Crime is For White People

Exactly a month ago I recall vividly being told by nearly every mainstream media news network, every leftist activist with a social media account, and every finger-wagging do-gooder that white people had to answer for Stephen Paddock unleashing hell on innocent victims in Las Vegas. You see, it wasn’t some “lone wolf” theory; it wasn’t a radicalized individual, despondent and detached; it was a result of white supremacy, white people, and our culture of guns, violence, oppression, bigotry, and whatever other buzz-words they could fit in a run-on sentence.

Then on Halloween, when a “lone-wolf” disgruntled doesn’t-matter-that-he’s-Muslim individual drove his truck over a crowd of people in NYC, killing eight, those same people told me the exact opposite.

You can’t blame “Muslims” for this. This isn’t a reflection on any group. This was a despondent, detached individual, probably disgruntled and angry because of Trump’s policies.

A white person kills people: Every single white person in America must answer for it! A Muslim kills someone: Wait! You can’t say it’s a “Muslim” problem. You’re being racist, white people!

Life comes at you fast…

(And while you may argue that there are only a few of these people, pay attention to how many likes and shares these opinions receive.)

It’s been like this for I don’t know how long – at least for as long as I’ve been paying attention. I remember the same thing around Dylan Roof. All white people had to answer for Dylan Roof. His racism was a result of white people in America.

That white baby that was murdered in a stroller after the New Black Panthers suggested black people start killing white children? Well, you see, that’s just individual behavior, not racism.

Crime in America is only wrong when white people do it.

But it’s just a right-wing-vs.-left-wing thing, right? Politics as usual?

I’ve heard, and understand, the argument that basically goes, “It’s just political! The left blames all of X while telling the right that they can’t blame Y, and the right blames all of X while telling the left that they can’t blame Y!” And on the surface, this seems to be correct. We can observe that much of this is just politics as usual. However, today’s leftist platform is one that goes out of its away to preach equality and acceptance, and they’ll stampede over themselves to chant “Love Trumps Hate” and they demand that every person be afforded not only the same rights but also the same outcomes in society.

They do all this while saying that right-wing people are regressive and cruel and bigoted. My point: The left should be the ones to not blame all white people for the actions of one white person, right? Per their mission statement, sure.

Though the left being all those things I just described is as accurate as “feminism” being about only the equality of the sexes (if ever they whittle them down to two).

What we observe, without fail, is a political movement that loathes white people. Sadly, most of the movement itself is made up of white people!

Self-hating, cucked-beyond-belief, genuflecting white people who claim whites have no culture, whites are responsible for all the world’s ills, whites are bigots and racists, etc. Basically, the left’s real slogan, once you cut through their propaganda and view them empirically, is “It’s only wrong when white people do it.”

Apologies if this seems an over-simplification of the matter, but it’s what I observe, time and again, whenever these people open their mouths in public. The same offenses for which they’ll metaphorically hang whites are the same offenses they let slide, ignore, downplay or twist into white people’s fault when it’s Latinos, blacks or Muslims doing it.

Can We Stop Babying People?

I know people on the left-side of the aisle have drastically lower levels of testosterone and everything, but we’re all adults nevertheless. Right? Why do we need to treat people like they’re babies and can’t handle the truth?

What is the truth? Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all Richard-Spencer-LARPing-as-Jared-Taylor with it. We don’t have to break things down by race or religion only. Sure, more blacks commit more crimes than whites, and Islam is basically the only religion in the west committing terror, but I’m fine with just treating people even-handedly. What’s the crime in that?

SJWs in their natural habitat

The same people who said that all white people have to answer for Stephen Paddock are the same people who literally turn around and say that you can’t blame Muslims for the act of a Muslim. Never mind that Muslims commit over a thousand terrorists attacks every year, leaving tens of thousands dead; never mind that 2% of the American population—young black males—is committing over 50% of its violent crimes, and over one-hundred white women are raped by black males every single day in the United States, while fewer than ten black women are raped by white males a year. This argument isn’t even about who’s worse; it’s about the hypocrisy of people only willing to admit a thing is wrong when it’s white people doing that thing.

I cannot even post all the photos I’ve found online of people displaying levels of cognitive dissonance so troubling that we need to figure out a new name. It’s insane.

There are hundreds of examples like these. While this might be a flawed presumption for any number of reasons, I’m left having to infer that it’s actually a mainstream American belief that we live in a white supremacist nation, so every white person to commit a crime is a reflection on white people. What else possibly explains it? I ask that question with all sincerity. If this isn’t a mainstream belief, why do so many support such a belief?

Hell, it gets worse! Not only did some news organizations lighten the Muslim suspect’s picture to make him appear as a white person, but we have famous personalities like Tariq Nasheed legitimately claiming that the Muslim was a white person!

What Are We Accomplishing?

Okay, so the more I write on this, the more I want to write – and it’s because I’m getting very confused. I mean, come on, I can’t be the only one. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the leftists’ “logic” over blaming Islam for Muslims’ repeated terrorist attacks. Basically, it goes, “If you blame Muslims for the actions of these Muslims, more Muslims become irate with us and it creates more terrorism!” And on face value, there used to exist a time where I believed that they were sincere about this. Wrong, stupid and groveling at the feet of Muslims out of fear? Obviously. But sincere? Sure! Though their logic falls apart.

Just follow along: They’re basically admitting Muslims are a problem; that they are violent. So we must treat them differently as not to upset them and cause them to be more violent. Okay. But then flip that dirty cushion over and look at the other side. They also claim America is a white supremacist nation, and white people are inherently evil and bigoted. So, per their logic, they wouldn’t want to goad whites into being even more violent, would they? Well, that’s basically the only thing they do!

This leads me to infer that they’re not actually sincere about their reasoning for not wanting to blame Muslims for the actions of hundreds of thousands of them.

My conclusion: They just really do hate white people and blame white people for nonwhite Muslims committing violence. It just makes sense on so many levels. It’s why we see exact opposite reactions. It’s why they claim “Islam” is a race of people, not a religion. It’s why they bend, twist and contort to put crime on Muslim individuals while putting white crime on all white people.

What are we accomplishing with our dishonesty, though?

So being honest in our assessment isn’t going to stop anyone from killing anyone most likely. Though if we can say that anti-Islamic sentiment is creating more terrorism, and more hatred of the west and our values, then we can also say, with a thicc donger of objectivity, that all this immense hatred for white people is causing more radicalized white people.

So be a random idiot leftist. “Hey, I won’t blame this on Muslims because it will cause more terrorism! And it’s white people who are evil. So, I’m going to just run white people into the dirt constantly!”

It’s enough to make you think that white people aren’t actually a danger, right?

Is it just me?

You won’t run your mouth about Muslims because you fear those new diversity barriers won’t be enough to save you. Whatever else you are on the scale of human-to-pussy, you understand self-preservation and won’t upset the apple cart needlessly. But that you habitually tip the f*cking thing over where it concerns white people is proof that you have nothing to fear from them.

If white people were dangerous, you wouldn’t goad them so damn much! And don’t even pretend that it’s anything different than you hating an entire people because you’ve all deluded yourselves into believing that this is what Marxism demands.

Crime is something in which anyone can participate. A lot of people harm and murder others, unfortunately. It’s something in society, if not anything else in society, we should be treating evenly across the board as crimes are committed. Don’t bury Chicago and pretend only white people commit gun violence. Don’t omit the fact that terrorists are almost exclusively Muslim.

You can be dishonest about the wage gap bullsh*t. You can pretend NFL millionaires are oppressed. You can help black kids with $800 phones believe people are holding them down. In the grand scheme, these things are light. But don’t do this nonsense for murder! Don’t be so political with it that you’ll stand on top of dead bodies, spitting on people’s grief, just so you can continue to shout about how bad white people are.

Crime is crime. It doesn’t discriminate against who commits it.

So why do you?

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