Black Lives Matter: Being a White Person Is Racism

Yep. Black Lives Matter has struck again. What are they crying about this time? White people not apologizing for being born as white people. I sh*t you not.

For about a year now, since the Trump bandwagon took off full speed and the frogmen of Kekistan have been wreaking havoc on normies across the globe, I’ve heard and seen and read sh*t-posts basically maligning SJWs and black victim cultists, particularly Black Lives Matter, for holding a white person accountable for past sins and make-believe societal unfairness simply for being white. Though I honestly never thought that these people would be insane enough to actually believe that a person being white makes them literally a racist white supremacist. Lo and behold, these ill-raised children still manage to shock me. They still catch me off guard occasionally.

In Boston College, Black Lives Matter activists gather and cry and call the police after finding fliers posted with a picture of Uncle Sam that read “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being white.” The school, in response to the Black Lives Matter crybabies, said that this incident was “disturbing” and that the school condemns “all forms of racism.”

Racism! Seriously… racism?! If you don’t apologize for being white, you’re now a racist.

In context, there were two separate incidents, and they have clear cause-and-effect thingamajig, yet the victim adult-babies up there are too damn stupid to see the writing on the wall. But anyway, students at Boston College, primarily black students involved with Black Lives Matter, started crying the blues and planning protests when someone defaced a Black Lives Matter sign. In other words, someone sh*t-posted a meme onto a BLM poster, and the black people up there were so incredibly triggered by this that they treated the incident like they’d just been ripped away from their mothers and sold into slavery, subsequently blaming a white society for allowing this to happen.

After white people were being blamed solely for being white, and told that they were a problem, somebody then posted some fliers, in response, with Uncle Sam’s photo, saying “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being white.” Apparently, this is the most racist message in the planet’s history, and those obviously-emotionally-mature-and-sane black students of Black Lives Matter, oppressed as they are, shut down the university for their rally against racism, lighting candles and hugging and crying and chanting that “black lives matter.”

Yeah, because nothing says black lives matter like demonstrating without equivocation or exception that you hate white people so much that they must apologize for being born white lest they’re horrible white supremacists.

It’s all just so incredibly odd to me. Can they not see why people sh*t-post them? Do they not understand they’re being trolled? Really, I wish the trolls would stop this bullsh*t, because every time they do it these people just gather up and gain more power. Black Lives Matter is far more relevant after you troll them than if you leave them alone to sizzle out.

If people in positions of authority ignored them, and it was just some whinging, I wouldn’t care at all. But that’s not how it goes. These black students are inevitably going to keep crying until which point the faculty starts expelling white people who commit the “microagression” of not formally apologizing to black students for being white. Black Lives Matter is effecting change. They’re not saving black lives, of course, because they don’t care at all about black lives. But they are getting easier courses in college. They’re getting laws and regulations against people’s rights to free speech. They’re getting their PayPal and GoFundMe nonsense soaked with the monetary, tearful reparations of guilt-riddled white people. They’re getting their black-only spaces, where Black Lives Matter morons get to throw white people aside solely for being white, and society applauds them for it.

I’m not making this sh*t up! These victims are that unhinged, and the whiny leftist Marxist adults really will go to such lengths. So, honestly, stop! I know you just want to troll these babies to see them cry. That part of it is funny. But it’s doing a lot more harm than good.

Sure, they’re very confusing assholes, these supposedly oppressed victims. Their whole mentality is something that beggars belief.

As people who don’t subscribe to actual science because they think it’s part of white supremacy and patriarchy, these are people who typically lean on things like unabashedly biased sociology polling to take away that America is woefully racist against them. So I just got to thinking about something they could try with their sociology. I got to thinking about all the frogmen and people out there who are insulted constantly by these supposedly love-trumps-hate bigots, and Black Lives Matter, and how the right-wing and /pol/ people and Kekistanis, etc, never start candlelight vigils. They never hold hands and cry. They never form a prayer circle. They never prostrate themselves in public and they don’t want the world to view them as victims of anything. These are people who let shit roll off their backs.

What’s the point of that long paragraph? Well, just think about it. The left never learned to meme because they’ve never had to meme. There’s never been anything they could do to sh*t-post that section of the right because that section of the right doesn’t get up in its feels. Whereas if you draw on one of Black Lives Matters’ signs, they will literally—literally being literally literally here—shut down an entire American university campus for days on end while they group together, hold hands, chant, cry actual tears, and act like victims of some monumental tragedy. Again, for defacing a poster! And that’s an actual slight we can cite. Yes, someone did deface their Black Lives Matter posters. Usually, though, is the case that they’re crying over much less.

My point: Maybe don’t f*cking break down into tears! Stoicism, anyone? If you’d stop going into level-ten hysterics, people wouldn’t troll you because it’d no longer be funny to do so.

I remember that huge tsunami. I remember being a teenager in the ’90s and watching entire nations burn and populations succumb to genocide. I remember the Gulf War and how it wreaked so much havoc. I remember 911 and all the people standing around. And one thing I realize: People who were involved in real tragedy, real death and destruction and unthinkable pain, didn’t act nearly as hurt as black college students who see a flier that tells white people not to apologize for being white.

These people are literally crying and cannot bring themselves to function as humans for weeks on end, all over seeing a poster that tells white people to love how they were born! Can you even wrap your head around this? I honestly cannot.

At this point, Black Lives Matter itself is a meme. “Black Lives Matter…amirite?”

Virtue signaling and one-upsmanship in the Oppression Olympics is how it all started. But these people have deluded themselves entirely. They believe now that they are such victims that a white person not apologizing for being a white person sends them into hysterics that you won’t even see from the remnants of genocide victims. It really is amazing – the immeasurable depths of one’s own vanity when left unchecked. These people are so self-involved that anything that upsets them becomes the worst thing to have ever happened in the world.

It is vanity. Pure and simple. We’ve fed these people so many positive affirmations that they believe they are truly the center of the world. Minor frustrations send them into a Tony Soprano rage and they beat Ralphie to death in his own home!

The butthurt level is over 9000!

Over in Pakistan, they’re raping innocent girls as punishment for their brother’s crimes. In the UK, rape gangs are still active and are still preying on little girls. Much of Africa is still starving, as children are used as soldiers to slaughter entire villages. And what are our Americans crying over? What has Black Lives Matter acting like they’re being whipped and sold? White people who won’t apologize for being born white.

Sorry, not sorry.

You can’t make this sh*t up. This is how spoiled and vain these people are, and it’s indisputable proof that they’re not oppressed, not in the slightest. Oppressed people worry about their freedom and how they’re going to find meals. These spoiled babies are in college, tweeting about their oppression on expensive gadgets, and wearing hundreds of dollars worth of brand-new Black Lives Matter oppression garb.

Just, if you can, imagine yourself being this big a baby, this emotionally damaged a person. This incredibly vain! You’re loving life one morning, walking around with your Starbucks $10 coffee, your $800 phone, wearing your $300 weave, because you’re so oppressed in America, and you’re whistling like a bluejay in the spring. Suddenly you see a sign on a post that reads “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being white.” And seeing this message drives you into such a frenzy that you immediately seek to shut down the entire campus, to stop everyone from learning, and you throw on your Black Lives Matter gear and swoop into action like autistic Spider-Man.

Spoderman, Spoderman, helping blackies to fight white man

You gather all your troops, and you spend your days at college not learning but rather holding hands and crying—literally shedding tears—in candlelight vigils, moaning about how hard life is on you that there was a message telling white people that they don’t have to apologize for being white.

Apparently these black people hate whites so much that we’re not allowed to not apologize. If we live our lives unapologetically, and say “No, we won’t apologize for how we were born,” that makes us white supremacists and causes actual tears among these poor, oppressed minorities who are in college, living the best, most comfortable lives of anyone in the history of the planet. If you don’t apologize for being a white person, you’re a white supremacist. You’re a racist.

I really wish I were making this stuff up. Black Lives Matter is cancer.

There is no argument to be made that telling white people they shouldn’t be ashamed for being white is white supremacy. I defy you to make that argument! I will trigger and meme you so hard and good that you won’t be able to leave your house for a decade.


Come at me with this nonsense!

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