Representative Frederica Wilson Is The Reason Our Troops are in Niger

Niger boko haramBoko Haram, terrorist group in Nigeria and surrounding countries, such as Niger

Frederica Wilson’s ongoing feud with President Trump needs to put to bed once and for all. The Congresswoman from Florida went on the weekend media circuits last week to tell of a phone call between President Trump and the family of a victim of an ambush in Niger, US Green Beret. Representative Wilson claimed that Trump said that the soldier “knew what he signed up for.” Eventually, the full context of the call was released and the important part of that sentence, that President Trump exclaimed his gratitude that the soldier knew what he signed up for, and still did so anyway. A true hero.

Wilson was left backed into a corner, and debunked. So she decided to tip her ridiculous cowboy hat and reveal her next move: to claim that President Trump’s incompetence was the reason we are in Niger. She went so far as to call this Niger incident “Trump’s Benghazi.” Four US Special Forces fighters are dead in an African country, and someone is to blame.

The question is asked by some in the media “Why are we even in Niger?” Of course, they don’t want you to actually find the answer to that question. A major reason we are in Niger is because of H.R. 3833-this asks the State Department and Department of Defense to Develop a five-year strategy to combat Boko Haram for Nigeria and its neighbors (Niger is one.) This plan is being enacted, as the US Special Forces were there to train troops in Niger to deal with combatants such as Boko Haram. The interesting part of this bill is that it was introduced by, you’ll never guess it, Representative Frederica Wilson. If this is “Trump’s Benghazi,” then Frederica Wilson is going to be answering a lot of questions to select Congressional committees. Of course, that’s not going to happen. While details continue to be foggy, the Trump Administration is being transparent and attempting to get to the bottom of what exactly happened.

One theory was peddled by Rachel Maddow, late night host on MSNBC, that President Trump adding the African country of Chad to his latest travel ban is the reason four US troops were killed. Her logic was that Chad troops were fighting Boko Haram but were pulled out after President Trump added them to the travel ban list. His bigitory, or what I like to call “being aware that passports from Chad cannot be verified to be real therefore it is dangerous to allow travel from Chad to the United States,” is the reason for the death of these troops. Maddow spent over 20 minutes explaining this theory. As it turns out, her long-winded theory was wrong, beyond wrong. Many on the left, even at the Huffington Post, were horrified by her peddling this theory. All you had to do was look at map, or consult an expert for  minute, to see that the area Chad was fighting Boko Haram is no where near where this ambush of US Green Berets took place. Maddow failed to do so.

I still haven’t told you why we are in Niger in the first place. That question has a lot of layers. I told you that Representative Wilson’s bill is a part of it, but what made her introduce that bill? Why was Boko Haram such a threat? If you guessed “foreign policy under Obama and Hillary Clinton” then you are right. In one of the best pieces of journalism this year, sundance of The Last Refuge (The Conservative Treehouse) breaks it down nicely. In short, the insurrection in Libya led to Al-Qeada affiliated groups to take control of Libya’s weapons. Generations of strong military weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, were sold all over the Middle East and Africa. Since then, the US has been scrambling to track down and retrieve those weapons. Some of these weapons were what has taken down US helicopters in the Middle East, including the now well-known Extortion 17, where 38 perished, including 15 from SEAL Team 6.

Maybe this is some more “4D Chess” by President Trump and his allies, bringing the negative stories regarding Niger to the forefront, in order to get the truth about Niger and the loss of Libyan weapons into the mainstream. More likely, this is like the Russia story: the left attacks, attacks, and attacks. Then, they are debunked, and it turns out they are the perpetrators, far worse than what they accuse President Trump of.

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