Miranda Larbi is a Racist Moron

Dullard, stupid, dumb-ass, knucklehead, stunada of the first magnitude – any of these work to talk about the groveling, SJW, my-life-as-a-victim piece of horsesh*t I just read from Metro.co.uk writer Miranda Larbi (LOL) this morning.

What first struck my ire and got my blood to churnin’ was that this is a UK site. Sorry, my UK friends, of which I have plenty, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when some of you, who don’t live here and have no idea what’s going on here, glance at statistics in your periphery and preach to Americans that you know America. Secondly, I feel people who cherry-pick stats and who use poorly-gathered sociological bullsh*t stats to paint white people as racists are abhorrent and should be lambasted as buffoons. But in homage to a fellow traveler in the UK, I wouldn’t even rape you or anything. Just saying. But also on the list, ranking numero tres (f*ck; I just appropriated!), are the people who blur linear time, intentionally, to say, basically, “White people are bad because slavery.”

Also: Double standards, special pleading, and just being a full-on condescending bitch also make the list.

Miranda Larbi (LOL) just had a perfect card on matching my checklist. If this were a dating site and she fit my criteria so well, I’d be doing sex to her right now and calling her my naughty little SJW baby. Make dat booty werk, ho!

Seriously. Let’s get into it.

Miranda Larbi (LOL) starts out speaking about how a “recent poll in the New York Times [found] that over half of white people in America believe that they’re being discriminated against.” Boy. She was triggered harder than Trigglypuff. She goes on to immediately and condescendingly call white people “white folk,” and then starts to lambaste people alive today for owning slaves hundreds of years ago. (We’re Highlanders, apparently, so sharpen your swords!)

But here’s her entire argument for white people not being discriminated against. I’m not quote-mining, not straw-manning, this is literally her argument. I’m just going to flesh it out, whereas she has it in bullet points. But she points out slavery; that 25% of those killed by police are black; 34% of the prison population is black; 45% of black children live in poverty; and Trump was elected (LOL; they don’t hide well, do they?).

This won’t take long. Let’s go through and pick this nonsense apart, point by point. I can haz bullets too?

So, yeah, she’s full of sh*t because:

  • Slavery and Jim Crow have been over for generations! 2% of whites owned slaves, and Jim Crow laws were southern. What’s more: It was white people who put an end to the sh*t. Yet Miranda Larbi (LOL), like all SJW morons, decides to put on the shoulders of all white people the actions of only a few. We can’t do that for blacks or Muslims, but they constantly do it for whites… because dumb-assedness.

  • I love how Miranda points out that blacks only make up 13% of America. Hey, you dumb-ass, why did you skip the part where they also commit over 50% of all violent crime in the nation! They’re actually underrepresented in police shootings in proportion to the crime they commit. White people are killed way more while committing fewer violent crimes and having fewer interactions with police.

  • Prison population? See above! Again, they’re woefully underrepresented vs. the crime they commit in the nation.

  • Poverty? Well, you could tell young girls not to get knocked up by broke-ass losers, or not to have more than one child if you’re already a single mother, but then Miranda Larbi (LOL) and others like her in the world would be bitching about “reproductive rights” being infringed upon, and how single black mothers are strong women! But they’re so damn poor because—and another stat you intentionally left out of your bullsh*t—they have over a 72% clip of bastards born with no daddies! The dumb-ass is strong.

  • Trump? Seriously. “LOL” is going to be my focus keyword in this article probably. So this same nation of horrible white racists elected a black man, was tame for eight whole years, then went racist again for Trump? Stop it.

Mutual Exclusivity?

I’m left no choice here but to infer two things. (A) Miranda Larbi (LOL) is conflating discrimination with oppression, and is drawing the conclusion that all white people in America are oppressors, therefore no white people in America can be discriminated against. Or (B) she’s a moron. But no false dichotomy there; it’s probably both.

Seriously, though; I know it’s fun to call someone a dumb-ass, but I don’t know Miranda Larbi (LOL). Maybe she’s – never mind. Yeah, she’s a moron. But, as I was about to say, they’re not mutually exclusive propositions. You don’t have to be a majority population in a nation, with a lot of power, to discriminate against someone else. It’s a fact that white people are the baseline of SAT scores and blacks get free points. That is objectively discrimination against an entire race for no other reason save being white. It’s a fact that highfalutin, dumb-ass POC lifestyle journalists are constantly deriding white people as racist oppressors, while painting black people as victims of white people. That is objectively discriminating against white people, holding them all as some sort of inherent evil to the world.

We don’t even need to get bogged down with this here. We can topically show how full of sh*t Miranda Larbi (LOL) really is.

Why the Double Standards?

Remember those polls that were going through universities a few years back, and how they extrapolated that data to suggest that something insane like over 20% of all women were rape victims? How did they reach conclusions of “rape”? They included in their questions things like feelings. That’s right; if you “felt” you had been raped or scammed into having sex or pressured or a guy gave you a drink first, etc, then that counted. Basically, it was set up in such a way that unless the woman herself initiated the encounter and controlled every bit of it, she was somehow raped.

Or if that don’t tickle your English muffin, how’s about the way we as a society have given up on trying to hold “racism” to objective standards and instead allow the supposed “victims” of racism to tell us what they feel racism is? I mean, when you ask Tommy where he’s from, and Tommy says he feels like that’s racism and that he’s being “othered,” the Mirandas of the world are quick to retweet the latest microaggression on the list and to call something racism based on someone’s feelings.

So we can let women tell us how they feel, and we’re to listen and believe. We can let black people tell us how they feel and we’re supposed to keep redefining a word, every six months, to include how they feel. But when a white person says they feel discriminated against, we can’t take this seriously because… reasons? Slavery, in which no white person alive participated. Poverty and prison stats, which have f*ck-all to do with any of the regular Americans polled. We can’t listen to white people simply because they’re white people.

There are 200,000,000 of us in America. +1 every time a Latino shoots a black person. And Miranda Larbi (LOL) is literally typecasting every single one of us as the same slave-owning oppressor holding black people down. And she does it throughout her entire piece.

That’s discrimination, you dumb-ass!

Somebody Needs to Check Her Privilege

Imagine being so privileged in the first-world west that you can take to the Internet to entirely dismiss an entire race of people, and what over 50% of them feel, because you’d rather virtue signal that you’re down for the black cause – whatsoever that “cause” may happen to be this week. More self-segregation at universities, maybe?

Miranda Larbi (LOL) goes on to tell of a story about her daddy visiting the states and running across one white person who may have displayed racist attitudes. Okay. Who’s gonna be the one to break it to her here? Well, I guess it falls on me. Miranda, sweetheart, your anecdotal takes from daddy don’t mean jack sh*t. What if he witnessed a black person harming a white person, which happens literally twenty-five times more often than the reverse? Would you throw all your sociology SJW nonsense stats out and assume that all black people were the exact same? No? Then why the f*ck are you treating white people that way because of one story—probably a lie anyway—your daddy told you? It’s insanity.

Creationist Christians bring more meat to the table. This is anemic vegan bullsh*t.

This dumb-ass Miranda Larbi (LOL) literally writes in her article: “’I might not have anything, but at least I have my whiteness,’ is a real attitude.” Umm… citation needed. Your daddy didn’t mention that. And you’ve never mentioned being to the states. And you don’t even print any weak-ass stats without a link backing that up. It’s bare assertion, which is a logical fallacy, but let’s not presuppose you understand logic.

Our new bess frenn, Miranda Larbi (LOL), then goes on to whine and moan about how “just 4% of CEOs in FTSE 100 companies are black or Asian.”

Two points:

  1. At least she didn’t capitalize an adjective! I think I might actually be in love with her now (heart-eyes face)!

  2. 2) Isn’t the UK like 86% white? (LOL) And doesn’t the UK have a population of blacks who commit crime and are in prison at a disproportionate rate? I mean, yeah, doesn’t that sh*t all over your “’Murica is waycis bcz slabery” stats? That wasn’t a UK problem. Even still, blacks in the UK seem to have some similar issues – not 1:1 exact, but eerily similar. It’s almost as if genes go a long way to dictating behaviors!

But what the f*ck do I know? I only have a master’s degree in evolutionary biology. Miranda Larbi (LOL) undoubtedly has some J-school degree proudly hanging above the Western Women’s Guide to Claiming Oppression book series on her mantelpiece.

Famous author! I’m jelly…

My point: Wherever we find dense populations of blacks around the entire globe, we see that they, in the aggregate, have many of the same issues; and it just so happens that these issues are way worse in places where it’s a majority black population, whereas they have much better lives in nations with majority white populations. Just poll black people in America; they’d probably also tell you they feel discriminated against, and they’d tweet about it on their new $800 iPhone. (LOL)

To bring this to a close, let us peek inside the brain of Miranda Larbi (LOL) to find her true motivations. She writes, “We’ve had over 300 years of you telling us how superior you are – we’re not listing to your bullsh*t now.”

Hey, who the f*ck is “we”? What are you? Twenty-six or so? You were never a slave. You were never in Jim Crow. You’re not even American! Now you’re bitching about white people in the UK, which goes to show that you basically just hate white people.

Yeah, Miranda Larbi (LOL) hates white people, treats every one of us as a slaver who holds her people down, yet that’s somehow not discrimination?

That’s the damn textbook definition of discrimination! Though, to be sure, she uses the new definition of discrimination with which these horrible white oppressors allow POC to get away; e.g. “Privilege + Power.”

How the hell can someone be this blind? She discriminates against white people for over 1,000 words, while claiming that whites cannot be discriminated against.

She doesn’t even hide that she’s intentionally discriminating against white people, as she POC-splains her “reasons.” The first thing she does, in her damn title, is attempt to take white people’s voice away! She knows Americans; she knows white people. We don’t need a voice. She lords over us with all the answers.

But, apparently, white people cannot be discriminated against. Dowhatnow?

Miranda Larbi (LOL).


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