopulating Europe. Over the last couple of years, the European Commission has been planning to rejig the regulation. Changes to Dublin would require each EU member State to accept migrants as specified by Brussels. Refusal to follow the directive would result in massive fines.

The reality European nationalists now face is institutionalized mass-migration where effete bureaucrats choose where next to sprinkle a busload, or two, of immigrants. Local people will have no voice in the process.

Europe is under siege from both the outside and from within the continent.

For now, the Visegrád Four have said they want to back out of the Dublin Regulation and are rejecting Brussels’ push for institutionalized mass-migration. Poland and Hungary have said immigration from Muslim cultures would disrupt their homogeneous societies. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said, ‘The quota concept is a dead-end street.”

Make no mistake. Bureaucrats in Brussels seek absolute control.

Stripping national sovereignty from every country is their current objective. Altering Dublin is a power grab. The only resistance, that I can see, is coming from the V4. These leaders must hold firm. Their citizens are counting on them. Hell, the entirety of Europe is counting on them. The future of the European continent now rests with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


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