Trolling Has Exposed Racism

I love trolls. I love trolling. I’m anon for life; /pol/ for life! My /pol/ bros, my frogbros, my Internet edgelords – I’ve been part of the troll contingent since dial-up and AOL chat-rooms when I was in middle school. Don’t get me wrong, though; as a thirty-seven-year-old man now, I don’t only troll for fun. You see, trolling is also a great political tactic. For instance, the SJW radical alt-left has been lying to people for years and years, claiming not to themselves be discriminatory toward white people. Though all it took was a little bit of trolling for these people to fall right into the trap!

Thank you, /pol/. You sure know how to play normies into a corner, I tell ya.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that you can’t be racist against white people in the past year alone, I’d be making it rain at strip clubs for the next decade. It’s seriously all you’ll hear when the subject of racism is brought up. “Whites cannot experience racism,” “Privilege + power is what racism is,” and any other way that people can redefine the term in order to make everything racist. Though thanks to the trolling of my frogbros of Kekistan and other sh*tlords, we have exposed the blatant discrimination against white people that runs deep in America these days. Miranda Larbi might have a stroke, but it’s true.

All it took was a little epic trolling from white sh*tlords to expose the sheer hate and lunacy of the SJW left.

It all started with a simple poster.

Apparently all white people are racist Nazis, so it’s NOT okay

This poster merely existing signals to every SJW in the land that Nazis are reforming and are about to storm the gates. How dare you not be ashamed of how you were born!

This was trolling, pure and simple. While the SJW left might want to say it’s the alt-right Nazis coming together, all that happened here was a bunch of white people got together, sick to death of being shat upon, and they decided to do a little trolling.

But don’t tell that to minorities! No. To them, this is a sign of the end-times, and white people are looking to put them into concentration camps. They don’t see it as trolling; they see it as the second coming of Hitler. They’re doing legitimate news stories about it and everything.

/pol/: 10,945 – leftists: 0 (Just keeping score…)

This reminds me of a big dust-up I had on a blog a few years ago. In the comments section, I was speaking to a black lady, who seemed nice enough, about discrimination. I pointed out that it’s a shame that a black kid would be made fun of for his skin, which was the OP story, and I said it’s also a shame that fat people are picked on, and people with glasses, and with freckles and red hair, and who are short. Basically, I was railing against picking on anyone for anything.

Then, like a tidal wave, here come a dozen or more black people out of the woodwork, setting right my ignorant ways. You see, according to them, it’s not the same. You’re not born fat; you can lose weight. You can wear contacts if you have glasses, dye your hair if you need to, and wear shoe risers if you’re short. Being black is a special case because you can’t change that (Michael Jackson notwithstanding) and you don’t choose that.

Two points: 1) Tell that to Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal. They certainly chose it. 2) White people don’t choose to be white either, so why the double standard?

They just aren’t smart enough to get it

These idiots deserve the trolling. Honestly.

One of the most common arguments I hear is that this is Nazi propaganda coming from right-wing fascist Nazis, not just ordinary white people, and not trolling, and that their mission is to sow the seeds of division. Yeah, I know – Sargon’s Law definitely applies here. The things of which we’re accused are the things which they’re perpetuating in culture, always. Though never mind that. About the Nazi angle.

The thing is, we can prove this “Nazi,” “white supremacist,” “racist” spin is bullsh*t. We can show, because the Internet is forever, exactly why these signs are popping up. It’s nothing to do with Trump. It’s not Richard Spencer’s ethno-state militia out there doing it. It’s not people trying to start racial beefs.

It’s because there were signs hanging up that literally called for the abolition of whiteness!

This is okay. But it’s not okay to be white.

Seriously. We inhabit a nation where the most sadistic sons-of-bitches in the land claim that “love trumps hate” and claim to fight for equality. All the while, they’re just hiding behind empty rhetoric in hopes of literally ridding this nation of white people.

It’s so incredibly pervasive throughout society, the hatred of white people. I’m amazed every time I see a new post about it on social media, saying how “white people are genetically racist” or some such nonsense.

And not only because of the posts from these bigots, but the traction they pick up. I mean, you get a handful of white bigots screaming at hijab-wearing Muslims that they need to go home, and suddenly we have a 147% bump in the “hate crime” statistics. Though not only are white people targets of this abuse incessantly, but we’re then told to shut up and take it. Nobody cares about your problems, whitey! Oh, poor, poor white people! To fight it, white people aren’t crying the blues or trying to create new laws and standards. They’re just trolling! And SJW POC are having a f*cking meltdown over it.

Why is the trolling necessary? Look, we have professors in American universities who literally claim that it’s white supremacy to have white children!

You cannot get any more insane than this. Jules Verne couldn’t have written fiction this well. Life is far stranger than fiction, and this sh*t is cray-cray.

This woman teaches your children

Notice anything weird about any of these pictures so far? There’s a frightening frequency of white people spreading the message that they hate white people. These poor bastards have been deluded and brainwashed into believing they were born wrong! The height of irony: They’re taught to respect racial minorities, gays and trans because they were “born” that way. You can’t be born wrong; so if you’re born as any of those things, it’s not your fault and you need to be respected.

Apparently, however, people are choosing to be white, and by choosing to be white they’re choosing to be Nazis.

I had a tough time whittling these down; thousands of them!

These dumb-ass people will transform the west into the largest third-word sh*thole in history if they’re given control over society. The trolling is simply helping us to expose who these maniacs are.

Jack’s favorite Twitter user

Honestly. You can think I’m a moron or racist or whatever, but just peek into liberal insanity. Are you brave enough? Get this: They claim that you can’t be discriminated against if you’re straight or white, particularly if you’re a male, and immediately after creating that standard, they unleash holy hell on straight white males, running them down, even calling for white children to die!

Wall-to-wall coverage, enforced police patrols, threats from the UN, and black people burning their cities down would be the result if white people were doing just a fraction of what they’re facing in terms of talk of their extinction. It’s damn near to that level now all because of some trolling.

The saddest part, at least to me, is that these people think they’re justified in doing it. These are people who say you can’t blame Muslims for the actions of other Muslims, yet they are quite literally Old-Testament Biblical in blaming the great-great-great-great-grandsons for the sins of the ancestors here.

White people alive today had no hand in slavery. You can count on one hand how many are left from Jim Crow. The average white person doesn’t give two sh*ts about race, until that white person reads all these banners calling for the literal extinction of their entire race. Then they care. Then they react. Then they try to rally white people by telling them that it’s okay to be white. Then we get trolling.

Not a rally to become a Nazi and storm the gender-studies safe-space headquarters at John-Q U, but to hopefully get these low-testosterone white cucks to have pride in themselves and to stop selling out their own race simply to be allowed in POC spaces with some of the most hateful people to ever inhabit this planet.

And the f*cking craziest.

People are out there literally arguing that Thanksgiving, an American holiday, is a “white supremacist” holiday and needs to be cancelled and taken away! Do you not think these hateful, bigoted morons need to be trolled? Trolling is beautiful; their tears and freak-outs make my benis tumescent.

Look at those racists. How dare they be born white!

These signs being hung are reactive, not proactive; they’re just trolling. Though the strangest thing is that the SJW left doesn’t even seem to realize they’re doing anything wrong. It’s seriously like they just spit in someone’s face, get spat back on, and then cry for the police, whining, “What did I ever do to you!?” They can’t see that what they’re doing is wrong. They honestly think it’s progressive and right and necessary to call for the extinction of white people. They have been so deluded by Marxist ideology to believe somehow that white people are the ruling class that needs to be overthrown, that they’re useless idiots on autopilot now.

Their heads have been filled with all the hateful garbage their heads can stand. They don’t need mailers now. They don’t need marching orders. On their own they go out and preach the annihilation of white people, and to a man (or whatever the f*ck passes as”male” over there) they act shocked and disgusted when average white people disagree with and push back against their messages of hate and disdain with a bit of trolling.

They remind me of that old meme of the feminist shoveling sh*t against the wall and then crying when it comes back.

The left can always dish it out but never take it

These SJW anti-white Marxist cucks are out there every single day, segregating universities, thinking up new ways to rid their spaces of all white people, and they’re incredibly vocal about it. And when it comes back at them, or they meet resistance with some trolling, they pitch a fit about how America is turning into Nazi Germany so now they’re conveniently justified in their hatred of white people.

If they were smarter as a collective of soy-boy individuals, I would accuse them of planning this. I would say they did this to create a self-fulfilling prophecy for justification enough to hate whites. But it’s not the case. They’re really just this stupid.

These self-centered co-dependent capitalists (not real Marxists!), raised off of positive affirmations and existing off their parents’ money, really do believe that the world needs to revolve around what their child-like brains want, lest they’re being oppressed in society.

I mean, we got people crying to live news cameras that signs that say “It’s okay to be white” are really code for “It’s not okay to be nonwhite.” How much have you “othered” yourself that you’re projecting this out onto the world and blaming other people for how you’ve been taught to view yourself? You millennial babies are spoiled and self-centered, but have zero pride in yourselves.

You are all literally trying to force the rest of the world to affirm your own self-worth. This is something for which you need to look inward. It’s not white people’s job to make you feel good about yourself; and that white people aren’t intentionally praising you, you have been taught to view that as discrimination.

We’re not racists; you’re just stupid. 

This is the level of stupidity with which we’re dealing. These people want so badly to play the victims that they cannot recognize trolling and instead thinking being white and proud is really code for “Get outta my nation, darkie!” You can’t make this sh*t up.

What they want at this current juncture, because they’re really incredibly stupid, is for white people to vanish off the face of the earth. And when white people fight back and post their signs saying that it’s okay to be white, they go from already triggered to a type of freak-out we’ve yet to before see.

It took nothing but a little trolling to expose their true racism; and to that, I say good job, boys!

I’m ’bout dat /pol/ lyfe!

(Credit to @J66281014, @marquisdcrusade, @IKantEvenToday and @agentbluebarry for shooting some pics my way)

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