Brazille Throws Hillary Under Bus to Save Democrats


Do you need more proof Hillary Clinton is going to prison?  If so, this morning’s article in Politico from none other than former DNC Chair Donna Brazille should convince you that since everyone in Washington is sick to death of Hillary Clinton there’s nothing holding back prosecuting her as the Scapegoat of the Swamp.

This excerpt from Brazille’s new book was chosen for one reason and one reason only, to destroy Hillary Clinton’s reputation with Democrats around the country.  The DNC is flat broke.  They have no election strategy for 2018 other than to pin their hopes on Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation and push for a Trump impeachment.

But those hopes are fleeting.  Brazille engages in a professional job of covering her prodigious backside with this drivel, to no avail.  Mueller is not going to roll this up to Trump.  If he had anything he would have led with it.

Instead, his investigation is going begin indicting people connected with both the “Trump Dossier” peddled by Fusion GPS, funded first by Never-Trump Paul Singer and then by the DNC itself via Hillary’s money laundering operation that Brazille describes in the excerpt published today.

Hillary has now been exposed as a liar about not knowing about ‘The Dossier’ because her campaign paid $12 million for it.

This was used by the FBI and the Obama administration to secure the FISA warrant to wiretap Trump Tower.  This was done knowing it was paid ‘oppo’ research of, at best, dubious veracity, which is any number of felonies.

Add to this that Mueller is likely to indict Tony Podesta next for his connections to Paul Manafort during the time period that Manafort was laundering money himself.

Containment Breached, Democrats in Crisis

But, honestly, at this point the details themselves are not the story.  The story is that containment around “Saint Hillary” has been broken. And that loss of containment is the key part to the real story.

The Democrats need Hillary to go away or risk, as Halsey English said to me privately this morning, “Risk becoming the new Whigs.”  I think there’s little doubt about that at this point.  But, desperate times and all that.

This is what Brazille is saying in this excerpt.  Hillary choked the life out of the DNC and left it broken and in debt.  Hillary wants to maintain control because it is the only vestige of true power she has left, having lost the election, the Clinton Foundation and all the reasons why anyone would actually speak to her in a civil manner.

Those without power are irrelevant.  Those without power who hang around after they’ve lost it are liabilities.

Hillary is now a liability.  She’s also a criminal.

But, to prosecute her without it boomeranging back on Trump, Alinsky-style, he needs to stay out of the way and allow Mueller’s Impeachment Dream Team to lay out the facts.

Trump did not collude with the Russians during the campaign.  Hillary did.

Any dealings Trump’s campaign had with Russian agents were either non-starters or attempted “honey pots.”  Hence the desperate attempt by Vanity Fair yesterday to implicate Jared Kushner and say Trump’s White House is screwed.

Articles like that are released to raise the opposition’s spirits.

Remember, no one remotely pro-Trump is involved in this investigation.  It all looks like a big Democratic setup to take down Trump.

But, then why is Sessions mum on Uranium one?

Why is Trump himself is surprisingly quiet, other than the odd tweet?

Why is Pelosi screaming about needing a new investigation into the Russian investigation?

If Trump was convinced they were closing in on him he would have run with Uranium One and appointed a Special Investigator.  He would be tweeting non-stop about it.

But, he isn’t.  He isn’t acting like someone about to be taken down.

The Hillary You Die On

This is what I think happens next.  Mueller will do what the facts tell him to do, indict Hillary. But, it will be after public opinion is so against her in Democratic circles that there will be relief when it’s over.

In the meantime, he will continue rolling up who he needs to.  Podesta, the Awans, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  This keeps pressure on everyone.

If no one else from the Trump campaign is indicted in the next couple of weeks, then Trump is in the clear.  And, slowly, everyone will realize that the real prize all along was Hillary.  Trump needs her gone to placate his base.  The Democrats need her gone to move forward as credible opposition.

Trump will cut deals with Democratic leadership to soften the blow. He’s already primed this pump.

The center-left that voted for Hillary and distrusted Trump will have the time to look in the mirror and quietly admit they were wrong.  The last ones to the party will be the media, because they were complicit as well.

And everyone will finally breathe a sigh of relief that this pathetic old witch is finally gone.

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